Omni/Grey-Sexual Panromanic Non-Binary

Autistic Witch

Demonolatrian (Patron Demon: Lucifer)

:art::camera:Visual, Literary & Ritual/Performance Artist​:black_nib::memo::

I hold Degrees in Science & Art (3D, Graphic, Literary, Mixed Media, Studio) & Creative Writing & Photography.

Some of my interest have been (and cycle & circle back around to)

Art, Science, History, Religion & Spitituality, Sociology, Phsycology, Literature, Architecture, Pop Culture Studies, Photography, and any other way I can gain a better understanding of the World & Universe I came from, live in, & am apart of, & as many creatures & people & subsequent cultures & forms of humanity which are, have been & will be.

I simply enjoy learning, but I usually pick one thing & will be hyper focused on that (Obsesively) until I reached a burnout point or where I can say: “okay, take a break & your notes, put a pin in it & focus on the rest of the picture … as to be able go take it all in & see & know it better when you step back finally & look at the bigger picture”.

I also have interested in:

Occult & Esotaric studies, histories, theories, & applications.

Grey Magic


Practicle Magics & Applications

Intuitive Work

Inner Alchemy

Energy Work


Sypathetic Magics

Extra & Hyper-Sensory Skills, Talents, Abilities & Awarnesses

Ritual Healing & Therapies & Practices

Cognative Behavioral Studies & Arts…





:pray: Ave Lucifer :brown_heart:

:metal: Hail Thyself :love_you_gesture: