Ask Me Anything — Advanced Vampire Magick With N.D. Blackwood

Some manage to stay Lucid during hours, yes.

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What about those who did not?

They keep training

But what happen to these Undead practitioner when they are sleeping. That’s the part I don’t get.

They train staying Lucid in their dreams.
In many point, Death is comparable to a sleep. This is described in the Tibetan tradition as the state of Bardo, the world of illusion. By becoming Lucid, we understand that we are experiencing a (shared) illusion and become capable of taking control of it.

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Can I use vampirism to weaken a target without doing harm so I can persuade them better with magick?

-Don’t had a banefull intention to your action.
-Don’t drain too much. Vital energy tend to renew itself (not all types, that being said) with rest and sleep. If you don’t do it on a regular base and don’t had any aggressive intention to your action, the energetic level of the subject will come to normal with one or two nights of good sleep.


So 3 inhaling for instance instead of 7-9 I normally do.

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For exemple.
After a certain time of practice you’ll be able to feel the energetic level of each persons. This skill isn’t restricted to vampirism, a lot of therapist can also do it.

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As a brand new atheist today, how exactly do Magick and vampirism work for atheists?

Well, it’s an energetic phenomena, pretty much like magnetism or any eastern energetic practice.
So you can basically make it work the same way, even if you don’t believe it God/gods.

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I know this is an older post… But I am going through this Thread again to see if I can add anything…

While I am sure I am many years of practice behind Brother @N.D_Blackwood.
I am 45 and am often mistaken for early 20s

I will note that if I do not practice the Drain for a bit, often to force myself deep into Hunger for Ritual reasons, I begin to look and feel my age… It may be my imagination but when I did it long enough for my facial hair to grow. When I am “Hungry” I am much more in the Salt and Pepper state, and then it takes a bit for the color to return when I am Feeding again.
Internal energy/vitality is a much quicker turn around…

While not a biologist, my guess its when I am not Feeding the cells age closer to normal while when I Feed regularly the access energy helps repair the damages of age just like any other kind of energic healing

My 2 Coins



After I have done feeding from the younger person I have then performed an other magical operation that shall draw a girl to me (not the victim of my vampirism). I began to think. If I use the drained energy to empower my other magical operation is there a risk that I will transfer that energy to her I want to magically manipulate to come to me because I use the magical link which will harm her because her energy system are not washed from the bad as I do in the end of ritual.

Is it unwise to do vampirism before evoking a demon? Or can it actual strength my system to better handle the energy that comes from the invoked demon?

Greetings N.D. Blackwood, may I ask you if you are a member of a branch of the secret black order of the dragon ? For those who know Drakul was a great adept of this order and Bram Stoker, high rank insider within the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, and friend of Aleister Crowley, was, as we know, the author of Dracula, which is not just a novel, but a book totally initiatory and with fruitful symbolism. This symbolism is deciphered by the member of the order.

Just for information Order of the Dragon, (Societas Draconistrarum), which was an Order of Chivalry by Miloš Obilić in Serbia in the 14th century. Having the appearance of a “classic” Order of Chivalry, The Order of the Dragon had, like the Order of the Temple (Templars), an Inner Circle within which was dispensed an Occult Teaching, named “The” Secret Order of the Black Dragon ”, and whose purpose was to teach genuine Vampirism as an initiatic path. If The Order disappeared as a Knightly Society, the Inner Circle, meanwhile, will endure, and still exist today, particularly in Eastern Europe. I’m not a member of it but try to learn more.

You answered your own question pretty well.
Storing energy before any ritual, evocation in particular, is a wize idea. You will be able to use it to strengthen the manifestation and get better senses during the process of communication


Is it something you always do when you work with demons?

Not every time, but for big evocation it is pretty helpful.

@N.D_Blackwood when performing the art of sanguinism. Out of curiosity, what precautions can one take to ensure that they are not taking in diseases and other illnesses when drinking the blood of others? Also, what are the benefits and it like when performing sanguinism? Does one have a higher chance of going in insane quicker through sanguine them astral vampirism?

Sanguinism isn’t something that I personnaly practice.
From a medical perspective the only way I see to have this done in a secure would be to have a the personn fully tested for the main diseases that could be transmitted through blood. The books dealing about sanguinism says that a few drop of the donor are enought .
Now from an accupuncturist point of view , there is a specifical type of energy, that every human have in limited stock, located near the kidneys region.
This energy have superior energetic properties that “standart” energy and probably physically blood …

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