Are demons using facebook?


I’ve seen every video of there except one. They basically said it was demons postin on their group. No channeling but legit demons.


He does.^^

There’s quite some people channeling and working with him,




Oh Lucifer is most definitely here


Why do I get a lustful energy from this


I should have known :joy:

It surprises me that most people here don’t seem to feel Lucifers presence :thinking:

Lucifer is usually around. But masks very well maybe that’s why


Is he lustful or are you. Am I?


I think we all are :joy::smiling_imp:


Every one of those cases is a basic tech damage issue - .the Apple screen digititizers are extremely sensitive and sometime the screen are pushed down too tight. They should have the item replaced under manufacturers warranty.

I mean, you really didn’t wonder why the ‘haunted’ iphones don’t say anything then?. I’ll keep waiting on those Monkeys writing shakespeare before these come up with anything legit.


Yes, you should totally try this.


@Maulbeere Only two of the 4 vids are Apple ipads, i have seen dozens of other videos that are not Apple products that turn on and off on there own and start to write messsges on there own. None of the demonstrated vids show any defective or broken screens or software. Believe what you like, spirit attack or defective software from China, you and the viewers can decide. I have no clue how a phone or lap or computer could start writing on its own simply with a dirty or broken screen that makes no sence to me and is impossible. So i guess we agree to disagree.


I’ve seen damage occur to screens that caused exactly that. I’ve also seem dirty screen do that - screens that are rained ion do that.

I’d be interested in a video of a screen actually writing a message, that makes sense.

Until then, this is completely unconvincing.


The problem here is that all these electronics are in excellent condition with no damage. The events are filmed inside, the screens aren’t dirty and are not wet and haven’t been rained on. The screens arent damaged or cracked either. It is what it is.


How did this even start? In one of my groups a panic spread that a demon worshipping group was invading their group. Mind you these are down and dirty root workers and nothing is off limits. It was like a satanic panic wildfire because as we know, demons are evil etc. That was my cue to leave.


The group started as a Gallery of Magick focus group, I was in it for a bit. A lot of their members started working with demons and the mod team took the idea and ran with it. One of them started getting "possessed’ so the demons could talk to the group. It started getting super cultish fast. Mods ended up making a sure that sells demon sigil pendants, them the big thing became “don’t forget to buy so and so’s pendant before the next big ritual to call on them”. It got really weird.


Oh ok. I don’t know if it’s any relation to what happened in the group I was in but mine was a voudon/ hoodoo group and I was surprised at the reaction to “ demon worshippers” considering the open mindedness. It was odd to say the least.