Few months ago, only reading that would have sent me running to grab pen and paper to draw Asmoday’s sigil. I’m glad to see that reading this makes me think it twice nowadays:

I’m already highly flammable material. Yes, being passionate is good for certain things; but jealousy, rage and fights are born from passion, too.

Just to be clear, we’re speaking about lust and all things related, right? Is obviously a very well known aspect of him (many people speak about him in breakups, too) but I don’t know if you have seen his powers related to something else.

That’s pretty much my attitude towards certain topic tho :sweat_smile: And maybe Asmoday is my man. But I wonder: Would I get it, tho, if my passionate reactions are a big part of what is creating problems between the guy and me? Will think abt it. But I’ve been tempted to call him for months and maybe that’s him calling me.


He is exceptionally well known for ruining the happiness of married couples and boyfriend/girlfriend relationships and wasting young women’s beauty.

As far as is Asmoday your guy…when I want my ambitions and dreams realized he’s the spirit par Excellence. I just have to be careful.

Here’s a link to a story I wrote about King Asmoday in my free ebook I’ve donated to balg. I think it will help you understand what happened to me and how to do things better than I did.


Amazing Mike, thanks! I think I remember reading a bit on your diary too, when PO told you you were not ready yet… I’m glad at the end nothing bad happened.

There’s not real happiness to be ruined here. Well, only from 1 of the parts. But there’s a relationship to be destroyed. Even the “wasting young women’s beauty” kind of seems relevant. This is all a wish involving lust and desire and ambition. Maybe made for Asmoday.

I’m not very strict on my evocations but let myself do what I feel and that could put me in a vulnerable position with him, idk. Him being the king of Jinns is something that makes me think too, I’ve been resisting using them here somehow. But I feel is the moment for him. Thanks a lot for your help!

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My intuition tells me your right and I wish you great success. Here’s a tip when you do the enns chant emphasize the word Asmodeus or Asmoday like your almost shouting the word. This will bring him very fast. You’ll know he’s there when he comes he’s extremely strong and not subtle. Don’t be afraid he’s very awesome.

I wish you amazing fortune. @virgospirit


I’m quite excited now! Thank you for the tips and your support, I’ll keep you posted!


Please don’t leave the circle until you’ve given him license to depart. It may make him feel like you don’t respect his strength if you don’t keep this ritual clean and tight.


Ok, I may have to use a proper ritual this time. I have never used a circle. I freestyle A LOT, and the fact that DoM has never worked for me, while 100% of my free evocations worked, encouraged me to continue working with basically a sigil and my energy and intuition. Even with Belial. Probably none of them got offended because I meant no offense: I just need to “feel it” during the ritual, and I don’t with already built ones.
You recommend then to change it this time, being Asmoday very strong? I may check your tutorial again.


Here’s lady Eva’s guide to evocation. She works without the circle and triangle. I’ve used this for 12 evocations. It works great

If you perform a LBRP the circle created from that ritual is Enough to be effective.
You can also turn clockwise in a circle and say may no spirit penetrate this circle that I do not give consent.

That usually works. I don’t mean to alarm you. Go with what you’re comfortable with obviously.


I’ve basically created my own ritual, but is not very different from Lady Eva’s. I don’t use circle or triangle, but performing LBRP is a good idea. I get your point, it doesn’t have to be physical, so to do something similar to the one in DoM is enough. I’ll take that into account.

Don’t worry, you didn’t :blush: But it’s always a good idea to take precautions, and sometimes I don’t. Thanks again!!


No prob :grin:


What does this mean exactly? I’ve seen it many times before but never knew what it meant but never questioned it.

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Read the book of tobbit where Asmoday kills like 7-8 or this young woman’s husband’s in vengeance for something.

I’d call that a clear cut case of wasting beauty and life.


As always you are awesome mike !! thanks for all the info

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