Ars Goetia daemon of Vanity?

What daemon would one evoke if they wanted to become more vain?

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I’m not aware of this being a power of any of the Goetia.

I would try Narcissus, the greek spirit of vanity first.

Ipos, Ronove and Haagenti can all help with confidence, so you could try asking them to switch it to the opposite, lack of confidence in looks which underlies many peoples vanity.


I’m trying for simply Ars Goetia daemons. You’re a reputable source by the looks of it. I did some researching in the brief of me making this post;Astaroth - they say that is the daemon to call in terms of vanity, narcissism, pride. Is this correct? Side note(don’t be cross with me asking all these questions), Dantalion. He changes enemies thoughts. Could he change the summoners thoughts if willed to do so?

While there is no “demon of vanity” in the Goetia, Azazel is said to have first taught man the art of make-up and adornment, so he might be useful.


Useful. However, I found multiple sources claiming that Astaroth is the daemon of vanity, pride, narcissism and the such. Is it not so?

I’ve never heard of Astaroth referred to as a demon of vanity, but it could be. You won’t really know until you call him up and ask.

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I really need to ask you this: How can I protect myself during a evocation? Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram protect me from harm of daemons?

There are so many protection rituals and meditations floating around everywhere. You can use the search bar to find some or just go to google. The reason I’m recommending this instead of saying something like ‘I shove a bloodstone in my bra’ or ‘I do this really complicated ritual called _____ every morning for protection,’ is because it’s important to find one that you connect to. That’s what’s going to work for you.

You can even just imagine protective energy around your space and as long as you know what you’re doing, that will work too!


Help was given. However, what protection do you use when evoking daemons?

The only source found for Astaroth being a demon of vanity is Wikipedia and a few other websites copy/pasting from Wikipedia claiming Sebastien Michaelis’ The admirable history of the posession and conuersion of a penitent woman said Astaroth is a demon who tempts vanity and laziness, but I scoured the text and only found Astaroth attributed to laziness. These are what it says about Astaroth:

thou Asmo∣dee, thou art he who doest corrupt youth with thy loose speeches, and lascivious lookes: And thou Astaroth, thou art he who assaultest men with idlenesse, especially you that are Religious persons: and thou Carrean, thou hardnest mens hearts, and thinkest to gaine all before thee

Approch thou also Astaroth, who art the master of idlenesse.

And thou Astaroth, master of the slouthfull

Astaroth Prince of the Thrones, is alwaies desi∣rous to sit idle and bee at ease: hee tempteth men with idlenesse and slouth. Bartholomew the Apostle is his e∣nemy in heauen, who prayed to God, a hundred times a day, and a hundred times a night, kneeling in great humility vpon the earth. Hee did also vanquish that idole Astaroth.

It’d be helpful to know why you want a demon of vanity to be able to give better advice. Vanity has negative connotations, so is it to curse someone to be self-absorbed? Or do you want to become more attractive or confident? Or something else?

Azazel as pointed out before is the Watcher who gave humans the art of cosmetics. He would likely be your best bet for all variations of vanity, appearances, confidence, and arrogance. Otherwise, you might want to narrow it down with a purpose.

As for protection, it depends. You an use the traditional Goetic / Solomonic method, which commands the demons into the Triangle of Art, or you can put up your own wards. Personally I draw the seal of a demon I’m meeting for the first time and call four demons I’m familiar with as a “court” to oversee the work. Sometimes I call four archangels, depending on who it is and how aggressive other demon workers claim they are.

An easy one I’d suggest is draw the sigils of Uriel for North and Earth, Raphael for East and Air, Michael for South and Fire, and Gabriel for West and Water, pray to them for protection, and then draw the sigil of the demon to communicate with.

There’s lots of ways, especially ones that are less oppressive than angels or the Triangle of Art, but it depends on your preference.

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Would ‘The Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram’ be considered a form of protection/ward? People dance around the notion and suggest it is, but they never state such.

Banishing banishes things away from your space, not protect you from things you call into your space. It is specifically meant to banish negativity, chaotic influences, and other energies that will disrupt your ritual. So, no, it’s not a protection, it’s a banishment.


Thought as much. My motivations to wanting to summon a spirit of vanity is to curse someone AND to change something of myself. I know that vanity is a negative connotation;however, I’ve always been a person of low self esteem. Now I want to make up for any moment I was made inferior. Also, Narcissism. I want to be narcissistic. Yet another negative connotation, but I still seek it.


Azazel is likely your best bet for both attacking someone as well as improving yourself.

If you seek to be arrogant then be warned that it’ll just make people dislike you and showcase as a red flag that you have self-esteem issues rather than actually seem superior. I’d consider working on self-esteem more than becoming something that people will dislike. If you insist on it, though, you could also try invoking spirits of the dead associated with glamor and camp. Drag Queens and queer icons who use vanity and pompous attitudes as a form of theatre, shaping yourself into a caricature to seem both confident in yourself with enough haughty arrogance to seem approachable and fun rather than put-off and rude. Actors, actresses, especially Old Hollywood, gothic literature writers, and 19th century poets usually had that kind of attitude. Oscar Wilde comes to mind specifically.

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Also, Dantalion? I know that he change the thoughts of enemies;but, can he change the thoughts of the summoner if they will it?

You’d have to ask him, I haven’t worked with him personally. But he might be able to help if that is his power. I’d recommend Cain, however, he’s very good at helping change how you behave and treat yourself. And I’d still recommend Azazel for everything in general.

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Azazael? Don’t remember that name from the 72 daemons of the Ars Goetia. Is he a daemon;but, he’s just not apart of the ones listed in the 72?

Sorry, but I disagree. The LBRP also protects, as it draws a circle around the magician, establishing a boundary that none may cross without permission. That’s why is is done before and after a ritual in the Golden Dawn system.

You were already told he’s not in the Goetia.

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Briefly looking up the original, you’re right. It invokes the archangels as a protective barrier around the caster. I don’t use the method so I’ve almost always seen some edited version for banishing unwanted spirits by pagans w(e)ary of Christianity of rather than its intended original purpose. :+1:

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No worries. The LBRP is the golden standard of banishing rituals for a reason. It’s very effective,