Is he truly powerful , I made a written pact and put my blood on it just hopeful he can make it happen


He’s a djinn and a king at that with much experience under his belt.

Other than that please go make an introduction.


first of all, welcome to the forum.

There is couple things u need to understand pacts are a mutual agreement. If ur senses are not developed nor u did an evocation or invocation than surely ur pact is not accepted. just in case i advise u to do a reading on it.

Lastly, please follow the rules of the forum as @Velenos advised u to and make a proper introduction.

*Be Blessed.


He is really powerful… Just, curious what do you want the king to make happen?.. Remember you have only three wishes…be wise


3 wishes? Lol what?


i think it’s because you said he was a Djinn, haha… Some people…


Lol reminds me of someone who thought Djinn actually all had blue skin xD


He must be powerful if he’s widely regarded as a demon king

Bu they do all have the goatees, right?

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xD not unless they want one.

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Welcome @Jenny_Hubbard It is a rule of this forum for all new members to properly introduce themselves, so please click the link below and tell us about yourself and any experience you may have in magick, such as what you practice, how long you have practiced, areas of interest, etc:


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Dude, you gotta make your introduction. I feel like you should do a tiny bit more research before invoking a powerful demon like Asmodeus. Just my two cents. Get some groundwork in before doing anything crazy. Best of luck to you.

I asked him to bring back a lost love by midnight today in exchange i would worship him and give him my soul. Signed dated and with my blood on it . I needed the most powerful

My name is Jenny i got locked out of my account could not remember password so i made a new account i love the darkness in this world

I have been talking to him for the last three or four days. im heartbroken and if he can do this and be real . And not a bunch of bullshit then my soul is his im just tired of being scammed and played.

You were willing to put your soul up for sale for such a thing? not that I’m looking down on your choice but you could of just made a petition spell to Freya like I did and she did it within the desired timeframe.

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This man my husband is my heart i just want him back i have tried other avenues and no result. so i just went up to the chain. All i asked is 15 to 27 yrs on this earth with my husband when he comes back and then in that time here i wil praise worship and follow him when i die hell bound it is if amadeus is as powerful as they say

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I understand, I hope your deal comes to fruition. I can understand the desire.

@Jenny_Hubbard It is against the rules of this forum to have duplicate accounts. If you were locked out of your original one, the first thing you have to do is let the mods know. Otherwise, you are starting over and have to do an introduction. I’ve flagged you for @Lady_Eva.

If she can help me get back in to my account great but it wouldn’t recognize my email or password so any help would be appreciated thanks