Armageddon's Journey Back Home (Journal)

I decided to connect with Clauneck to make a deal for services with him.
I didn’t perform any evocation i just connected trough my soul bond to the abyss.

I have written on a piece of paper my requests and then took another piece of paper and i listened to the void for his requests. At first his requests were fairly easy to follow but since my requests were pretty big he ended up throwing the bomb bill.

He basically requested me to give him, when he fulfills his end of the deal, something personal to my darkness. Something that i put my love in creating within the astral plane. Which is nice for it not being physical but it still felt like a painful sacrifice.

One hour later and i still feel the emotional pain for this deal. I fully agreed to keep my end of the deal as long as he keeps his. So the deal was done, we both signed the contract and i feel like he started to work on it. In my pain and doubt that what i had requested may not actually become true i felt the presence of Mammon in my mind and room as i saw, with my mind’s eye, a green fire and smoke enveloping the room and surrounding me.

Then as i was focused on the sigil of Clauneck i intuitively felt to ask Mammon for help. He replied with an inner voice: I’m pleasantly impressed with your courage, dark one. I will help Clauneck keep the end of his deal and we will share in your payment. This is fairly odd because i used to think that demons don’t share and each one of them has his own demand.

Then as i was surfing the internet for distractions to help me cope with my emotional pain i stumbled across a picture and the sigil of Queen Beleth which i never felt the call of.

In that art drawing i heard her say: Due to your darkness and sacrifice, and the fact that you seem truly willing to keep your end of the agreement i will stand by your side to offer you my attention when you shall need it. Its almost as if i had this feedback energy from my demonic family encouraging me and kind of congratulating me for the fact that i passed a sort of test and initiation within their energy.

Edited: What are your thoughts on my experience? Any advice for my future pacts?


Progress on my pact with Clauneck! (Enhanced by Mammon’s Blessing)
The day after i signed the contract and sealed it with His sigil i started feeling filled with a great power!
For start my depression is gone, i feel more focused on the real world, my mind doesn’t drift pointlessly!

Second day after that: I feel more calculated. My mind feels as if it is sculpted into that of a businessman. I 'm starting to get blinks of market trading ideas and binary trading platforms!
Also i feel invincible! My confidence level has skyrocketed! HOLY SHIT, THIS IS AWESOME! :grin:

Everytime my mind tries to drift away i feel His presence igniting within my soul and i see Him with my minds eye by my side as if he is my personal development coach. Everytime i feel his presence nearby i suddenly become confident and powerful!
Everytime He shows himself in my mind i suddenly start feeling more alive. I have never in my life felt as alive as i feel now!

Details: I keep charging the sigil of Clauneck with a drop of my blood every day or two, i’m lightning incense next to a printed sigil. I bought him, a bottle of wine to put next to my sigil. So basically i built a basic altar to honor Him.

The sigil i’m charging is the one that i wrapped the contract in and where i added the sigil of Mammon. Since He also offered to assist, i am giving some of my blood to Him as well.
I placed the contract underneath a basic candle that i turn on every time i ignite the incense sticks.

By the new way i’m starting to think and by the energy that i get i think they are both appreciating my respect.

What other offerings should i give Clauneck and Mammon?

I’m thinking of printing some art drawings that represent them as i feel they would look like in all their might and put those drawings next to the main sigil.

Underneath the candle there is the wrapped up contract within the drawn sigil that i keep charging with my blood. Underneath that is a personal sigil i made in an experiment to enhance the connection to the demons and my demonic family in general. It seems to be working pretty well! Beginner’s luck right?:grin:

Post script: I also forgot to mention that every day i play the music i feel honors the demons, while the incense and the candles are lit. That also seems to boost the power becouse everytime i play that music on my speakers and meditate on the sigil i feel like waves of infernal fire and raw power punch me in the Swadhisthana chackra (or the power centre of the body).

By all the pure darkness of the void I AM SO GRATEFUL FOR YOU GUYS AND E.A. KOETTING!!! This is the first time in my life i actually feel like my life is picking up and i’m starting to head somewhere! A lot better than what Jesus and Yahweh ever did to me!


Is this supposed to be your journal? If so, i’m sorry for replying. I just want to ask, since i’m a newbie, it kinda confuse me to saw big sigil on picture u uploaded. Is that necessarily that big for evocation?
I am interested in Bune and Clauneck for financial support too and have planned to evoke them soon.
And, how come u can communicate with them so easily? Are you born like that? I mean… Are you capable to see spirit? Or talk with them? If so, i’d be jealous :sweat_smile:

Today i decidet to make a meditation with Clauneck!

Up until today everything seems to work unbelievably! Answer after answer after answer from Clauneck!! New opportunities to rebuild my family and life started to present themselves in a perfectly miraculous way!

As time passes i feel the pressence of Clauneck in my life and in my mind growing stronger and stronger. I keep hearing him say in my mind: "I’m not going to give up on you. The deals i make i respect to the end! Until i succeed and i get the payment."
Then i keep feeling as if my thoughts change day and night. I become stronger and stronger with a huge fiery confidence growing within me that of which i never sensed in this incarnation or since i first came on this world.

Seems like Brother Clauneck is helping me take back what Yahweh and Jesus took away.

Today i decided to open the bottle of wine i bought for Him and pour it into a wine glass that i left by His sigil and the contract. Then i decidet to offer Him some of my hair in a bond fortifying ritual i learned in the past before i fell into the abyss and returned home. Then i decided to give two drops of my blood into the wine that i offered Him. Soon after igniting the incense stick and playing the music to honor Him and my demonic family i immediately fell into a light trance.

In that i felt as if Clauneck took control of my will and made me fall to the ground in an awkward and painful position.

For the better part of an hour i just stood there on the floor completely paralyzed and allowed Him to possess me.

While i was paralyzed on the floor and my contorted body started to feel the pain of being in that same awkward position for too long but couldn’t muster the will to get up.
I was seeing, in my mind only, as Clauneck was circling me in a thoughtful attitude as if He was thinking what to do with me.

This was my second demonic possession but it was one where i felt as if my darkness was empowering me. I truly felt omnipotent during that possession! My fearful and doubtful brain was gone and the only thing left was me as my true form of Rak Armageddon even though i did not had the will to get up… This time i felt as if Clauneck was truly pleased with the fact that i’m still loyal to the void!

Edit: the next step is performing my first evocation as He insisted even now that i should learn this skill as a first step if i want to be able to learn how to soul travel.

Another Edit: @Scarletto Thanks for the idea :grin:! It wasn’t a journal until your reply… then i found this topic while surfing the forum… Hah… now it is a journal but everyone is free to reply and join what i write…


Oh, good for you then… :hugs: your journey seems interesting… I’m still not evoke any demon yet but i’m planning to evoke Lucifer first. And then i will evoke either Bune or Clauneck for my financial problem after ask Lucifer for advice.

Keep up your work. You rock!!!


@Scarletto I started my journey with Asmodeus and Lilith… I did not perform any evocation as of yet. Or i might have but did not see them in front of me… Anyway, evocations are not always necessary it seems.

And thanks for the compliment!:grin:


Really ??? :thinking: I thought evocation is a first step to build connection with them. I guess they still not notice me yet :sweat_smile: So i guess i’m the one who need to make a first move…

Yeah, you seems to know what you doing and it’s quite admirable…


@Scarletto My case is a very different one as i’m capable of remembering my past lives and had a birth given ability to easily connect to the spirit world. Even that gift did not came for free as i spent about 17 lives one after another as a sorcerer.
In this incarnation i’m only a beginner like you that has a few other skills since i was practicing white magic since i was 15.
I’m not an expert so you should not ask or follow my advice. Do what you feel is right and explore this awesome forum. You’ll find Magus that are a LOT more experienced than I…


Today i listened to the request of Clauneck. IT WORKED (Partially but good enough)

Today was one of those days when i was thinking that all of this is just my imagination. I was feeling hopeless and as if i’m just wasting my time.

All of the sudden i felt Clauneck again, in my mind, telling me: "Dude! For real? What pains you?"
Almost with a humorous attitude as if He was laughing at my state.

After i told Him my doubts he replied: “Have a read through the contract we made!” And indeed there was something of utmost importance for the beginning of my journey in life and towards godhood that i forgot to request.

So i asked Him if i could add this to the contract. He replies: “Fine you do what you must.”

Then I write the extra requests then i think that this will certainly increase the price of the service so i turn to Clauneck to ask Him what does He need in exchange for this and he replies almost pissed:
"You FOOL! i’m already helping you with this! If you only decided to listen more to my voice instead of that of your deranged brain then you would make my work a LOT easier and maybe you wouldn’t have fallen into your pointless sad moods!! This is from the house, shall i say."
And then he added: “Pay attention to my guidance and you will get what you have requested! And do a FUCKING EVOCATION ALREADY!!!”

That last part sent me spinning as if i was the worst coward in the void and all the demons were making fun of me.

So i decide to firmly prepare for my evocation of Clauneck and another demon that i started to work with immediately after the pact with Clauneck.

I meditated for the better part of two hours to calm my noisy brain and then i lit up the candle at my altar, lit up an incense stick and started to focus on Clauneck’s sigil while the fire of the candle was dancing and hypnotizing me.

In, what felt like a quarter of an hour, I felt as if i started to drift into the void. It was SO COOL!
All of the sudden the incense smoke started to direct itself towards my chest area. As it was touching my left arm i felt it like a solid energy that was caressing my arm!!! But things didn’t ended there.

I was feeling my brain trying so hard to pull the “I DID IT!” card and i was fighting it to keep surrendering to the evocation.

In the next minute i started to see the sigil of Clauneck flash heavily as if it was a lightning storm. Then the most awesome part! The incense smoke started to get filled with multicolored sparks of energy as if it was a stormy cloud - then the rest of my room started to get filled with blue, yellow and transparent sparks of energy.

At this point i couldn’t resist the brain and i pulled the THIS IS SO COOL! and the I DID IT! and IT IS ALL TRUE! and the WHOA! cards all at once thus delivering a fatality combo to my evocation state and completely rendering myself incapable of returning there. I wonder where i would have ended?:star_struck:

Then as i returned to my laptop to write this post i heard an intense buzz in my left ear as i slightly felt drawn to the spirit realm and felt as if Clauneck and the other demon (that i’m only going to reveal when i feel it is time unless she says otherwise) were appreciative at my attempts to call them forth and that they were almost there.

WHOA THIS IS REAL SHIT!!! -Feeling motivated-


Nice to read this journal

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Thanks. I write it so that other Magus and incarnated demons like me can join my adventure. Basically so that i don’t feel alone and crazy going down this path.

Edit: Also so that i may get advice in case someone seems like they have some…

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A minor setback…
Last night, Soon after i made my triple focus meditation which you can find all about that here:

I watched an episode of one of my favorite series where it was about a powerful demonic possession. I clearly got the message from King Bael that he wanted to posses me properly last night in order to transcend my dogma and fears.
At the time i went to sleep i started to feel terrified. I was starting to see all kinds of shapes and sparks of energy in the darkness of my bedroom. I felt the presence of Bael entering my cerebellum. I was totally terrified.

He was making me see all the things that i was most afraid of without giving me a break to breathe and assimilate the process of purification i was going trough.
Out of my stupidity and downright disgusting human fear i started praying to Jesus for protection. Soon after i did that i started regretting my choice. That made Bael furious and disappointed at my action. He did not say anything. But i continued with the disrespect and shut Him out of my head by completely ignoring Him.

He only made a gesture of “you’re a lost cause and not worth my time”.
But my stupidity of an ape continued and i quickly went to my laptop and erased any image with any gatekeeper since they were the most powerful and most terrifying demons.

I erased their sigils, changed the picture of my desktop and deleted them even from my recycle bin.
At this point the mighty Gatekeeper seemed totally disappointed at my actions and completely turned their back on me.
At the time i didn’t got the hint that i did the worst mistake on my path possible i was in ape survival mode and was happy that i got the peace necessary to sleep.

Now today: After i spoke with my demon companion Axa Oddra (Which you can also find about in the link above) and went to work i started to feel different… Weak again, with no confidence. I turned to Clauneck and he was no longer at my side.
After i returned home and spoke with Lucifer about Axa Oddra to get clarification, i have written the post about her and got on with my day. Now about an hour ago when i went to my altar in order to connect with Clauneck again He was pissed at my actions of last night and almost did not wanted to do anything with me anymore.

I only then realized how stupid i was and asked for forgiveness but he did not care. I became so mad at myself that i wanted to do anything to prove that i wanted to truly work with them and that i truly wanted to be set free from the prison in which F"""ING JESUS put me in. This prison in which nor the troll god nor the darkness wanted me because i was a coward.

So he replied: "Fine! You want to prove yourself to us then burn one of your fingers in the boiling wax of the candle you are using at my altar!"
Wen he said that the wax started to boil aggressively and splash all over the place with drops of ignited wax as if Clauneck was in the wax.
I was still afraid and every time i wanted to put my finger in the wax my ape survival instinct was making me pull it back out.
Eventually i got so pissed at the ape within me that i dipped it enough to feel the burn but the instinct in me got the better of me and i pulled it out without getting a real serious burn.
He turned towards me and said: "At least you tried, but this is not good enough!"
he wasn’t pleased enough but at least i did felt like he had forgiven me.

Then i wen’t to my laptop to check my work and other stuff but i had this rage that i was such a coward and a stupid ape that i just went berserk. I went to the altar and ignited a mach. Put my finger right in the flame until i burned it enough that i still feel the burn and it is blistering.
Doesn’t seem much but now at least i feel at peace and i felt as if Clauneck was appreciative of my truly trying to prove that i want out of this prison.

I don’t feel anything anymore but i have this vague feeling that He started to work with me again but he wants to see me do something better next time.

I learned my lesson. I think. You will have to fight your Ape survival instinct like a madman if you are to truly want to ascend. Don’t get me wrong. Not to the point you actually kill yourself cause that will defeat the purpose of your pacts and life in general. But when a Gatekeeper decides to honor your mortal ass with a free possession in order to clean you of your fears YOU SHOULD NOT SUCCUMB TO THOSE FEARS!
I hate being human so much now… Fu&"&*&g Christian fear!!!

I will not give up and i will do as much as i can to destroy my instincts put in place by the lovely Yahweh!:rage::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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Update on my situation:
It seems as if i’m back on friendly terms with my demonic family! I feel super connected to them! Even more so than before this incident! WHOA! I feel as if They are all blessing me at once. I don’t think i will sleep tonight!!!

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Interesting. Very cool


A small side note for my relationship with my beloved demonic family:
After my intense experience with demon Axa Oddra of last night which i have posted in this topic The Demon of Nadharkis - Axa Oddra / Ax Tenebrae Ornagga
(Just scroll down to where it says: “Updates on my visions of the past:”)

I decided to call forth Belial, Bael, Asmodeus, Cerberus, Lucifer, Axa Oddra, Mammon, Clauneck, Lilith and Azazel to make a unity pact where i expanded on the pact that i made with Clauneck and added them to the pact because i kept getting signs and feeling as if i was drawn to all of Them.
Here’s the thing my pact is ambitious to say the least. It doesn’t only involve money and a stable life but the help needed to reach my ultimate goal of building a gate to the world Nadharkis.

Because of this i kept getting visits from them telling me that Clauneck and Mammon alone are not powerful enough to get me the knowledge i need for this goal.

For some reason they kept offering to help me so i decided to make this pact.
The experience was strong to say the least.

I completely lost control over my human consciousness and became my true demonic self Rak Armageddon!
As i was looking at my reflection, my eyes turned completely black and my third eye area also became a big pitch black spot on my forehead almost as if it was made of pure darkness.
My skin was slowly becoming grey as i was being overwhelmed with the presence of all the demons i called. I think i might have reached the theta gamma sync properly for the first time!

I started to speak in demonic tongues with a very lowered pitch to my voice, my vocal chords were hurting at this point. I could not control myself as all of these mighty demons were just crashing in every single neuron my brain has.

To reduce the story, the pact was expanded and now i belong to all of them fully…
Belial, Bael, Asmodeus, Cerberus, Lucifer, Samael, Axa Oddra, Mammon, Clauneck, Lilith and Azazel are now my true brothers and power source… At least that’s what i feel.

The only thing after that is i was hesitant to watch pictures with my baby niece because i was strongly feeling the presence of Lilith in me and i did not want to make her a target so i decided to enter in trance again and confront Queen Lilith about Her reputation of killing babies.
Our conversation was long and complicated almost as if she did not wanted to talk about this but was actually pleased that i wanted to discover the truth about this.
To make the story short (again) After what seemed like hours of hanging out with Her i finaly discovered the truth.

It seems that the worm Yahweh wanted to imprison her in the Garden of Eden to be nothing more than a simple human wife of this Adam character. Basically a ploy of the worm to take control over the earth.
She told me that Adam and Eve were not the beginning of humanity but rather the first attempt of Yahweh to take control of this world. In failing to do so he proceeded, later on, to bringing the Great Flood.

Basically for Her rejecting the imprisonment of been forced in human form by Yahweh and renouncing her original form of Goddess Lilitu, the mighty Worm ordered his disgusting angels to hunt Her down and kill any offspring she has or any baby that she tries to protect from the “wrath of god”.

After she finally managed to tell me this i saw as if she broke free from a thick bubble of lies and dogma that were not allowing Her to speak Her side of the story.
After that i seemed to have kissed her and she was giving me a vibe of gratitude.
This story made me so angry at god that i felt as if my soul was cracking open and the Kraken Himself was coming out of me grasping for Zion and the throne of Yahweh in UTTER DISGUST AND FURY! I completely lost it! I felt that i was going to explode with anger and cursed god in all the tongues possible including some demonic tongues.

It is as if i allowed Lilith to possess me fully and express Her ancient frustration and anger towards this DISGUSTING FU^K OF A GOD!!!
But i digress. I only spent a few quadrillion years worshiping the thing… Including in my past incarnations on this world.
Beloved dark ones from this awesome forum. WATCH OUT FOR YAHWEH AND JESUS! If you could feel what i feel now you would stop at nothing but to erase this creature completely from all time and all space!!!


(Since no one seems to participate with ideas that much then - >)
Dear diary :stuck_out_tongue::
Today i managed to charge the sigil of Brother Clauneck without the need to use blood.
I took the drawn sigil and gazed at it for probably 10 minutes. I started to visualize the future of my life after the pact made with Him was completed and in the next 5 minutes i started to see the sigil moving across the paper ever so slightly. Just a bend here and a rotation there.
Then the edges of the drawing started to flash with lightning. Eventually my vision got filled with shapes of yellow and blue that were mostly transparent but were kinda enhancing the sigil up to the point that it seemed as if the sigil was floating on its own. Besides that i also saw a lot of sparks of energy popping out of everywhere.

After i felt like the sigil was properly charged (mind you, it seems as if it is 10 times as charged as it was when i used to give it a drop of blood…) I placed it on my altar of Clauneck, Mammon and Lucifer and offered it a glass of wine.

Now i feel better! I also seemed to have lost the ability to clearly see things at a distance for about a half hour. I was scared i am going to need glasses after this but i’m back to normal.

Don’t gaze at a sigil for too long kids :sweat_smile:

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So last night i had my first dream with one of my demonic family members.
Obviously was Clauneck. We were like partners in business and He was guiding me across various dimensions it seems. We were travelling the multiverse in search for different opportunities to start a massive business that seemed to span billions of realities.

We went trough some crazy ass universes that seemed to be taken straight out of a mushroom trip plus sci-fi movies.

But here’s the twist, Clauneck was a woman!? A blonde lady that was pretty hot and we ended up having sex?!?!?!? HUH??? Isn’t Brother Clauneck a masculine figure?

And can i please get some help understanding this? thx.:sweat_smile:

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Hi there. I want to do a offering to clauneck for my husband business and for betterment on the whole. Can u give me a guideline to how to structure things. As far as the alter is concerned. I want to do it tuesday. What kind of wine does he drink and must I put water for him.

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@Jewel_Hamilton The way i made the pact with Brother Clauneck which seems to be Sister Clauneck after last night’s dream :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
Is i have written some requests on a piece of paper then i entered in my trance state of mind to listen to the void for His/Her’s :no_mouth: requests. What i have offered Him is a valuable astral creation of mine that i put my love in making, the promise to use His sigil in my businesses, allowed Him to be part of my life and astral life, and in the end when my business becomes successful i accepted for Him to take 20% of the money my company would have produced. Of course my requests were greedy as shit so that’s why the huge bill.

But as for your requests i’m thinking that you try talking to Him yourself. It is more reassuring for you that what you did is true and leaves no room for doubt.

And to the wine part, the day i intended to buy Him a bottle of wine i went to the nearest store and to my surprise, just at the entrance of the store they were offering a promotion to a brand of wine i don’t remember now. Anyway Clauneck saw me wanting to offer Him wine so he rearranged reality so that i don’t really need to search for the wine. He doesn’t care for the type of wine. Just offer Him what you feel intuitively is the one He wants.
But the wine was also after i made the pact not before.

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Okay. U said wine not alcohol. Like vodka. What about ciroc is a flavored alcohol. Also what’s the best time to do this. Next thing should I hold the sigil in my hand and talk to him by asking him for something and giving him something in return.Then set up the alter , give him the offering on top of the on the sigil.