Arianna ~ my journal ~


The cannibal pharoh devours the others to obtain their heka …

The cannibal god devours the others. To become even stronger.

That’s why Belial told me he ate his enemies in battle.


So…you didn’t leave? Cool :star_struck:


No I’m sticking around I have much work to share


Guess Belials invisability shit really works


He’s got sneaky down to a science. I never notice him unless he wants me to, then he can’t be ignored.


Ain’t that the truth


I love this song


I respect your music taste


Thank you…

I like most all music it depends on my mood


Your music certainly suite your aura. Light, in terms of colour, but self assured to the point of almost being heavy.


What’s mine out of curiosity @Biffa_Bacon


Thank you :slight_smile:


I’m at a family party currently, and the party is catching up with me, so I’ll give you a second reading tomorrow ( once my senses are back in full functioning order )
The first thing I’m getting is a light feminism, essentially an emotional approach to the world around you. The Vulture suites you, it’s purple; fair but judging in nature. I sense an under layer, almost like a core. It differs slightly from the outer.
I won’t elaborate on the inner, as the outer is clearly what you choose to present to the world. I’d happily discuss the inner over pm though


Velotak left for personal reasons. Bottom line.

If you were all so tight with him, you’d know that. Hell I knew that …
And I know he’s not off in some “void” somewhere … he’s actually right here…and there again if you were all that “close” with him youd know that and you’d know exactly who he is…

The more you talk the more you prove you don’t know.

If velo wants to be found he will be. If not… then it’s not gonna happen. And I don’t give away a friends trust …so you can figure out who velotak is on your own.

Good luck :four_leaf_clover:


Agreed. Granted I dont know as much.




Lets get one thing straight

If i ever and i mean ever … find out who torments and murders children and claims its for Lucifer …i will hunt you down and i will have no mercy for you in this life or any other as a matter of fact you will never exist again.

This has been your PSA


Sometimes, I feel like Im being used. :confused:


What’s wrong