So I’ve tried to summon Asmodeus and he didn’t show up. I drew the sigil and recited his enn. Does that mean he didn’t see me as worthy or did I do something wrong?


Based o your intro you’re new, so this may be the first time you’ve tried? In this case it’s normal and one of to things hapned:

  1. He did show up an you didn’t sense him. This is the most common result.
  2. He didn’t recognise the calling, like a phone call that doesn’t get through.

I find enns distasteful, they are from the religion of Demonology that worships a handful of entities, and I don’t personally believe Asmoday is one of those to enjoy worship being imposed on him, so I have never tried his enn and can’t speak to it.

So ignoring the enn, which you don’t need if you have a sigil anyway, to troubleshoot the connectivity question, did you charge and open the sigil after you drew it? We have some really good instructions on that here to compare:


Charge and open? Not really, didn’t find anywhere saying anything about that. Gonna read the article you’ve sent.


Think of it like a phone number: it’s one thig to have it on a bit of paper, it’s another to dial it and hit send. :smiley: Only here you do that with energy directed with your intention.


He doesn’t know you. Would you fulfill a request for someone you haven’t even met? They just call out your name and expect you to appear. You have to build a relationship with the spirit. Or at least make him more familiar to you. Try leaving offerings or making prayers.

Alternatively, you could go the traditional Goetic route and bind him to your will. Course, I wouldn’t recommend that for a beginner.


I’m kinda of broke, but I have a cheap wine. Think His Majesty will appreciate the effort?

And how do I do an offering?

Offerings are not necessary. If you call properly, the spirit will show up.

However, being a beginner, it is unlikely your senses are developed enough to be able to tell the spirit is there. One thing often forgotten in modern magick is that evocation is actually an advanced skill, one that requires other skills to be practiced first in order to be effective.


Simply talking to him is a possibility.


If you are indeed a beginner then you’re probably further ahead to petition Asmodeus either within a structured system as in, for instance DOM or in an unstructured format with a simple letter of petition backed by your intent. Focus more on your intended outcome and less on manifestation of the entity.


Man, google “Asmodeus seal” and select one from Images, print it or draw it and a pentagram symbol next to it. Draw blood from your left ring finger and put it on His seal while you chant 9 times: Ayer Avage Asmodeus Aken (the correct pronounciation: SndUp | Post info)

After that, either one of your ear will pop or you will hear some crackling sounds in your room, don’t be scared, it means that He is with you. Or, nothing will happen, but don’t get discouraged, He will still be there.

Tell Him, that Cairo from Become A Living God Forum taught you how to summon Him and then proceed and talk to Him about your issues. It will be just a monologue, don’t expect Him to physically appear in front of you, lol. Ask Him to guide you into becoming the best version of yourself. He is a loving deity and probably He will leave one of His servitors with you to take care of you.


Completely disagree that an offering or a prayer is necessary.

Some entities don’t want either offering or prayers and some entities despise prayer

If you are going to have someone offer an entity something then make sure the offering takes place after the entity completes the task assigned to them.

I also don’t think binding spirit is necessary in this instance

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It will take time. Some Demons you will have a connection right away, some you will not. I suggest working on your third eye and meditation, and practicing communication with the Spirits. You can use tarot cards or a pendulum for an easier time communicating. Patience and respect is key.

Personally, I’d start with spirits that are more “friendly”. I don’t mean that they’re nicer or anything, but some entities are more beginner friendly than others. For instance, I wouldn’t recommend Glasya Labolas to a beginner, but I would Astaroth. Not because they’re easier or anything, because Astaroth is a hardcore, powerful spirit. But Glasya Labolas is, well, not a spirit for beginners lmao. Asmodeus is cool but I’m not sure he’s one I’d start with.

I 100% agree with the other commenters sentiments that you need to work on opening your senses more. Some people have a natural ability for sensing and working with spirits, most of us don’t and need to work on it. Picking a clair or particular skill you’d like to hone to alongside working on your skills in evocation each month is something I found helped me a lot. At the end of the month, I’d either move onto something else, or keep going another month. Gives you the option to change things up so you don’t burn out on something and it get boring.

Another thing someone mentioned is building a relationship with the spirit you’re wanting stuff from. I almost always have a “meet and greet” with a spirit before I ask them for help with something. It lets me find out what they would want in return for my request and sorta gauge whether I actually do want to work with that spirit. It also allows the spirit to decide if they want to work with you too and set up any ground rules. This is how I found out Lilith wanted doughnuts or that Astaroth wanted a small gift each night for a week.

Most importantly, don’t worry too much if you don’t see a spirit. Many people go decades before they have a spirit physically appear before them. Heck, I’ve never had it happen and there are times I don’t even sense the spirit. Doesn’t mean they aren’t doing what you’ve asked. Take your time, enjoy it and it will all sorta fall into place


As a beginner you should learn first how to summon spirits/demons or whatever it is properly.

I will suggest you read two books, that are great for beginners who are interested in goetia. Corwin hangrove book, goetia path working and Gordon winter field book, demons of magick both have the safest method to summon demons and are great way for beginners to start their magick.

A point to note you don’t need to be experienced to work with demons, you need the safest method to work with them, methods that won’t make you meet with the imposter spirits pretending to be the demon you’re summoning.

And secondly you don’t need a long term relationship for a demon to manifest results for you, you may never call a demon in your life and summon it for the first time and still get the results.

The difference is, a person with long term relationship with a demon x is not the same as you who have started today.

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I’m here working up the courage to cut my finger with a blade to do this ritual.

You don’t need to cut yourself. Buy a self pricking needle / finger prick.


What do you think of that Cairo? I made the ritual, didn’t hear anything, but I trust you, then I made my monologue. Should I try again tomorrow?

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No, it’s enough. If you have some spare space in your house, try to make Him an altar and light some scented candles or any candle for that matter… and put that bloodied sigil on the middle of your altar.

Now begins the fun part.

Daily meditate for 10-15 minutes in a lotus position with your back straight, even if it hurts. Just sit and think of nothing. Every time a distracting thought passess trough your mind, just ignore it and keep your mind empty. After the meditation, chant 9 times his enn and then proceed to talk to him.

This is the part where you bond with Him. He is very busy deity and if you are not serious, He will ignore you. You need to first build a relationship with Him.

Good things will come your way, don’t worry. Just summon Him every day and ask for His help. Talk to Him like you would talk to you father. Changes will be slow and subtle, but noticeable. You will first notice a change in your mentality and a boost in your confidence.

Not an easy task, but it’s a start. Relationships develope over time. Welcome!

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Thank you!

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