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I come for advice. I know what I want. I know the what can come of it. I need help in bringing my ex back to me and making him stay forever. I know we were together in our past life. I only do candle work. I am not advance in any other area but I am trying to learn. I have been working on him with help someone else but it has been 8 weeks and has pulled away further away from me. I need to bring him back. If anyone would be kind enough to tell me what I can do. I want to do it on my own because I believe I am the one who could try put the passion and intent it needs to work and plus I want to learn more. I know I am looking to a love spell, bond spell and banish spell because his mom and baby mama has had input into our relationship and others. I really need advice.

Have you checked out the any of tutorials here much yet?

There’s some choice, almost every current has some kind of love spell.

That’s a bad sign, that he feels the effect of the magick, and it’s against his will, making him entrench and resent the energetic manipulation. Pushing this harder could end up in you losing his company altogether, as to coerce his will makes him sense you subconsciously as an enemy.

From here you may have to choose whether you are trying to break his will, in which case, you may only get a ruined madman who is not the man you loved, or love him for who he is enough to let him go.

@Mulberry I understand. He gives me mix signals. Everytime he says or shows any feelings for me he pulls away further away. I have been working on him for a while at first he started to talk to me a bit but sometime happen that I had to stop my candle work and restart, which then things turned for the worst. I can’t give up on him and I try to move on but I know I feel him telling me not to give up and reaching out to me. He said he was going through a hard time and felt very sad. His mother which sees him as a husband has her input in this because she doesn’t want to lose him, and his baby mama wants to keep him but not be with him. It’s alot going on. I need help to remove everything and everyone. I have gone through stuff on here but nothing makes sense because I am new and don’t understand. I know I have read a lot on Amon.

That’s a messy situation, no wonder he’s conflicted.

To be honest, it sounds like the time isn’t right, and your making his life harder and worse.Why woldyou try to remve his own family and child from his life? Is that the act of someone who is supposed to love him?

I think you’re the one who need to work on themselves here, you’re the one who is hurting. There will always be other decades or lifetimes when this can work without fucking him over. Maybe set the energy up for those in advance?

@Mulberry oh no I don’t want remove his family or son at all. I want the negative part from his mom and baby mama. I was suppose to go with him to his state to see his son on his birthday. I would never keep him from his son or family. I love him and would of want him to be happy. He was happy with me but like he told me they never let him be happy. They make it hard for him to be happy always in his ear. I was told because of his mother and baby mama he is miserable. They play with him like a puppet and have strong hold and I need to remove them.

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In that case you might want to fix that pressure first, and Dantalion, Paimon are good for changing attitudes.

You might also be interested in this, which people on here are having success with:

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@Mulberry thank you I will definitely try it. Just read it. If anything else you think can help me let me know. I am trying to learn.

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