Art for Satan or other

I would like for us all, here, to share some of our art for our patrons or those whom we admire & or associate with & draw power & inspiration from.

Mine is Satan / Old Nick

(more in the Romantic & Primordial-Romantic & Enlightenment Era Satan) …

Yet the following is because I love cute stuff & who says Satanism can’t be cute? Who says you have to dress in black & work in monochrome & sepia & be morbid & “dark” & morose? Who says you can’t be light & cute?

The following will be altered by a professional tattoo artist (I just sort of threw this together half assed) & a place for it will be found on my persons.

So I give the first post here:

My Baphomet -


Better rendering of same image:

I call them,

"Billy Baphomet "

; an intersexed nonbinary cutie whom will be in two projects of mine.

They are a Coloring & Activities Book (for all ages) & a style of “adult-childrens” book series.



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This was made as a joke to poke fun at the traditional image of Satan.


Warning you about incoming spam likes, because I really like your chibi art style! Would like to suggest maybe making an art journal if you have time? That way, maybe you could also share a lot about what inspired you to draw, what you felt about this or that drawing, the interesting process you possibly have coming up with these cute artworks, etc. :slight_smile:

You might also find this thread interesting:

Lastly, I’m no Satanist but I can’t help but agree with this, as I believe there is no “one”/stereotypical way to be a practitioner. And well, I like and collect cute stuff myself lol:


The Lawyer lolz I love it

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Lol Thanks for the warning & advice.

I’ll look into that.

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Thank you for the suggestion … I will definitely take that into consideration. I definitely am the sort of person with ,usual, an abundance of time on my hands (on saying that) … and drawing & writing is a form of STIMing for me (anything to keep my hands busy & my mind engaged) with my ADHD & Asperger’s (hence the pastels as bright colors tend to cause some anxiety & discomfort for me).

I did find that interesting, thank you & I shared to that post.


I try to think of others out there as well as what I like & how it’s important to challenge & work to break certain stereotypes… & hopefully but that means help provide more space for persons like yourself to not feel so alone & excluded. Also because I like to rock the boat & provide content that you may not normally see.

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Thank you for taking the time in responding twice, as it seems you did think (and still thinking, maybe?) about the suggestions provided. I appreciate that.

Yay, will check that out after this. Also found it interesting that there’s currently a thread that may be related to your posts about not following the stereotypes lol. Anyway, I do look forward to you rocking the boat with your content… and maybe even your art journal if you do decide to go with it.

PS. IDK if you celebrate it, but Happy Holidays as well! :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the Holiday wishes … Merry Soltus to you.

I do & always will … I keep with the Pagan Holiday seasons (including Buddhist, having been a Buddhisg myself in the past for 8 years). I’ve studied various religions, their myths, texts, & hidtories surounding & involving them (in some) (including folk & ancient ones) sense I was 14 years Old. I’m always learning more & more & going back over ones I’ve already studied & love watching them evolve over time.

As a part of that I observe various ones, various ways, that I see fit… as well as secular traditions. You can even find me celebrating the Holidays with friends at their Church come Christmas.

I don’t believe in any of it … but that’s not important to me … it’s the meanings behind them, the traditions & parts I find relavent & useful. Spending time with loved ones. The various ceremonies (even Christian ones) don’t bother me (and I can turn off the critic in my head).

This year’s been a bust though… but it’s just time off.

Yhe only Holiday I don’t Celibrate is Thanksgiving & that’s because I don’t Celibrate the oppression betrayal & slaughter of my Ancestors & Indigenous Nayive Americans. Instead it’s a memoriam of all my Native Fotfather & Mothers whom were of this land.

But thank you.

And yes: I will do that art journal.

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Here’s a Soltus present for you … lol … a puppy


Oh, my. So cute! Saving it lol. Thank you very much for the surprise Christmas gift! :slight_smile:

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I like that one :grinning:

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Thank you … your Empress. As do I.

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Here is just one stage of what is now a final draft of a logo & design that I’m having placed on TShirts, Printed & then hopefully sold online.




I love this … awesome

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Here is the final design of my tshirt: I’m ordering one for myself come my birthday.