Are hindu deities demons, angels or other entities?

I think it depends on which deity we’re talking about.

I’d say do research on what all of them could help you with, then pick one that you think would be the most beneficial. For specific methods on making petitions, evocation/invocations, etc. use the search function. There are tons of methods you can find there.

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do you have a practical and reliable ritual/technique to successfully call Raphael for protection?

pls dont tell me to search here because i had done that and was disappointed in the past…if you dont have, say it clearly. thank you,

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You know by now you’ll have to do it yourself or hire someone.
We’ve told you in numerous posts already how to handle this. If you won’t do it yourself please visit the For Hire section on this forum.

Then you did not search properly, it is here.

Also, spell begging is against our rules, you should also know this by now.


there are novice here. kindly behave yourself like a god/goddess that you are. thank you. dont reply pls. bad energy.

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Seriously, dude?

You have been jumping into multiple threads, asking for everyone to provide you with “step by step” instructions on how to evoke various entities. This is easily verified by glancing at your post history. It is painfully obvious to us that you have not put forth any real effort in searching this forum because long term members such as @anon48957109 and myself know that there are many threads that provide that exact information.

A simple search, if you had really bothered to do one, would have turned up:

Each of those threads details how each person evoked Raphael.

You don’t get to tell a Regular to “behave,” especially when they were not rude to you in any way. You just don’t like having your laziness pointed out to you. You seem to think we are here to give you whatever you demand, without having to do any work for yourself. If you are not going to follow the advice you have already been given, then stop asking people to waste their time.


god/goddess no need to say all of that. gracias! peace

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There is. :slight_smile:
This post has already been flagged for spell begging.
I’ll hand it to you, you started a bogus post to change the subject to what you normally do, spell beg. If you took this time and energy on bettering yourself you’d have this issue solved already.

Ya and they’re bettering themselves, becoming God’s unlike you lol.

Follow people’s advice and stop asking for free work from others, as I said before go to the For Hire and stop breaking forum rules.


no valuable input. Ain’t feeding your unsolicited negative ENERGY hence unneeded stay AWAY. thank you. god/goddess be at peace with yourself. abhorring to say the least.

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I understand your need, can you please make a Journal topic in this Category and share what you have tried so far, the methods you have used and what the results were?

This will help people understand better than posting or PM-ing to many people who may feel that their conversation is interrupted, please. :+


THANKS FOR THE EXUDED MATURITY AND EMPATHY. this god/goddess @anon48957109 i guess is of left hand path, kindly tell her that her negativity and vacuous unsolicited input isnt needed on my thread. thank you goddess lady eva. blessings

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Why call her out for just stating her opinion?

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God/goddess of light/dark,

how does civilly telling @anon48957109 who is discharging negativity rather than needed valuable inputs on a query thread translate to calling out a t rans woman? is this paranoia or something?..i mean just asking? turning a villain into a victim?
thank you sir.

She’s not discharging negativity. She’s telling you the truth. Now you take every opportunity to “call her out” because you couldn’t handle it.

All things are truly One Consciousness. The forms that these so-called “Hindu” deities take will vary from perspective to perspective: they, like you, are unrestricted in potential.
The bottom line: it will depend entirely on how you, from a given point of view, relate to them. If the POV changes, so will the entity. It takes some insight to see this but once you do, you’ll realise that you are the only presence in your universe.

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Sorry to get to you now but here is an advice:
to evoke, get a pendulum, a sigil of raphael and a candle. Hold the pendulum over the sigil of raphael and call upon raphael. Ask raphael to manifest throught the flame of the candle and ignite the candle
part 2:
You need to get some incense. And the setting thet you used previously when you evoked raphael. You then state your incantation and visualise the change. After this you light the incense. You can make your own incantations too.


I work with Lakshmi and i feel as if she is a celestial being…she once took me out of my body to the realm she resides and it felt heavenly


did you profusely grow financially after 10000s shreem chants?

No the witch has her powers which are human but an incorporate demonic entity that has no body but just an energy field can conquer anything within its range. Realizing that the witch should be mighty cautious on how they use or abuse there powers.

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if you have any idea what truth is, you wouldnt add ‘the’ to it to begin with.