Evocation of the Arch Angel Raphael

I have performed a ritual to evoke the arch-angel Raphael to perform healing.
I am unsure as to whether or not I have been successful in my evocation.
I used my tablet to display the sigil for Raphael.
I did seem to have problems staying in the Theta Gamma Sync which was probably the reason why the evocation failed IF it did fail.
At one point some of the lines of sigil disappeared and others faded and it appeared as if there was some distortion of the sigil. It didn’t flash or at least it didn’t flash as I had expected it to.
Once when I saw the sigil changing it appeared as if there was a light in the room – however only in my mind, it didn’t feel as if the light was physically there.
I did also feel a presence in the room during the evocation.
I used a single red candle (while in darkness).

The day after I tried evoking Raphael by gazing at a sigil on my tablet device.
At some point I felt a presence and there was what appeared to be a red light above me.
Like last time I feel the light was something there in my mind and not actually physically there.
I did this in my room during the day, I didn’t have the light on but I did have some natural light in the room.

Both times I evoked Raphael (if I was successful) I verbally told him what I needed.
And I also visualized it.

I wonder if people who have successfully evoked Raphael could share with me how they did it. And what they used (e.g. incense, candles etc.)

Am I right to assume the fact that I question whether the ritual to evoke Raphael was successful is very likely to prevent the desired outcome?

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Don’t be too hard on yourself and do not doubt. I think you successfully opened that sigil. The fact that it did not flash does not matter. Also, when you feel that presence, becalm in your heart and simply believe.
Your nervous doubts need not necessarily make the magic work, but sometimes, that can be a contributing factor.
Why would you complicate matter, when after having strongly wanted to do the work, you go back placing barriers in your path? The fact that you did do it means you believed it would happen, otherwise, you’d not have bothered. Now be still and let it happen.
For what you say here, I believe you have been quite successful. keep at it, and good luck.

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