Arianna ~ my journal ~


A new journal for a new day.
sometime i write my journal through songs and videos. so if you dont care for that no hard feelings if you skip over my journal.

with a broken wing she learns to fly~
nothing to do with rhp or lhp only me


Thanks for making me a fighter:


your gonna hear me roar:




Dear Me,
I have discovered who I truly am. Now watch me, watch me shut this thang down!


deep in the dark you surrender your heart

try to resist my kiss.:kiss: but you know you cant fight it.



i might get that as a tattoo


oh i wish you would! :grinning: itd be badass


the butterfly has emerged ~


this one makes me think of @anon68160656


DaVinci Skull. : p


i miss him hanging out on here with us like he used too.


me too, me too. is all good tho wherever he is he’s in a better place


Chill, Arianna - there have only been NINE flags raised here in total since the software was upgraded, of which only one related to something that you had, in any event, asked to have removed. :wink:


i will try to … :innocent:


it appears Im getting more comfortable in my own skin…
i actually commanded Dra’Talon to do something. By rights of who I am and what my place is.
I feel good about it. Ive been happy all day.

Spiders are everywhere again. A good sign.


interesting. tell him i said hi.


Absolutely :grinning: