Ask Me Anything — Advanced Vampire Magick With N.D. Blackwood

Could you explain a bit further, I am not sure tu understand/catch fully the extent of this sentence…
What do you meanby “it cut your astral and mental body for soul”

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In esoteric tradition, you are said to have multiples bodies. Some are permanent (the higher bodies) and follows you during each of your incarnation. Some impermanant , like the astral and the mental who are linked to your Ego (the notion of "I am, here a now).
By making a pact with the strain, you are going to attach your astral, mental and physical to the vibration of the strain. Your highter bodies are going to be cast away, and remplace by the essence of the chain. According to some, they are even destroyed. But what ever may happen to them is not really of your concern anymore.


Way clearer thanks !
I understand fully now

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Thanks a lot, Arianna, for the consideration you gave to my work. It is really pleasant for me to see experienced magicians having enjoyed it.


I did ! I was pleasantly surprised with your work.

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Thanks a lot for replying to my questions. I’m loving the book so far! :grin:


Is this what will happen within your and Ea’s ritual for hire?
One of the purposes of the ritual is to unite with vampire strain.

The pact I’m proposing with EA will place people under the patronage of the Undeads. It will work as an exchange process beetwen the practitionner and them. They will transform theirbadept, day after day, and will feed upon the lifeforce he will gather for them. The more you do, the more they will do on their side. This is enought to have a progressive transformation, while keeping a form of independance. Thought an extensive work will modify your very nature, and people will be able to gain the necessary powers to work with astral immortality.

But it is intented to give more choice to people than for exemple “the path of the Dragon” ritual. It can also be a good “first step” .


If someone were to go deeper to the point where the higher bodies are destroyed, would it not be better to vamp/eat the higher bodies instead of destroying them and not gaining anything?


Greetings N.D_Blackwood,

I have received my copy of the Book (with the full online course) and it is … wow … awesome !!!

I have a question. I live in a little flat and I usually do all my rituals in the living room, the main room (I have only a living room, a bedroom and a bathroom).
I read you advise to consecrate a rarely used room for the Vampiric rituals. Alas, it is impossible for me.

Can I still use my living room ? If yes, which kind of cleansing can I do after rituals ? Banishing of the lesser pentagram ? another one ?
What are the risks of doing rituals in my main room of living ?

Besides, your book is a real and the greatest grimory I ever read on Vampirism. I have been trained by the Temple of the Vampire, but you work is more deep. As if the ToV were only touching an aspect of Vampirism and initiation.

Thank you for this work, Brother.


Greetings Darkgalaad
Thanks a lot for your review ! I’m glad to see that the book also please experienced practitionners of the vampiric arts. I once chat with a German member of the ToV, I don’t know if he is still active. His magickal system was based on a “rewriting/recreation” the concept of reality. The ideas he devellopped remind me of the idea of manupulating “Maya”, the Indian veil of illusion that we all live in, until being pretty much immortal in it. Drakon Covenant used a similar principles they called Draumruna

In your case, I would suggest the living room. You are free to use the banishing method that you are the most confortable with. Personnaly, I have never been great with method such as the lesser ritual of the pentagram. I prefer burning white salvia inside the room. EA also suggest to use salted water that you may magnetize with your hands and throw at each corner of your room.

Now, something important in my opinion. Banishing rituals will be very effective to clean up your room of “residual” energies left by your rituals, specially those where goetic demons will be called. It is usefull to not saturate your room with banefull or lustfull energies. But let’s say it, it is pretty unefficient to banish Undeads magicians. They are pretty much free to wander the astral realms, and banishing over and over again won’t stop step to come back to you if they want to.

After my rituals with the undeads, I tend to thanks them for coming and for everything , and asked them to “not interfer with the affairs of this home, unless it’s an absolute necessity”. They have been in our shoes, once , at least for some, so they know how to evolve inside human societies.

Of course, there is always a risk with magick. But as long as you perform magick while grounding yourself, and try to keep a rational mind while diving into the irrational, everything should work. Most “accidents” I saw in Magick were people who lose themselves into the occult, and saw an esoteric reason behind everything going up into their lifes. A broken car, telephone, a girlfriend that left, were immediatly linked to something magickal, an angry deity or a failed ritual. Such a mindset will get you into depression, as being an occultist won’t spare you from the daily problems of a fleshy existence.
When I perform a ritual, I look up to the effects of the ritual itself coming into my life. For exemple, if I perform a ritual to get a job, I will be seeing any job interviews, propositions as the logical effects of my ritual and avoid going against the ritual by denying this opportunities. If my car broke three days after the ritual, there is no cause and effect link beetwen a mechanical problem, and a ritual that doens’t involve my car.
I always try to apply logical thinking with magick. What was the ritual for ? What did I get in that particular domain.

Again, thanks for your interest in my book, I hoppe it will open new opportunities for you.

Thank you for this complete answer.

About ToV, the essence of Vampiric Tradition in the Temple is indeed to use Life-force extraction and to obtain through Communion more refined Lifeforce from the Undead Gods (ancient humans became astral immortals), imprinted with their knowledge and experience to Awaken in “the Dream of life”.
All along, psychic powers and overall astral mastery develop. The living vampire learn to use “Laws of Magic” to alter reality, and step by step, surpasses the illusion of Maya.
The visceral recognition of the dreamlike nature of reality grants immortality and godhood, the ultimate goal of the vampire in the ToV.

Thanks again for your insight and advices.



Looking tru some old stuff i got in mail frim italia, tey work in a esoteric order whit kelhalyi. Aupost a lost dracula daughter and spurt whit a few seals which look loke dead fish bodies, frucissiere of grimorium verum and certain iniciare rites on cementary such mantras to attain power, spwed and 6 sense., yes the book sing of vamoiro, which is a legendary ocult grimoire hard to gwt, on latin. Is link to it. Wbich have pentacle, and songs and 8 kings of vampires, like qliptoh but only 4 demons are shown on it such astarte, i may do a post on it., thanks i may get u book. Tok.

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The “endgoal” is pretty much common to all vampiric lodges, I guess. The tools and rituals may differ.
The Temple of the Vampire work with an egyptian strain of Undeads, Am I correct ?

I admitt that my knowledge of Middle Eastern origins is pretty limited. The Royal Court of the Dragon refer to Osiris and Sobek in there materials, telling that the first practitionners where part of the hight priesthood of Egypt.

Your deffinition of Undeath is pretty much the same as mine.
The only “detail” that I found interresting, that could be found in Tempel Ov Blood teaching as well as in the Green Order stuff, is the hability to use the Undead masters as an “anchor” to prevent the second death. This is what makes the difference, at least in my mind, beetwen the path of progressive transformation (using regular communion, feeding , and exercice), and the method called “the path of the Dragon” in my book, that imply a form of possession.

What you describe is a common problem with Magickal organisations. I saw many of them rise and collaps due to members going their own ways. In the Left Hand Path, we are generally striving for personnal goals, and this make long term association difficult.

Time are also evolving. In the time of my mentors, people did not possesse cell phones, PDF books, emails and computers. Belonging to a secret society was really something. You received knowledge you could find nowhere else. Today, you can learn find more text in a week than adepts of the past could in years, just by purchasing books on amazon. Occultists of the previous generation sometimes waited for years before having the opportunity to meet a famous magician and exchange few words after a group ritual. Today, you can easily talk with an author such as E.A.
What makes the difference now, is our personnal discipline; In a world where everything can be find, focusing your attention to only one goal, instead of jumping from an information to another, as become the new challenge.
In this context, I don’t really know what kind of future exist for “orders” and “lodges”.

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I totally agree with you.

And if I may, is this during walpurgisnacht that you will link us to the Order of the Dragon Strain ? (If we also do the ritual you gave us in your course)

How will you technically introduce us to the Strain ? by our name ? nickname ?

The Walpurgisnacht ritual will place you under the patronage of one/many undeads, from the Order of the Dragon strain.
After the ritual, I would suggest that I start using scrying and evocation to establish a communication with him. In my opinion working with specifical Undeads, is a better option that “blind evocation”.

I made a few ligns, few posts upper, to explain the difference beetwen this particular ritual, and the Dark Gift ritual presented in the Path of Dragon chapter.

I will use your name, to me it is a more powerfull link than Magickal nomen.

Thank you.

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It could be pretty dangerous actually. That’s why I recommand doing it with archetypes in the begining. I think that Asenath Mason have a all chapter about it, in her book “Rituals of Pleasure”.
I decide to not cover “sexual vampirism” in my own tome, as hers actually do it very correctly.

Indeed it does.

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Hey, N.D., how becoming undead ourself would change behaviour can we still preserve our morals and don’t get out of control? Even though we are something dark inside can we still behave and supress it a bit? This path is something i always wanted, it offers what i want to be even after death.
I am ok with every aspect of it, well only thing bothers me is , when u have no connection with god and u become a single entity SO we have no objections with misusing our new found power.well not misusing becoz its our power to use but not becoming a abomination and losing all of the senses.
What do we do about this?
So i think i have to gaining full control of myself before starting journey on this path or there is a way this can be avoided?
I so much want to order your book but u know i can’t still afford it , i need to start saving now , i will definetly buy it when i can save enough.