Assistance in a pact with Hekate

I’ve been talking with hekate for about a year now. I’ve met her at the crossroads . Ive heard her voice before although it’s rare. I need her help …I’m already a devotee to her . Forever. I will willingly follow her into the darkness . I really just want to seal this pact . I just want a successful life for my family that she says she “maybe” will give me . I would do anything for her . Anything she asks of me I would do it .

I think shes upset that my “loved ones” keep breaking my heart … I think she wants me to show no mercy & do something about it instead of sitting here feeling like shit & probably cursing myself without realizing it .

I need some assistance ASAP . Looking for spells to either help me connect with her … or maybe even a hex she would look highly upon me for performing . If you’re interested in more details please message me or comment below.

Well, you see what she is trying to teach you. She does want you not to be a victim, and do something about it. I’ve never entered into a pact with her, haven’t found it necessary. She likes her enn, so chanting it will help. She is a teacher of the highest order, allow her to teach, receive, and act…upon that teaching. She will not lead you on the wrong path. Simply chant the enn with her sigil, prepare your altar for her, ask her to give you the strength and ability to carry out the things she is showing you that you need to do. To get back in her good favor, accept her wisdom and act on it, don’t procrastinate.

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I just did a meditation session with 2 different enns I found online . That was quite relaxing too . Anana Hekate Ayer with her sigil & Eyan Catya Icar Hekate with her strophalos . I saw a repeating image of a crow flying off. Then what seemed to look like a circle of a human being turned into a crow & back into a human & into a crow & into a human & into a crow . It kept repeating. Perhaps she wants me to be her personal messenger . I asked to see her face . With my eyes still shut it looked like in the darkness a brief moment of her grief stricken face . I thought about going to the crossroads & offering her my blood . (Which I’ve actually done before) . However this time perhaps I will mention our pact.

Well, you can’t exactly force her into a pact she’s not willing to make. Maybe something for your general wellbeing or something similar would work instead?

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Of course :sweat_smile: Hekate does what she wants & will only give me what I am worthy of . However she mentioned sealing a pact with her the other night in my Hekate Tarot . & I hadnt even mentioned my thoughts on it with her yet I dont think . But I was def thinking about it & she already knew ! Then she told me to meet her at the crossroads . I’m just trying to figure out how we are going to do this . So wish me luck because I have a feeling it’s going to be soon . And she is just going to possibly catch me unexpected . & tell me whatsup :face_with_hand_over_mouth: honestly I’m scared & excited all in the same . All I want is to be with her . & if she can help me out in the long run while I’m here on earth than all the better .

She’s my Matron, so I feel ya. Good luck with the pact!

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Hymns to Hekate and certain Rites help strengthen the connection — don’t forget to leave some offerings in these cross roads . But these hymns are really powerful. Look them up they are everywhere

Hekate was “a crossroads lurker.” However, crossroads relate to only one of several Her roles: She was many other things to the ancient Greeks, and there was no period in the 12 centuries of recorded evidence of Her worship when she was only a “general nasty.” On the contrary, the evidence that relates most to the everyday life of real people, as opposed to fictitious characters in plays and poetry, presents Hekate as a minor but integral part of Greek life.

People named their children after Her; spoke favourably of Her roles in the great Mysteries at Eleusis, Samothrace, and Aigina; enjoyed Her sanctuaries and festivals in Roman times at Aigina, Argos, and especially in Karia (where She was the primary deity); and publicly displayed statues of Her made by famous sculptors and altars proudly dedicated to Her by local aristocrats.

In the highly technical philosophical tradition surrounding the Chaldaean Oracles of the second and later centuries C.E., She was even “Saviour.”


I love reading & learning more about my goddess :heart: thankyou. HEKATE SOTERIA !


If you go into a blood pact with Hecate, as I have, Just be weary that she seems to conflict with golden dawn path or kabbalistic paths. I dont regret my pact with Hecate at all and she has held up her end of our pact even before i completed my portion, but she does require devotion to the path she lays out so being an eclectic is not going to lead anywhere good IN MY REAL LIFE EXPERIENCE. She likes recognition btw so a an alter in an open area in your house to here or a painting of her sigil for visitors to see. You and your success will be a representative of what working with her can give people.

I think you’ll find that your experiences are mainly yours.

I’m eclectic, have no standing altar to anyone, and she wasn’t concerned when Raphael showed up at one of my rituals. She has never asked me to do any public recognition and is content with encouraging others interested in her, mainly in Reddit, tbh.

I would like to know why you feel she had the conflict with the GD and Kabbala paths. She’s been pretty nonchalant with wherever my interests have gone and hasn’t said anything about having issues with JCI paths. Honest curiosity on my part, ptw.


Thanks for sharing your experience norse900 its important that we find fact from pattern in eachothers experiences.

So did you actually made a pact with Hecate? Was there a blood offfering in ritual?

So first REAL FACTS story then thoughts: After becoming a devotee to Hecate and her following through on getting me a home that I should have never gotten and then got (like I shouldnt have been applicable) as well as a large sum of money I wanted to delve into GD cause I was really into mindandmagick channel
Weird situation I had occur 3 times each time I have delved into the book “Kabbalah, Magic & the Great Work of Self Transformation: A Complete Course” specifically right before I get out of their “neophyte phase” an accidents occur in my house in which the current copy of the book is destroyed, Last two occurrences specifically were floods, both tims of which i was paid handsomely by the insurance copy but again the book was destroyed both times…no other book was damaged. I really though I was making great advancements specifically with my ability to meditate, LBRP etc but im honestly a little scared to buy a fourth copy and bring it into my house. Again I know sharing info is important on this path, so we can find fact from patterns so I am just sharing and wondering if anyone else shared this experience and felt responsible to share mine

I know that Hecate is a Goddess and not a spirit or neo demon, Goddess and Gods are used to being worshipped, spirits and demons are used to being worked with. I think that when calling on “The Creators Energy” as you do in Golden Dawn and become its representative while in the circle (which i think is great) It can make a “God” or “Goddess” feel jealous or offended if you have a pact as again they were the “creative Energy” in their original cults and now you are saying there is not only something above you but i am the representative of that which is higher than you after you make a pact or worship this diety. On one hand you say I need you then then in rituals of the golden dawn you say I am the only one I need. Which by the way I think the later is the better way to go but it takes longer and people in desperate situations would rather go into pacts. Which I tink later hinders what could be true self actualization for them because they have given power to entities over them via pacts rather than become the entity themselves that has dominion over all.

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Yes and I offer her blood at least monthly.

That’s definitely against the odds! Did you ask her who/what was responsible?

Well, she didn’t have a problem with my smaller workings with Nix and Tiamat.

Concerning the worship, she’s gone to length to get me to start acting more upon MY divinity, with Belial and Lucifer. Maybe that isn’t the same thing, but I also don’t worship her like she’s a fill-in for Christianity.

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yeah im just thankful it was a flood and not a fire but. Just kinda sucks I was really excelling with the meditation practices in there but yeah unfortunately Idk about bringing another copy into the house. Yeah very short amount of time two years in a row 2017 and 2019 both times right as I ended neophyte phase but Im glad your not having any conflicting experience

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Ill definitely get on this thanks for heads up

I don’t have many dealings with the GD material, actually. I was raised as a Mormon and haven’t been able to fully reconcile myself with JCI systems, despite what I wanted when I was younger.

Hecate came to me when I was on the fence about LHP. I KNEW I had to go there, but couldn’t quite take the leap. She came to me and I was introduced to Jason Miller’s Protection and Reversal Magic, which is Hecate-based, at the same time “independently”.

I do read up on Western Ceremonial Magick, but find that it doesn’t resonate with me as well as more natural methods.

I asked about the cause of the floods because it really stuck out. I mean, most people don’t go through multiple floods in a short time. How many of those have a singular book destroyed in process? You may be the only I ever hear about. That would certainly seem to have meaning. What also struck me was what the meaning of it was? Since it seemed to have meaning, it made me wonder what current or Deity was responsible for that lesson. I can’t answer that, of course.

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Hey guys just catching up on all the new replies .
Since I posted this in January I have been guided to become an ascended master . So I am currently working thru the Qliphoth . Soooo much has happened in 3-4 months . Also my financial situation still isn’t the best but it’s major PROGRESS. I got a new job that pays $18 an hour . I am quickly approaching my goal !

The Qliphoth was what she wanted of me. To transform . I’ve already noticed such a difference in myself just reading back thru this old post.

Also I’d like to add that hekate isn’t really one to get upset when working with other gods/daemons/angelos. She actually often suggests it . To remain open & accept messages & wisdom from others . She is most certainly my top priority. As long as you have proven your dedication & loyalty. Working with others shouldn’t be a problem . Just talk with her about it first

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@Mika I want your opinion

Are u saying she reached out to you?

Yes, she reached out to me