Ask Me Anything — Scholomance : The Order of the Dragon With N.D. Blackwood

Rituals presented in this book were done multiple times (except the familiar, having one it enought for me) with sufficient results to be considered effective.

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And you used a serpent for your spirit familiar?

How did you decide on a name for your spirit familiar? I have a ball python but I thought if I did this I should give him a new name.

Yes, I use a serpent as my own.
I found is name appeared as an “evidence” during the ritual of birth.

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Hi N.D. Blackwood!

I have some questions about the Path of the Green Dragon & how the process of “Life Draining” would work mainly in survival situations.

I found your first grimoire (Draugadróttinn: Lord of the Undead) to be an informative read, but I knew there was a lot more to this Ancient Vampiric Pathworking…so I waited for this inevitable sequel…and viola’ “Scholomance: Order of the Dragon”, came up. I can’t wait to get a hold of this one too.

  1. For those who order the Dark Gift Ritual, with guidance of Ipos (specificaly), would the practitioner also be able to perform life draining on other objects besides just human beings?
    There is life force in almost everything around us, but most of what we consider “alive” & have some form of sentience, (like creatures in the animal, plant, fungi, archea, & bacterial kingdom).

  2. What about elemental forces of nature itself (Earth, Air, Water, & Fire)?
    Is there any limit to what a real life Vampire can sustain him/herself within the Material Realm(Earthly existence)?

  3. You describe a method of consuming energy from planetary spheres, including the Sun & Moon. Would we be able to perform Sun & Moon Gazing as alternative form of sustenance/energy work (magick rituals)/etc? I’ve been mainly engaging with this practice for 2-3 years, only downside is the clouds that often get in the way of my Solar/Lunar feeding.
    If there was a way to influence the weather (at least for a brief period of time) it’ll be much easier manage.

  4. What about the ancient thirst for Blood drinking? Is that something we can only accomplish in Astral plane? Would we develop a Vampiric Sense to help us identify which blood is clean or diseased before consuming life essence of our prey?

  5. Are there any vampires already permanently linked to the “Original Vampire Strain” who choose not to be involved with too many humans while living earthly existence (or any humans at all)?

  6. Is there a more extreme version of cryostasis/hibernation with Vampires?
    By being directly linked to the source of the Vampiric Strain itself…would we be able to stay in slumber for multiple generations, centuries, or even longer? (if humans don’t destroy themselves with nuclear war and such).

  7. Is it possible to live solitary earthly existence without relying too heavily on humans as food source? Can we drain life from anything that is alive? Not just humans?

  8. The Dracul “Vampiric Strain” would not mind if a newly turned Vampire consumes other forms of energy for sustenance?

I look forward to hearing your feedback and suggestion/advice N.D. Blackwood, and anyone else who has similar thoughts or ideas about this, do leave your input too!



Hello! This is my first time posting on the BALG forum, so i hope im doing this right lol
I wanted give my review for Mr. Blackwood’s book of Scholomance, to hopefully persuade those who may be skeptical or perhaps just on the fence about vampirism and the path of the dragon as a whole.
Before reading this, I was worried that vampiric immortality was merely a stiff- arming back of inevitable decay. That I would be locked in a castle of my own design forever merely to escape the kiss of non existence. A year ago, before i began on this path, i read the “sacrifice of the soul to deify the ego” and i thought that was the most foolish thing a person could do. As i thought the ego was the tiny voice in my head that wanted to win every argument i got in on Facebook. And what a nightmare it would be to be reduced to that for all of eternity.
But now I understand it as a new beginning. Being born again in a sense, as the Christians would say. And being free from death, true life can finally begin. Without the fear of losing memories in an endless cycle of powers being stripped away and forgetting. I got into magick to free myself from coming back here as a man. I never felt at home here, and everything that people fought and died over always seemed so dull to me. Most of it was just the absence of pain. Most forms of immortality presented in magick, the golden dawn path i was originally familiar with, involved a form of transmigration of the soul of some sorts. In an eventual sacrifice of individuality to be reduced as a vessel for the divine. Whoever that may be.
Not so here. In the path of the dragon, you become that power. Free from death. Not to twiddle your thumbs in an astral temple until the next time you feel the need to feed again. But to start life anew. To grow and learn from beings unheard of to mankind. To travel in dimensions we never could and to become beings that Lovecraft himself would label unspeakable. The chance to become Dark Gods. To be called on by future civilizations just as we call on our demons and dieties today. Now thats an adventure. And thats something worth living an eternal life doing.
I never cared much at all for my ancestors before reading this book. I never knew of much from France that I cared anything for. But to hear that France was the homeland of members of the chain before me really made care about my own history in a way I never had before.
And learning about the lives of the Immortals of the past was extremely insightful and a joy to read. I admit, with most writers in the occult, I have a tendency to skim their words to get to what I perceive as useful. But the way Mr. Blackwood writes makes me want to read and re-read each paragraph.
I hope this has helped persuade any who may be on the fence about this endeavor. And i hope youll join me on the night of St. Andrews for this grand rite to come


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Hello ND,

I just purchased your latest grimoire Scholomance.

  1. Can I perform the dark gift by simply following the book or do I need to purchase the dark gift separately?

  2. Do I need to perform it on the same time as you and EA or can perform the ritual later?

  3. lastly, when draining the blood essence from a target does this increase your energy/strength?

Thank you for your time and consideration.



So beautifully said, my friend.

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Greetings Aqino (great reference)

1- The choice is up to you. You can take the shortcut and received the Dark Gift during an initiation with me and EA, or do it by yourself by following the auto-iniation curriculum described in the book.

2-You can perfom it later of course. Doing it on the same day would probably had to the group ritual effect, but there is no obligation. My US friends having a time laps with me in Europe, I tend to perform ritual sooner that them.

3-Yes, physical habilities are enfance by regular lifedrain.

Best regards


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Greetings Xanio and please accept my apologies for my late reply, I wanted to take the time to answer with details.

1- Yes. The process of using object as link to target is amplified when entering the Strain. Of course, you can also take lessons from a master of energy manipulation such as Ipos. This process is based on empathy and your hability to free yourself from the illusion of distance.

2-Franz Bardon describe a very interresting relationship beetwen all this elements and the possibility to load your body with each of them in order to obtain a form of energetic balance. This is something that Daoists seems to also use. This elements are present in human life essence, and when you absorb it, but in unequal quantity that vary from each personn. This may be the cuericulum of a future publication.

3-A way to influence the Weather using the Squares of the Abramelin exist. A chapter is dedicated to it in Scholomance, as it was part of the Green Order curriculum.

4-With time and experience , you’ll start developing a form of empathy with your targets, mainly induce with kinestetic recretion. You’ll be able to feel is something looks wrong and interrupt the process.

5-Maybe. The most ancients are actually closer to Dark Gods. Some looks for venerations from humans while others become distants and place their attetion on other corners of reality than planet Earth. Discussing this is entering the domain of speculation as this beings are among the most mysterious.

6- Wrong way to perceive things in my opinion. Time doenst exist on the astrale plan, our past, present and future (as well as multiple future) happen at the same time. Living on the astrale plane may somehow means living in an eternal present or out of time depending on how you want to perceive it.

7- Never say no, but it looks hard in my opinion. I would not recommand it. I actually never heard of a practitionner doing it, but I can be proved wrong once again.

8-In additionn to the classical drain, you are absolutly free to also feed from elements, planets, spirits. Thats part of your own personnal practice, lets say.

Hoppe this have answered your questions, please dont hesitate to ask for addition

Best regards



Hi N.D._Blackwood,

Good to hear from you and well said with your previous answers given. No worries about delay in reply, I’m aware there’s time-lag between Europe & USA.

Yes, I do have few more questions about Predatory Vampirism:

  • Where do we obtain a reliable source of blood for the next 9 months after Dark Gift Ritual is performed?

  • Can we reuse same blood for next 9 months from first Blood Prayer we began with or does it need to be fresh blood each month?
    I live in East coast of USA and not easily available item asking for multiple blood packs without signing extensive medical paperwork, etc.).

  • If we can order biological items (bones(skull),organs(heart)), specifically for blood/necromancy rituals, would you recommend a good site we could order these taboo items from?

  • How much blood is needed to perform ritual?

  • What time will you be performing Dark Gift Ritual with EA? (Based on the location you’re planning to do it on Nov 30).
    It would be good for those who ordered the Dark Gift Ritual to plan specific time-frame wherever we are in world, so we’ll all be able to fully participate in ritual along with you and EA simulteously.
  1. For those who order Dark Gift Ritual, do you also require our full name(original birth names), date of birth, and recent photo?
    I’ve noticed from other occult/spiritual ritual services, the adept sometimes requires those details to make ritual as potent and direct as possible with the recipient order.

I apologize if some of my questions sound ignorant, I’ve been interested with this Vampiric current for a long time and I want to learn and practice as much as I can by taking Scholomance: The Order of the Dragon seriously.

Since I’ll be linked with Vampiric Chain for eternity, I need to be certain I have most effective sorcerer tools/equipment while performing these sacred vampiric rituals.

Best Regards N.D.,


Hello ND,

I have a question concerning the “Dark Gift” ritual/initiation.

Is there a substitute or a work around if one does not have access to mense blood? Thanks ahead of time for your answer.


Greetings Aquino

Pig’s blood, male semences and an egg yolk , mixing everything can be useful as a substitute.
If you are suscribing to the Dark Gift initiation by E.A Koetting and myself, classical blood should be enought , as will do the job for you.


Hello ND,

I must inform you that I am only 25% in to reading Scholomance: “The Order of the Dragon” and I can already tell its one of the true modern grimoire masterpieces, BRAVO!!

I do have a question:

  1. On the first page of chapter 11 it speaks about a 9 month initiation into the Vampiric strain.

I thought I heard you say on multiple occasions that this form of the “Dark Gift” is an Initiation whith such power one is all you need to anchor yourself into the strain? Did I miss read it or missed the hidden meaning?

Thank you greatly, your answers are very much appreciated.



Thank you!

Greetings Aqino !
Thanks for your comment.
I think you read it correctly. The Dark Gift ritual will open a permanent portal between you and the Immortals from the Strain. In return your astral body will be anchored to it, and its essence will flow into you, crystalizing it.

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Greetings N.D.!

Just got my copy of Scholomance last week and I’m LOVING it! I’m also a fan of draugadrottin!!
I have just one question, is there any replacements we can use for items that might be illegal in our state? (Skulls)

Thank you for all your contributions to Magick!

Hello !
Thanks for your appreciation.
You might use a ceramic skull, rituals of the Green Order came from a period were purchasing human skull wasn’t illegal, at least in Europe.
You might add a piece of bones inside the repplica if you can find one, in order to connect it more deeply to the deads essence.


Hi, I’m very new to vampirism magick and was wondering something while reading the multiple answers you gave here.
You talked about the immortality of the ego beyond the physical death when pursuing the path of the vampire, but what I don’t get is that when people are working with the Qliphoth by example, the ego must die multiple times during this long process… I thought that our ego was linked to the illusion of the physical plane and I don’t understand how it could be useful to keep it when physical death occurs… so that’s why I’m confused about all of it, haha. Looking forward to your answer mate!