Ask Me Anything — Advanced Vampire Magick With N.D. Blackwood

my condolences. Thank you for giving a very good example, but what I’m wondering is are these physical entities or spiritual entity types?

It seems to me that this method can be differentiated for different alien beings other than Vampirism and used for education or information. After all, their technology and intelligence are superior to all of us. Is it possible?

I guess it would be wize to admitt that this is beyond my uderstanding and that of the human mind.
This entities maybe physical, astral…or something in between.

This ritual works. People who tried them have been brought to we could call “something entirely new” for better or worst. Would I recommand doing it ? Not if you aspire to a stable life. If you feel call to it, the choice is in your hand.

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I want a stable life, I have to kill the lizard walking on my wall because I am disgusted or I am afraid that I will kill it to protect myself. a result of unnecessary attention a very powerful application for them we are just lizards crawling on walls for them.

I’m thinking specific if it’s the same target I drain from. Can vampiric magick restore youth?

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So, then, Morality really doesn’t exist. Interesting.


Yes, that one of the main goal.

Well morality exist but you define it.

I bought your book.
I’m so excited!

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I hoppe this work will please you !
Don’t hesitate to make me a feedback .

I’m not sure I understood it correct about gender… Do you say it’s more effective that I as a male target a female?

That maybe link to most of males having a lack of feminine/Inn and females having a lack of masculine/Yang. Its always easier to drain what you have a lack off
But this is in my opinion only general and scholar principles, you will have to test yourself to see if this apply to you .

Hey, N,D, Blackwood
After being initiated by vampire gods to become a Vampire, Can we work with other Magickal systems That can change you or your spiritual essence,?

That’s of course possible . As long as the path you are taking doesn’t reject you for what you have become.
I practice other stuff for the purpose of empowerment. I enjoy Seidr/Futhark/Demonology and Old Ones lore.

But going to the Church or having a christian, Muslim or Buddhist lifestyle would be a lost of time. You are engaged by any pact you made. Turning against it will not undo its effect.

Does the sexual orientation plays a role into it also?

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Hard to tell.
I would need to have more non straight-persons opinion on that question to be able to establish a clear answer.

Personally, as a male/straight , I mainly feed on males. Transfer from female tend flow a bit more naturally.

Is there a reason you target males?

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Essentially from top athletes of disciplines I practice in order to appropriate skills, vitality and abilities.

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Yesssss I got the book. I am so excited, I’m reading it now.

Hey I have a question … can we make Servitors with Vampiric abilities like a Vampire out of Servitor