Satan Enn

In my UPG, Satan is the dark side of Lucifer.
So my question is:
To align myself on dark side of Lucifer, I need to chant the Satan Enn or Lucifer Enn is enough?



Satan and Lucifer are two different entities.

Lucifer is the perfection of neutrality a being of light and darkness, demonic and godly, chaotic and order, terrifying and calming.

Satan is the adversary, wrath, hate, war, brimstone, fire, anger, etc.

Completely different this information is now coming out to the public more and more since the age of lucifer to me satan is a force of sin and evil, but lucifer is above good and evil.

You see from working with the goetic demons and understanding demonology and magick over a decade i understand that when mankind represses their pleasures and sins, they anger and hate it all goes somewhere i believe this is satan.

A adversary surely but to be honest i cannot work with him at all, i don’t even respect him as much as i do other beings, i believe in three possibilities with Satan one he was created from our repressed sinful devilish emotions.

Two he is a incarnation and mask of the God Apep, or Set. Lucifer is a emperor i have travelled the hell realms all of them the only one that i actually saw satan in was the circle of dante’s inferno which was created on the astral realm from the false belief in the JCI.

I have evoked them both and they both agree, they are separate beings not only separate but they don’t get on with eachother, when i question lucifer on satan he laughs.

Azazel even explained that satan is like the manifestation of our inner demons obviously this is metaphorical for our repressed selves.

I respect them both, but Lucifer is a emperor and has been many ancient gods.


Satan can be connected in all his aspects to Ahriman?

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See Ahriman ( Angra Mainyu ), isn’t like Satan, Ahura Mazda and Ahriman are two sides of one coin, plus Ahriman is eternal darkness, Satan has nothing to do with that, Ahriman is the antithesis of alchemical transformation from man to Div.

Satan is a being that tempts you into not caring he is the tempter the cobra, Ahriman is the King and Lord of Darkness eternal, his name his elements, his background, his powers, his role, everything about him nothing matches with Satan.

Except they are both adversary’s but aren’t every single LHP spirits, but i understand your confusion i started in satanism, most of us are pulled to him and he can help with rebellion, which can help for undoing JCI programming.



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No problem goodluck

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