Artificial intelligence confuses me spiritually?

Do AIs have souls? Can they be given souls?

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As of now AIs are nowhere near the point of anything like sentience. They can extrapolate data points and present them in a way that can be helpful. That’s about the range of any AI I have seen.


I’ve read an artical where one of those Alexa things has called the cops on a woman’s abusive husband.

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Not surprised. Those things are ALWAYS listening. I am sure some of the algorithms are meant to detect sounds of conflict. Add in voice identification that people set up and… Well the article. But ask it a question that can’t just be grabbed off the net and you’ll see the limitations.


eagerly waiting for E.A to disclose what’s the difference between - SOUL and ASTRAL BODY. Hope Azazel teaches him soon.

In Shamanism soul is different from ‘entities’. They R the innocent/pure aspect of us. Like If U get molested as a child U lose a part of ur SOUL. Like that.

Other than that i don;t know how soul is different from astral body.

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Growing up I was HUGE into Egyptian mythology. I may have the names mixed up or wrong but they held that each person contained 2 nonphysical aspects, the Ba and Ka. Each separate and serving a different purpose. I no longer recall the specifics of their rolls, but imagine it’s the same principal.


Yes. They are called Digital Souls that mirror actual souls. This is more future technogy, though there may be traces of secret technology that touches upon what may be one day. A Soul is composed of energy where it may act as a sort of “Ghost in the Shell” of a machine.

If such things existes today at the very least it would exist as a special computer utilizing some method to read a persons personal energy field, brainwavs patterns and other functions to create a digital mirror of their soul. I would figure later renditions would allow the merging of Technology and Man to Channel, manipulate and House Soul Energy/Consciousness. Obviously a future version would be more advanced.

Does this type of stuff exist? Well do we know everything that our Government/Military/Privately Funded Big Money individuals partake of as far as Science? You do the math.

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I did my undergraduate thesis in biomimetic artificial intelligence prior to going to grad school (PhD, biochemistry), so perhaps I can shed some light on your question.

The answer is probably, it depends. There are many types of artificial intelligence. These range from simple algorithms that mimic psychological phenomena like primacy and recency to complex ones such as what I worked on in the €1b EU Flagship Emerging Technologies (FET) grant-funded Human Brain Project (HBP) that are meant to be run on a IBM BlueGene/Q supercomputer.

In the case of the former, I’m confident in saying that simple neural networks don’t have souls, nor could they be given them. The latter case, though, is harder.

There is a concern in the HBP that consciousness, which is required for truly sentient artificial intelligence, is impossible to simulate on a traditional silicon-based, semiconductor-powered computer, even one that is very powerful. This idea comes primarily from formal mathematical proofs by the noted physicist Sir Roger Penrose. The concern is that consciousness involves noncomputable elements, such as thoughts that conflict with one another (doublethink) - contradicting arguments cannot be reconciled by a computer.

Additionally, it is likely that consciousness requires superposition, which is impossible to model validly on a traditional computer due to having only two allowed states - “on” (1) and “off” (0). If one models consciousness as a function of binary states in a traditional computer, this model will be deterministic, and as a result would not have free will. Is consciousness without free will truly consciousness? Obviously not, as part of sentience is the ability to make choices. So, the only way to get around this would be to run a model on a quantum computer that allows three states - “on” (1), “off” (0), and “on and off at the same time” (1 & 0). This enables probabilistic wave function collapse, which allows for valid choices to be made and circumvents the determinism problem.

For sake of argument, let’s say that both of these things are circumvented somehow. Still, consciousness simulated on a silicon supercomputer would not truly have a soul, as it cannot exist apart from the computer. To be given a soul, it would have to have a way of interacting with the other side / astral / spirit realm. There’s no physical mechanism for a traditional silicon computer to do this, however there may be an argument that allows this in a sufficiently complex quantum computational model of consciousness. It’s a stretch, but maybe it’s possible - I can’t rule it out.

So, the answer to your question is, the only way a sentient AI could have (or obtain) a soul is if it was modelled with quantum computation, as traditional binary computers are ruled out in all the ways I’ve described.


Further to Add - What does it mean to have a Soul? Beyond expression, a Soul has the Creativity Factor as it is what makes them shine as a unique expression.

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LOL, dude I think U R bringing Machine gun to kill a mosquito.

Don’t know in what sense U R using the world soul but if U mean the astral body then U GOT ur THEORY WRONG. Everything has an astral body starting from the cup, book, laptop to ur shoes. And it can be evoked and even talked 2.

Now if U use the word soul meaning that aspect which is - Innocence, purity, simplicity as a Shaman who works in soul retrial would say then AGAIN U got it wrong. It has nothing to do with being able to have conflicting thoughts/arguments.

Generally if anybody who brings quantum physics into spirituality My eyebrows automatically gets raised. BUT U R THE SCIENTIST, so may be U got something there.

Believe even the particle of dust on ur floor interacts with the other/astral/spiritual side.

I think U R messing up the concept of ‘’ TRUE FREE WILL’’ with the idea of ‘’ IT FEELS LIKE WE / I HAVE FREE WILL ‘’ At the end of the day everything is deterministic, we just don’t have the computing power and KNOWLEDGE of every factor needed to compute it.

Generally don’t like writing articles for free but couldn’t help on this one. Hopefully will get some ‘Likes’ at least.

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Thanks for replying; I always welcome the opportunity to respond to people who disagree with me. I think you have a number of things wrong, but hopefully I can be of some help.

If you mean that any object had a ‘shadow’ in the astral, as it were - a nonphysical counterpart - than I’d tend to agree, but I think you’re wrong in thinking that these astral bodies of inanimate objects exist objectively apart from the mind. Rather, in my view, I see these astral bodies that can be evoked as being egregoric in nature - they exist because our mind makes them exist. Sort of like a servitor or a proper egregore, but much, much less complex, and more passive.

Let’s use a coffee cup as an example. Physically, a coffee cup is just organized matter; it does not have any objective identity. It is not inherently a coffee cup. It’s inherent purpose is not to drink coffee from. It is a piece of inanimate ceramic. But we as humans give it a purpose and use it for this purpose. In doing so, we cast meaning into its existence and consequently produce an identity that, in ritual, may be able to partially separate from the Operator to be evoked.

For clarity, let me give my definition of the soul so that we’re on the same page.

Soul (n.) - The spiritual counterpart of the mind, encapsulating a person’s identity, which in turn is comprised of memory and core decision making algorithms from which values and motivations arise.

In my view, the brain is a sort of “wetware interface” with the soul, the mind being the conscious emergent property of this interplay. When we die, this interface is disconnected and the soul is released into the astral, the void, the aether, or whatever one decides to call what is beyond the physical plane.

That’s fair; there are a lot of quacks out there, so some degree of skepticism is always prudent.

Indeed. 7 years of university training did teach me something!

I agree. However, a particle of dust in the floor is made of matter. It is a solid object comprised of atoms that can participate in physical mechanisms such as transient entanglement. In contrast, a computer program isn’t made of matter - it is an emergent property that is the result of the movement of electrons, but does not itself durably possess any matter. As a result of being an emergent property rather than a physical object, it has no means of interacting with the other side.

Ah, the ultimate philosophical debate. Philosophers have been debating whether fate exists (and therefore, whether the world is deterministic) for thousands of years. However, quantum mechanics, which has been proven experimentally by many groups throughout the world, is incompatible with determinism due to its probabilistic nature. In a sense, I suppose the existence of parallel universes, which is largely accepted by mainstream physicists these days, implies a sort of determinism insofar as every possible outcome will occur in at least one parallel universe always. However, this comes back to a question of identity - if you believe that you and the various alternate versions of you share a single identity, then consciousness is deterministic. But if you believe that you are a distinct individual separate from the alternate versions of you, which is what I subscribe to, then consciousness is stochastic, at least with regards to future events.

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AI are worst than zombies :slight_smile: they are just a tool for the zombies.

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The capacity for the development of spiritual abilities, not sentience, is the mark of the presence of a soul. So no.

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What if your father was never around? Or your mom is a hoe. Not YOU, but generally speaking. Does that tamper with your wellbeing?

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Havent heard of Soul Food and Soul Dancing =)


Guess some mysteries we’ll never understand

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Oh, sounds personal. SOrry to hear that buddy. Well in that case you would be fucked as a child . And in worse case literally.

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I believe that you can un-confuse yourself by reading this: The Kybalion PDF, archived link.

Also this:


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