Ask Me Anything — Scholomance : The Order of the Dragon With N.D. Blackwood

Ask Me Anything — Scholomance : The Order of the Dragon With N.D. Blackwood

Welcome to my Ask Me Anything (AMA).

Please allow me to introduce myself, my vampiric name is N.D. Blackwood. I am the modern pioneer of a closely-guarded, medieval, occult tradition of Black Magick known as Vampirism. Born and raised in central Europe, I underwent initiation as a young man in numerous underground lodges and have inherited the priceless systems of initiation and ritual within Vampirism.

My magick name, N.D. Blackwood, acts as a talisman. “N.D.” invokes my vampiric patrons, Noctulius and Dracúl, and “Blackwood” refers to the neighboring forest wherein I hike to perform rituals of Vampirism and Necromancy.

Several years ago, I penned the first words to my book Draugadróttinn: Lord of the Undead. For me, it was a necessary step toward preserving my historic Vampiric work. Working for years on the possibility of physical immortality with magick, I am interested in all subjects, whether scientific or occult, allowing me to achieve it. Draugadróttinn was therefore conceived as a treasury of my magical techniques, a work to safeguard all the teachings received during the last two decades in the field of Initiatic Vampirism. Publishing the book in English seemed to me an additional way to guarantee the preservation of this timeless knowledge.

After careful consideration, I have decided to take up my mighty pen once again to transmit the complete inner teachings of the elite esoteric Green Order, heir to the Order of the Dragon, exactly as I had received the inner teachings years ago — this lengthy curriculum has become the foundation to my new grimoire, Scholomance: Order of the Dragon.

Scholomance becomes live to order at midnight on Halloween night. You can receive THREE FREE chapters of Scholomance right now:

In Occult Vampirism, the timeless quest for immortality finds its apotheosis in the realization of the Body of Black Light, a psychic vehicle that will survive the demise of the physical body and allow the consciousness of the adept to continue living eternally on the Astral Plane. A true practitioner of the Vampiric Arts rejects their doom, and instead employs a magical process to transform his astral body into an eternal vehicle. You will discover this and MUCH more in Scholomance on Halloween.

Please share your questions and comments related to Magick Vampirism and Magick Immortality below, and I will reply at my soonest convenience over this week, thank you.


N.D. Blackwood





Thanks Debi
Hoppe you’ll appreciate it


i do have a few question , is it absolutely needed to do the blood prayer 9 month for initiating oneself into the dragon path ? ( or can i do it with my own blood instead ? ) , my other question would be, is there any downfall in the afterlife after being a vampiric being ? ( in comparison to someone who don’t have the vampiric condition ) thanks for putting this info available , i have draugadrottin powerful book , looking forward for this book too :slight_smile:

Greetings Spheric
Indeed the nine month process is an absolute necessity in order to prepare your physical body and to the Dark Gift. Such time will aclimate your body and energies to those of the vampiric chain.
Without it, your body may be in extrem pain from being the recept to something more powerfull that it can afford.

In the afterlife, the ego of a vampiric being doens’t desolve. His memory, skills, powers, things that deffine his identity will follow him and the possibility to return to the wheel of reincarnation will be closed forever.


Hi N.D., what are some gifts that the Drakul can offer to those who work with him and initiate themselves into Scholomance?

Dear N.D.

     Do you perform long-distance blessings of objects like rings and jewelry? If so, how much would you charge to do so? I hope to hear from you soon. Thank you!


Hello RyuDarkness

The Path of the Dragon work like a symbiosis or “half/possession” by those who came before you. In other word, your body become like a portal for them in the vampiric chain.

This will accelerate your transformation into one of them, increasing your hability for bilocation, absorbtion of life essences, shappeshifting, and all the classical skills of the vampiric work.

But there are more unique avantages to it :

  • You won’t need to perform rituals of sacrifices as adepts of the progressive path of transformations do. The consciouness of your elders will live inside you, and each of your feeding will be equally distributed.
  • You will be able to acccess a unique source of magick, a specifical vibration issues from the Strain, that my own mentors used to called “Black Fire” or “Black Flame”. This specifical energy possessed application in most forms of sorcery and use is own system of squares to activate.
  • The most important thing, being one with the strain will link you to a specifical “sphere” or bloodpool. After the passing of your physical body, your consciouness will be anchored to it as and wont be absorbed by the wheel of death and rebirth. It will continue to exist, as other who once lived inside you, both on the astral plan as predators, and in the physical bodies of futur adepts of the dragon’s path.

Hello Matt.

To be honnest with you, I dont do “distant blessings” on objects.
I do rituals on objects, but I prefer having them in hands during the ritual for such types of operations , to be able to do several sessions.

Hoppe this helps.



Interesting! Now, does that mean once we die, pur spirits become permenantly bound to the blood pool or is it just a part of us that becomes bound to it?

Spirits from the BP are free to wander the astral plan, they are not “trapped” inside a sphere as some others entities may be.
The pool act as a form of anchor or naste I guess, wich prevent their dissolution.


Hi,are you ever talk to babalon?is she and lilith are one person?and if not do you have her sigil and enn?

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Dear N.D.

    Thank you for your reply. I have another question to ask and I apologize but how would you feel about blessing a cloth for me that I may use to bless my ring with, is that something that you could do and if so, how much would that cost? Thank you for your time and I hope to hear from you soon. 


Gotcha, I was thinking that was the case but not sure. Thank you!


Hello N.D_Blackwood :slight_smile: i do have another question , does the path of the dragon is compatible with other alchemical pursuit like the primal craft current , for exemple , or any other demonic alchemical/initiation path ? thanks :slight_smile:


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It is, as long as the endgoal of this pathworkings doesn’t contradict the endgoals of vampirism. If it does, at a certain moment the Undead current will take over the rest.
But a lot of adepts also practice Goetia, Necromancy, sexual magick or Qlipophic systems. There is no contradictions beetwen it and vampirism.


I am looking forward to your new book. Thank you!


Hoppe you’ll enjoy it !
Please, let me know your insights.