Are demons using facebook?

These ladies claim that Lucifer, leviathan, Demons from the Goetia and and bunch of other demons are posting in their group. Anyone in contact with these demons wanna ask if its legit?




I think they are poisoning food, specially those you eat and taking away their nutritious qualities. The symptoms are clear as daylight.

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Wasn’t there a post some time ago that some group/page/whatever on facebook was claiming that was been taken over by Demons and the said Demons were posting there?

I can’t think anything better for Lucifer to do in his free time, I just hope he’s not a fan of duck face pics.


Wouldn’t have been surprised if Lucifer posted asking for money to liberate the masses.


“This child is sick, with every HAIL SATAN, facebook will donate 1$ for his medication”


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Caught the video. It appears that this group has a series of videos on Witchcraft, spells, castings etc. on youtube and a page on Facebook.

Demons can take over and control any electronic device including your phone or computer. It could be that a malevolent spirit has taken a dislike to there activities and decided to harass them as they have been hexed as someone wants to disrupt there activities or simply a way to attract publicity to increase there numbers.


I meet a guy who claim was in vacation on spain. And say he got into a library, and read a lot of occult books, full of books on languages, and he dnt have room so no buy anything. Wen he comeback it was no there, rumor was it disappeared in hours

While I wouldn’t put it past certain Spirit to play around on the internet, and it is indeed likely that, via possession, certain being are interacting with people via Facebook, why in the hell would you even ask this question?

To think that King Belial would be updating his Twitter feed is pretty insulting in my eyes, or to think that Lord Lucifer is actively keeping up with his posts on Facebook is flat-out demeaning to such a great being.

I could be wrong, some Spirits I can fully see keeping an active social media presence, but I’m having to look pretty hard and very deeply suspended disbelief.


It’s very likely someone is using seperate accounts which are named after those demons, so i wouldn’t fully buy it.
Still, there’s known Demonic influence in the Internet, and since Artificial Intelligence is developing i could absolutely see AI being in use of such accounts just as easily as a magician or dabbler.

The best way to compare of course, would be seeing the chat messages and evoking the Demon comparing notes.




i watch a few of their vids good info on some of the entities idk bout taking over face bok if they had a pageit would be easier to call them


again, i think it’s multi accounting done deliberately.




I think I am leaving this forum forever

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As to Facebook… trolls maybe in hordes.

Maybe not, but Facebook and Twitter certainly makes Dantalion’s job easier.

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Oh I remember this one. I couldn’t find the part where they said that so I’ll take it as read and I couldn’t watch it all the way through the first time either. I agree with some of it, not others, which is normal.

I do agree with @anon72564005 - if someone with an account is channeling a daemon, sure they could type messages on it’s behalf, otherwise, wrong tech. They should say so though and be upfront about it. If they made an account saying they were that entity and never acting as the vessel, that’s just not how it works and is dishonest.

That’s some next level manifestation there. Prove it and you’ll make millions. Me, I think you’ve been watching too many movies. In real life, this takes too much effort for too little payback - there are much better ways to manipulate people this gullible.


@Mulberry it’s not a manifestation or theory but fact. I haven’t made millions on this concept yet but I am working on it. :grinning: It is easily provable. Once you have ruled out the obvious what is left must be the answer.

As part of any baneful castings many deity’s attack what they feel will work easiest to include smart phones, computers and web pages. YouTube has literally hundreds of videos documenting this subject here are four links to prove my point:

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If Lucifer and his fellas would be posting somewhere, they would be posting here :slight_smile:


I agree Lucifer should post here!!!:grinning: