Ask Me Anything — Advanced Vampire Magick With N.D. Blackwood

Unconsciously, a phenomenona of essence transfer from the public exist in all one-man shows, concert, political rally. As I often say, energy movements from a human or group of humans to anothers is a natural phenomenona.
Doing it willingly is easy, doing it willingly for magickal purpose, also easy.


Yes, but could the vampire take too much in those circumstances and if so would it put them in danger from too much energy or if there was too much would the excess just bleed away and not get absorbed? That’s what I’m wondering,

Too much, not being aborbed is a possibility.
Linking yourself to a deity , a chain of spirits will solve this problem at you will feed them in the same time.


Is vampirism innate or anybody can become a vampire later on?

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It’s a process of initiation, in (different) magickal currents.
Everyone is able to drain energy, just as everyone is able to give it throught magnetism. Some just do it more unconsciously that others, but it is a natural process that happen in nature everytime to beings are in contact one with another, even at a very small scale. There is always an energy exchange going from the “submissive” to the “dominant”.
This simple process is enought to deffine someone as “vampiric”, that’s where I differ from the “psychic vampyr” current that exist in the U.S

From my perspective it means working with the Undeads/Strigois/Varcolacs, being one of the endgoals, or at least a major step.

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How do I get started?

There are multiple possibilities. You can either work with the Undeads, or work with (for exemple) Goetic demons to develop separately each of their habilities.

I’m on the path to restore my youth during my vampiric magick. When I ask the spirits they answer that in 3 weeks I will become at age of my target (the target is 21 and I’m 32). Can this really be true? I don’t see any change in my appearance. Ps I use a pendulum to communicate with the spirits so I can only get a “yes” or “no” answer.

@Kristian I doubt you can physically restore your youth. I am sure you can restore your youthful energy though. If it could be done physically you’d see a ton of 90 something year olds looking 35 so I so like I said I definitely doubt you can restore yourself physically. That said I’m sure you can restore energy levels and I think it’d be nice to have the energy I had at 16 now especially to use it to accelerate healing an injury and I’m sure that’s possible too if you know how (I don’t yet though).

@N.D_Blackwood Am I right about being able to regain energy like as if you were younger self?

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@Kristian @Kirsh

What I am going to say is from my own experience only, so consider it for what is it is.
Here is what I can not
-Restoring youth of most adepts of vampirism does not make them looks like teenagers again, but tend to make them devellope an “ageless” appearance. You’re never really able to give them an exact age. This even in a old age. My mentor’s own iniator looked something like 60 when he was nearly a hundred.

-This have an impact on metabolism that can sized by smart technology measuring your body age with muscular mass, water proprotion and fat. I have personnally noticed that in intensive period of practices, the device located me way younger than my actual age.

-Like eastern masters of energy discipline, adepts tend to have an “energy level” of young person in an advanced age. They move like younger one, keep an enthusiastic and creative attitude.


I’m not sure I understand. Does it mean when I drain from my target who is age 22 and I will regain the energy of an 22 of age but have the appearance of a 32 (which is my age) of that I still would have when I turns 40?

Energy level isn’t the same for anyone at 22, 32, 50.
Generally, younger people have more energy, but this is not always the case.
By accumulating energy, you will look younger, this will have an effect on your metabolism, body mass, fat mass, level of testosterone if you’re a man.
Similar effects can be seen on practitioners of eastern methods.

Not strictly on "face aspect ", if vampirism becomes a routine for you (I mean, if you really make this your path), you physical apperance will change…for better or worst. Most adept tend to develop a form of “ageless” appearance, predatory traits also tend to be reflected by their sight and stature.
It will devellop a form of vitality and strength that even “normal” young people don’t possessed, but also a sensation of low and hight that you will need to understand and find balance in (the low state being a clear indicator that you need to practice )


Worse? Have vampirism corrupted some practitioner’s appearance? Can you predict to some degree what would happen to my appearance when I as a daily routine drain from young people?

And I suppose that youthful energy is what causes me not to age.

Well…yes and no.
I guess it’s a matter of balance. Your activities or mental tendencies of any kind tend to be reflected on your face, or eyes.
People who engage in predatory practice tend to devellop ferocious “traits”, some inconscious postural modification. As proved by Moshe Feldenkrais, your body adapt iself to reflect your mental.


Hmm a better idea i’d think is to just drain their energy, then after converting it to your own energy, use it to empower your body, basically healing it and removing or reducing signs of age, it would be an ongoing process though, as you’re basically using the magick to continually heal your body to a younger state. ofc it would continue to age as well.
This is the sort of method i use, and although im 28 people say im around 19 usually


I cannot do both? Changing the petition to “I drain your youth and vitality”.

What is sleep for an Undead practitioner?

Primordial. Death is similar to sleeping, staying conscious while sleeling is an important part of our training. In an idealistic way of thinking, we must never let ourselves fall into non-lucidity (wich is of course nearly impossible as incaranated beings).
Some practices, rituals or traditional jewelries help for it.

As Immortalist, it is also advised to provide 8 to 9 hours of sleep per day to out vessels.


So the Undead practioner have lucid dreams in the deep sleep state before REM?