Are Lucifer and Melek Taus technically the same being?

A few days ago, when I was about to fall asleep I had a very intense vision of a peacock, which (thanks to this forum) I was able to identify as Melek Taus. I work with Lucifer so it probably makes sense in general. But doesn’t make sense to me personally as I don’t quite understand the concept of multifacetedness on a big scale yet.

From my point of view, Lucifer and Melek Taus are pretty much the same. But are they, technically? Why do they have different sigils? And what’s even more confusing, I do understand that if I made an altar for Melek Taus it would greatly differ from the one I made for Lucifer.

My main question is: am I supposed to treat Melek Taus as an individual entity or just keep working with Lucifer, keeping in mind that he showed me another aspect of himself?



first off, theres absolutely no certainty tha Lucifer showed you a different aspect of himself as Melek, I personally dont know if they are the same, but reading on Melek, his description is similar to Archangel lore, now…in my experience and opinion, Lucifer is an ex Archangel, a Dark Seraphim, so i could see the connection

however, i just read this:
The Yazidi consider Tawûsê Melek an emanation of God and a good, benevolent angel and leader of the archangels, who was entrusted to take care of the world after he passed a test and created the cosmos from the Cosmic egg. Yazidis believe Tawûsê Melek is not a source of evil or wickedness. They consider him to be the leader of the archangels, not a fallen nor a disgraced angel, but an emanation of God himself.

which in my experience and opinion is not correct, as Lucifer WAS an Archangel, but hes not anymore ime and imo.

theres also this:

Alleged devil-worship[edit]

Since the late 16th century,[9] some Muslims have accused Yazidis of devil worship due to the similarity between the Quranic story of Iblis and the account of Tawûsê Melek’s refusal to bow to Adam. Whereas Muslims revile Iblis for refusing to submit to God and bow to Adam, believing that his defiance caused him to fall from God’s grace,[10] Yazidis revere Tawûsê Melek for loyalty towards God and believe that God’s command to Tawûsê Melek was a test to see who is truly devoted to God alone. This narrative led to many misinterpretations, also made by Western scholars, who interpreted the Yazidi faith through their own cultural influences.[11] Further accusations derived from narratives attributed to Melek Taus, which are actually foreign to Yazidism, probably introduced by either Muslims in the 9th century or Christian missionaries in the 20th century.[12] Accusations of devil worship fueled centuries of violent persecution, which have led Yazidi communities to concentrate in remote mountainous regions of northwestern Iraq.[9] The Yazidi taboo against the Arabic word Shaitan (الشیطان) and on words containing the consonants š (sh) and t/ṭ have been used to suggest a connection between this Tawûsê Melek and Iblis,[5] although no evidence exists to suggest Yazidis worship Tawûsê Melek as the same figure.[13] The “Yazidi Black Book”, written by Western Orientalists, directly identifies Melek Taus with Azazil or Azrail. However Yazidis identify Melek Taus with Jibrail (Gabriel). In one Arabic manuscript, the name “Jabrail” is used in secondary reading, instead of “Melek Taus”.[14] The title “peacock of paradise” was also applied to Gabriel among Islamic traditions.[15]

now, that is a muslim point of view that i personally am not sure how correct it is

to me, Lucifer is the Lord of Hell, the Ex Archangel, the Dark Seraphim, there are weaker and stronger beings than him

this thing with lumping him the same as shiva and loki and etc, to me is sometimes ridiculous, but i can see the supposed connections with Melek, however, i believe they are different, as Lucifer is the Lord of Hell, ex Archangel, while Melek is an Archangel still.

My advice to you is keep working with Lucifer using his famous sigil (the famous one) and enn, and dont conflate Melek with Luce, that would just be confusing imo.

Melek Taus is technically Lucifer, just a rebranded version of the same character. The Yazidi religion is not exempt from having outside religions influence their faith. The story is not 100% the same because their religion has its own twists and interpretations to it, mainly due to how their religion developed/where it takes root.


Lucifer as an entity did not even exist until two bible verses (mainly Isaiah 14:12) were greatly misinterpreted, and then ‘Paradise Lost’ and "Divine Comedy’ were published. Those two works of fictional art were so influential that it actually became canon, and the belief of a fallen angel named “Lucifer” came to life.


Melek is an Archangel, Lucifer is an ex Archangel, i can see why people would conflate the 2, but i still dont believe theyre the same, plus people have a habit of lumping lucifer in with so many beings its sometimes ridiculous

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well thats technically true, but Lucifer is a title, that is also held by the lord of hell, ex Archangel

I definitely understand what you mean. I definitely don’t believe Lucifer is Shiva and Lugh and Azazel and Pan and etc. However, it is rather obvious how the story of Lucifer has influenced the character that is Melek Taus, just as how it influenced the story of Iblis.

Also, “Lucifer” was never regarded as a title or even a name of a person/being. One thing I appreciate about the bible is that in all biblical translations (Hebrew, Greek, Aramaic), the words they use are all always lowercase; in complete opposition to when they would capitalize the name or title of an actual person/being. “Lucifer” has always been a descriptive term for Venus. It only became a name after his story was formed.


but theres the roman god Lucifer though

yes i can see the resemblance, but im not sure theyre the same

Yes, and that Roman god is his own being. He’s not a fallen angel nor a ruler of Hell. Definitely check out the story of the god Attar. It seems highly likely this his story is what the prophecy of Nebuchadnezzar II is alluding to.

i know lol

I think Asenath Mason’s pathworking through all the masks of Lucifer includes Melek Taus as one of them. Along with Prometheus and others. I could be remembering that wrong. Lucifer Awakening is the title I think.

As I see it, both of these and others are basically aspecting such similar energies, the names don’t matter as much as what you are trying to achieve. Go with whatever mask of whatever entities work best to get the results you want.



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I wouldnt trust “masks” pathworking, ive heard some ridiculous claim tbh

I wouldn’t trust advice from people that make assumptions without trying for themselves first.

I have worked that book, though not until the end and the results are just fine. Remember you get out what you put in.


thats fine, still doesnt make the whole masks thing true imo, as ive worked with many gods in my past, 1 was a god Kendall claimed is a mask, which in my opinion, is not…at all.

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That’s exactly what I’ve been thinking but I got confused by the different sigils they have. If someone wanted to evoke Melek Taus they probably wouldn’t be using Lucifer’s sigil and vice versa.

Thank you. I suppose I’ll do just that.

@StrengthenedWarrior thank you for your input too.


No, Melek Taus is linked to Azazel not Lucifer, if you research you’ll find more ties between them than Lucifer. However, I’m not going to say they’re the same but I find a lot of authors link Lucifer to literally everyone he doesn’t belong linked to.

The roman God name isn’t Lucifer, his title is Lucifer, light bearer, bringer of Dawn. Lucifer the fallen angel is his own being, however many do believe him to be that titan.


Asenath Mason isn’t the first person to make this connection between the two either. I understand how masks work but you have to be careful with what you read.

Some of the material out there is pretty ridiculous. LHP authors have a bad habit of using the concept of masks to say certain spirits are the same thing because they have some similarities between each other.

They hardly ever take into account that these spirits were venerated differently by the people who worshipped and adored them. Saying they’re the same thing as something else often removes the potency they once had. And this is especially true if the spirits are from different pantheons.

It’s no wonder why people have problems with parasites and imposters.:rofl::rofl::rofl: