Assistance in a pact with Hekate

Okay I actually had the same thing happen to me I guess she’s been trying to get my attention but I’m new to magick and I never considered her at all tbh until it she made it clear one night in a dream screaming at me lol

And belial and Lucifer came to me in a dream too but I don’t know any magick so its kinda super confusing any advice or opinion where you would start if you where me?

The tutorials here should help you get started.

Be mindful in any blood pacts you make with her. I stopped after some success because I wasn’t getting what I wanted, the way I wanted and I got lazy. One week later my shower door exploded and sliced open the exact place I lance for my pact. It was gushing blood and I needed 3 stitches. She got what she asked for…one of way or another. I’m now completing the task I set out to do. She is not someone to F with or take lightly but she will give you the discipline to make things happen. Make sure you’re up for the challenge.

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I’m sorry to say the person you are replying to was banned years ago (you can tell if you tap the avatar). They will not see your reply, but it’s very interesting and I’m sorry you got hurt! I’m going to lose this post now to save further confusion.

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