Ask Me Anything — Advanced Vampire Magick With N.D. Blackwood

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Is it possible to transfer the drained youthful energy to my girlfriend so her youth like mine are also restored? What happens if my blood is taken into her veins? Will she also be effected always when I do vampirism?

After months of discussion with both E.A Koetting and Timothy, I have finally decided to place my services for hire on Become a Living God.
Last May, when my book came out, you were more that 50 people to celebrate Wallpurgisnacht together, and pact with Undeads magicians in order to receive initiation on the path of vampirism. Since that day, I receive e-mails and messages from people who participate in this ceremony, following their results and progress and I must say that I am pretty enthusiastic about the habilities that they have been able to manifest.
I also receive emails from lots of you who wanted to participate in this ritual, but didn’t get the opportunity at the time, asking to hire me to perform the operation for them once again.
For this people, I have an excellent news. Not only the ritual of initiation with the Undeads is back on Become a Living God, but I have drastically augmented it.
In order to offer you the best of this Path, the ritual will now included the separated evocation of 3 major demons of the Goetia, specialized in teaching the practice of energy drain, astral travel and lycanthropy/shapeshifting . Each of this demons have their own path working.
This methodology wil allow you a progressive transformation , while placed under the guidance of 4 powerfull entities. It allows the transformation of the practionner into an adept of the Undead path.

This ritual have also been created to keep you, the magician, in control. Wich make it different from the classical “Path of the Dragon” wich is irreversible. With this pact, your evolution will be progressive and you will to be in control of it. You will be free to devellop the powers offered by this Path without taking a deffinitive decision that may involve your afterlife. The choice to embrace the sinister path of undead afterlife, and simply to use its powers during your lifetime as a magician will be up to you.

That being said, and as always with magick, remember that this rituals are dangerous. The entities you will be working with are dangerous predators and master of their own discipline. You will need to always need to approach them with respect and strength.

For those interrested in such type of working, here is the link to the ritual.

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It may not matter much, but
How can we make vampire servants stronger?
I tried animal sacrifices but after a while they weaken
Can a god be created as a servant? And is there a book on this?

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Michael Ford’s Book of Cain and Akhkharu vampire Magick, as well as Alexander Dray’s books deals about the servitor methodology in details.
Servitors aren’t gods and God’s don’t become servitors.

Inside the Green Order there is a method for creating servants based on the squares of Abramelin. The servant then become linked to square as a physical support and is alimented every month with few drops of your blood.


There are gods who serve and are under the control of someone like king bael, agares and marbas who serves Lucifuge
and …
what is this

It’s a procedure that I have personally never used.
Of course, I guess that a form of pact can be passed with a demonic king or prince to have some of is affiliated doing a vampiric work for you. It enters the range of possibilities.
When we talk about servitors, we generally refer to “man made” entities.

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Has it something to do with the chakras? That young people have faster rotating chakras? I focus on my target’s chakras when I feed on them.

This is due to their reservoir of ancestral energy being nearly full.

Can it be seen physically? If the 1 of 2 young women at same age looks more fertile than the other is that a sign she have more youthful energy. Beside I remember you stated that it’s most effective to drain from the opposite gender.

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Yes, there are clear signs that a personn is in a good and healthy condition. The condition her skin, hairs, the brillance of her sight, but also her posture, and the way she walks. All of this are indication that a person is full or energy, or depressed. This is most of the time naturally felt in contact with another human being.
If not, studying a bit of anatomy, body posture, psychology, medical sciences in general , and human behaviors will help you understanding the signs of a healthy/non healthy attitude.

Of course, there are TONNS of courter exemple, personns that doens’t look in good condition at first sign, but who are actually well functionning.

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What about pictures? If a girl looks like a babe so to speak is that a sign that she have a lot of youthful energy I can feed on?

More careful with picture, you’ll have to be more sensitive or establish a first contact IRL. Filters and application makes everyone perfect nowadays.

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I cannot use sympathetic magick? The picture is from her insta account which is something she have posted.

Of course you can.
Just be careful what you drink.

I have a tradition that I also drink from the blessed elixir of life in my chalice after the ritual is done. It cleans my chakras after the working. However, I’m unsure if the cleaning also wash out the youthful energy I have drained. That’s why I in the elemental circle after vampiric operation tried to do other workings like working with spirits etc. However, I became to concern that the invoked demonic energy meeting with the drained youthful energy will bring my body out of balance.

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What will happens if I drain from demons and undeads?
If I transfers the youthful energy I have drained to an other person will the person then also in time become younger?

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Do NOT drains they Undeads.
They are not mere archetypes that you can drain to absorb some of there caracteristics. They are consciousness of magician of the past centuries. Some of decades, centuries if not mileniums of experience in the practice of energy draining. They play at a all different level of practice than incarnated humans. Trying to trick them at their own game might have terrifying consequences.

To absorb the energy of the Undeads, it is necessary to first offer yours as a sacrifice . It’s a process of exchange. You have to empty yourself fully, until you feel as an empty shell. Then the energy willingly offered by the Undeads will penetrate your body and modify it’s very structure.

Yes, it’s a simple process of magnetism.
You may proceed using a ritualistic method, with a mirror, a candle, or any support that you feel appropriate to connect to your target.
On your altar, you may place a photograph of the personn you want to magnetize.
With you left hand, you drain the target personn of it’s energy. While with you right hand you let this energy being transfered to the personn you are offering this life essence.
Be careful during the all operation to not transfer some of your own essence to the personn your magnetizing, but only to use your body as a conduct between the two persons.
This require a good level of focusing and sensitivity to what is actually happening in your body.

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