Arianna ~ my journal ~


Belial is gonna make my brain explode :joy:

Not sure how much more information it can hold.

But now we are looking at certain star … interesting indeed :star:


I hope you beautiful head doesn’t go all 'splody, baby girl. That would be…awkward :stuck_out_tongue:


Would I technically be a zombie then, Daddy? :woman_zombie:


You would be either a zombie or a lich, i would think, baby girl, though zombies don’t usually survive if their head goes all 'splody. :thinking:


What if it just turns to mush Daddy?


Then there wouldn’t be “mushroom” for thinking, baby girl :grinning:




Many apologies for the Dad joke :stuck_out_tongue:


I liked it :stuck_out_tongue:




Own it luv! :hugs: :heart:




Just got the news the toxicology report is back the driver was DUI

He burned to death in that truck.

How am even suppose to feel?


When you think you have to choose between how you feel and how you think you should feel i would go with the former. No need to feel a particular way. Or anything at all for that matter


Goodbye, balg


Well if you really going. We will miss you. Take care dear @arianna


Damn right. :crying_cat_face:

Hoping it’s not forever?




Same here @Lady_Eva :cry:


You left before I got to know you. Haven’t been around as much - hope that big day went well for you. Keep well.