Ask Me Anything — Advanced Vampire Magick With N.D. Blackwood

Its magickal synesthesia. You can do lots with it. Clairaudience and the like work off that same idea


I think that’s a matter of personality, on how our different brains and magick works.
There are plenty of different ways to drain someone from his lifeforce. According to your “dominant” sense, you may prefer touch , sight, ritualistic approach, out of body experience.


Yes but wouldn’t it be a waste of energy when the entire goal is to consume their energy?

I’m not really sure what preference would have to do with wasting energy on unnecessary or frivolous mechanics. You either are expending more than you need to accomplish the same goal, or you are not.


In my opinion, it depens on the situation.
When you drain someone’s energy, you tend to also drain the emotions, and sometimes illnesses that comes with it.
If you use vampirism with the purpose of longevity and empowerement, it may be great to target specific types of energy, and avoid “toxic feeding”. If you’re using lifedrain as a banefull form of magick, you will have to drain more deeply, to bleed the personn of all her energy. When a target is drained, the last things that are present inside her are pretty toxic.


I don’t find any need to imagine anything to link to a target and filter their energy as I draw it into me. I simply reach out energetically, link into them, and pull into me whatever it is I’m draining from them.

I would assume as filtering is rather basic, most would not need extra mechanics to do so. :woman_shrugging:t2: We discuss filtering and what you can draw into you, as far as negative energy goes around here fairly often. It’s not really a huge leap from filtering out what you don’t want, to filtering specific types of energy for intake. :slight_smile:


as well as feeding on any spiritual entity in order to absorb its abilities and powers.

This is a quote from the link you posted, under Chapter 4. - The Art of Life Drain.

Can you please elaborate on what feeding off these entities would look like?

I mean, is this done with gods, demons, or the spirits of dead people? Are there ‘pacts’, for the lack of a better word, on which these entities agree on letting you feed off them?

Thank you very much for taking your time for this AMA! :slight_smile:


Ok I search vampires stuff for years,u hear of sung of vampires grimoire that,? U opinion. Why the romania have only a lodge of them,? Why they emigrated to mexico.yes it’s clans etc ,do u guys follow egyptian gods,since 3 of them were into vampire line,? The amulets which I read long time ago really affect them,?


Florida in usa has a few legends,I read and see a became a vampire ritual from a girl in easter europe which involved blood gods,and certain words,it was like 600 usa a lot for me , I tnk she was real. Wat is the vampire path on the end,? The voodos had similar histories,at the end I read weird tomes of noble italians,which were resend of real vpired,in try left easter europe why,? And the most modern authors self proclaimed vampires tos days are like fantasy yo me,wat u tnk of william grey books,? He create a path to became one vampire,? And the order of jazhierat or whatever of somnus dreamwood,? I search for years,I meet a girl online who claim be one and speak 13 language it’s possible,?


It will depend on the entity and its nature.
Archetypes are perfect for this kind of practice as most tend to not fight back and allow you to absorb their capacities. Doing it with intelligent entities is the level above. Some of them, such as succubus or incubus will sometimes like it, and try to install some kind of reciprocity.
Other will fight back and you will have to assume a stance of commandement to submitt them while you drain them, before banishing them.
You may also want to ask the entity his permission to drink from her.

In my opinion, we could talk about “pacts” when there is some kind of reciprocity beetwen you and the entity. This is something that my book will approach in the chapters “The Dark Gods” and “Ascended Vampires”. You make an offering of your own lifeforce and receive a part of their essence inside yourself.

Evoking entities and drinking from them without giving anything in return is more a kind of “archetyp predation”.


I know I will laugh,but they were shorts,? We’re I live it’s a secret tat it’s a guy who wear shorts and it’s vampire,close to a forest area full of paranormal activity, now the westgate vpired someone say he’s real.,in occult societies only 2 person’s claim in uk.back in 80s have the ritual to became 1 but most are like get money etc and left tat forget en.france had a good reputation of fakers and good real vampires,same you point of view,is any dragon orders after you guys,? O it’s just history books,whit real spells. Thanks so much.

should i just invoke the spirits that are vampyric in nature and integrate their vampyric qualities?


See u can call Nosferatu and trade energy but it’s a home some I give u some,but we talking a vpired not a deal or confused now,

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Or is there more to gain from actually devouring the gods

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Well, as far as my researches have pushed me, I found traces of vampirism in every human tradition, since probably antiquity.
You have of course, some in Egypt and the Middle East. You can find some similarities with some cults in China, where adepts are supposed to become Dragons after their death and are called “the flying immortals”. I’m not fluent with American tradition, to be honnest, but I’m pretty sure there is an equivalent to that type of pratices on the continent.
I think vampirism, necromancy have been there since the dawn of mankind, way before our ancestors were even able to write.

The lodges I have been part of, are indeed from Europe. But I does not mean this is only an eastern european practice. I just join the local tradition, as someone living there.


Risky thing, I would not try, at least, not as a first operation.
This entities know the process of lifedrain very well, sometimes, more that us. I would not suggest attacking them, but trying to offer something in exchange.

Indeed, there is great advantages in devouring godlike figures. Gods are immense egregores, some being very archetypal in nature. Devouring the figure of Mars for exemple, on a regular base, will help you devellop martial trait and habilities.


If I have connections try to see tos book.el cantar de los vampires.its a old grimoire who teach u the seals,words rituals to became 1 real vampire.its was left in south america and hard to get only a few pages are translated from latin to spanish.etc u can try youtube but in mexico it’s like a big secret occult. If I know wat I’m talking about it explain plz.bcse I was surprised they use grimoires and thanks.and yes a read ask around on vampires since a kid.thsnks


So, I’m wondering exactly what is ground breaking about your work? What have you done that has lead to your claim you are a pioneer in the art, I was under the impression that would be something your peers would label you as, not something you proclaim about yourself, so as such I’m interested in what exactly has lead you to this conclusion based on what I’ve read so far?

I’m also wondering what is so special about using your name as a talisman rather than going directly to the entities in question? I can see where that may work as a short cut for you, but for anyone else seems like that would be a one way energetic benefit to yourself and not us?


Most amazon books of vampires are like energy sucks,or fantasy. A few a real.same claim france etc.but I tink constantnos or kostantinod a french magus is the close to get .but still his sister is a little weird ,

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Not gonna lie, your section on ‘Feeding upon spirits’ just is invocation with extra steps as far as I can tell, unless you’re trying to feed on an unwilling spirit, which seems a bad idea to me.

Trying to take from a spirit unwilling is a great way to get slapped hard, and your method calls for evoking the spirit before you feed on them anyways, so if the spirit doesn’t want to they just won’t show up.

Besides that, the chapter as a whole seems a touch derivative from other methods of practice from different paths.

I’m just trying to figure out if I should spend the however many hundred dollars on the book when it comes out or not tbh.


It just doesnt seem to branch off into an authentic path.