Ask Me Anything — Scholomance : The Order of the Dragon With N.D. Blackwood

What happens if invite the vampire spirit of the nightside into the blood and inject it back into the vein? The effect will be lethargy and transformation into a higher being?I want to summon one of the Sumerian masks.

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Never met anyone workings with blood injections actually.
If the thing you’re trying to produce is a form of symbiosis with a higher Strigoi, I will either suggest the Path of the Dragon or repeated ritual of invocation for possession with a spirit of your own choice.

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Is it true that , after joining the chain you become bound to earth ? as some tend to say ? or is it a fasle assumption ?

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Do you have any good free releases of this draconic path that you are representing.

Im poor.

Do you have any writings how YOU personally engaged with draconic practices, or ended working under or with the order of the dragon.

Im familiar with asenaths stuff, and im long time partner in crime with being that you know as kali…

not sure will i buy necesity of any of this stuff existing, no offence :slight_smile:

It is partially true.
The anchor-vibration that we call ths Blood Pool or the Strain is one of the closest to material reality. This allows undead spirits to have a perception of life pretty close to physical sensations, highter than what you can experience during an Out of Body travel.
That being said they are not limited to this plan and can travel through the many layers of the astral world.


Greetings sir.
Indeed you may find 3 chapters of this book released for free. The sale have been done for mmy first book, Draugadróttin.


for the 9 month preparation can we also use pork or beef blood alternatly from a butcher in the rituals instead ?

Greetings and glad to see you have another book released. It looks like it will be as good as the last one.

I see that you are offering a “Dark Gift Ritual” alongside this new book. As someone that purchased the original vampiric initiation that came with your first book, would this new ritual be redundant, or is it complimentary (in other words it would benefit to take part in both). And if so, could you expound on how a bit please?

Secondly, I hate to say it, but I really have failed to follow up on the original initiation you performed. Setting up a proper altar hasn’t been in the cards as yet, and my practice of the energy techniques you outlined has been infrequent. I am wondering if you think I have spoiled whatever connection was made with the bloodlines with that initial ritual, or if I am still connected and should reap benefits if I pick the practice back up?

Thank you.


I’ll try to answer the best I can.
The Dark Gift ritual is different from the one released for Wallpurgisnacht.
The Wallpurgisnacht version was part of the progressive path of transformation. The pact was made with the Undeads and you become an adept on the Path of vampirism. Still you needed to perform rituals, evoke them and practice sacrifice in exchange for their essence. The more you give to them, the more you receive and get close to their condition. During this ritual you attracted the attention of one or many spirits that become your mentors. It is then up to you to work on this relationship

The Dark Gift is different. Its a form of symbiosis with a specifical Chain , that of the Order of the Dragon. During this ritual, you seal a pact with the Strain of Dracul. Once this is done they will live inside yourself. You will be linked to every of your predecessors on this path. Each time you will feed, a part of what you take will be distributed to the Strain. People who received the dark Gift are able to tape into the consciouness and powers of elders of this path. They have access to unique form of magick, and inside themself they energy of the strain flows permanantly.

It is recommanded to perform the ritual in the same time than I do. But if you don’t, EA and I will still be performing for you, wich mean that the effects will be garanteed .Still, for your own experience , I suggest that you take part in the ceremony. This is be the occasion to build your relationship with the entities your pacting with.

Thank you for clarifying all of that.

If I am understanding right then, there should be no interference then if I were to also sign up for the Dark Gift ritual, as the Walpurgisnacht ritual was more of a mentorship, and the Dark Gift more becoming part of a bloodline, so to speak?

There will be no interference.
The Dark Gift is a WAY MORE powerfull version of a mentorship, it can be considered one of the goals to accomplish when you start with the mentorship, as adepts who undertake such rituals becomes fully fleshed strigois.

Ordered !
Congratulations brother and thank you for this remarkable work. I look forward to discovering your work.


For those who haven’t done a ritual with Elder Blackwood before, I would suggest making sure to set the time aside to sit and watch the ritual all the way through

I found myself drawn into the current and trancing a lot as my system shifted during that night and then again during the watching of the videos


Just ordered my copy. I have the first book also.


Can’t wait to have your insights Galaad !

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so if we take the dark gift ritual , we don’t have to perform a 9 month preparation , or we had to take those steps before buying it ? thanks for answering the previous question , i also buyed the book today , and looking forward for what’s in there :wink:

Direct initiation is done without preparation.
The receiver doesn’t have to sacrifice vital essence that he may have gathered during the 9 month preparation and seal it the object of sacrifice (pork’s heart).
This actions is undertaken by those who iniate him inside the current and use a specifical variant of the ritual for it.

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From what I have seen of the online course so far is quite impressive. You are a great master my friend. Bravo and thank you for sharing so generously your knowledge of the Path.

With this one, I wanted the video course to be quite long in order to explore the book in details. I’m pretty happy with this 8 hours format.

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