Arddhu witchcraft

Does anybody have any knowledge of the continuing existence of a British group of witches called Arddhu? It was running from the late nineties until 2013 when it ceased to have an online presence. it claimed to be a representative of the dark orders; family lines of village witches in southern England.

If you’re out there Arddhu, I’m looking for you. The Dark Blood of the unploughed land must continue…


I Googled it for you.

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Thanks DragonPhoenix, I’m familiar with all the online material on them. What I’m really after is people who either have some personal experience of this group, in contact with this group (if it’s still continuing) or who are actual members.

OK. Have you asked Lady_Eva?

I have to say that the thought didn’t occur to me; but it’s a good idea! I’ll pm her.


I hope you find what you are looking for. :+1:

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A frightening prospect! :joy:


To me it just another piece of the puzzle that is Magick.

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Whatever you Seek will Seek You.

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Welcome @Ouroboros. Please take a moment to post an introduction in our New Magician and Introductions area and tell us a bit about yourself and any magical experience you may have. It is a rule of this forum.

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I may be able to help on this.Though I am not a member of the Arddhu group,I was recently in contact with one of their members who,on another forum,responded to my own question as to the continued existence of Arddhu,with a PM.
I was given details(after a lengthy inquiry into my reasons for asking):hushed:that left me in no doubt they are in fact still active.
Due to the nature of this group I am reluctant to elaborate except to say(if its at all safe to do so!)that the group is run by a woman(apparently traditional)and are based in Warwickshire England.There is a pdf on the web somewhere that gives their full history(not the erroneous ‘Arddhu Story’).From that you can glean lots of info into their old witchcraft practises and beliefs.
Hope this helps.


Thanks @Witchborn :slight_smile:

Are you going to join us full time as a member? :heart_eyes_cat:

I see you’ve not been that active but hope you will, regular engagement is not required, just drop in and chill wheh you wish to, there are all kinds of people on this forum and I’m sure you’ll fit in. :smiley:

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Hi Lady Eva
Hope to get here as much as possible.Seems a good place to chat!


Excellent, look forward to seeing you round. :+1:

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Many thanks for this Witchborn. Yes, I have the pdf. It is somewhat synchronous that you should reply now. I am at this very moment on my way down to London to meet a contact who also has links to this group.

How intriguing.Interesting to hear of any updates.on this group.

Hello Warlock,

Did you ever find out about Arddhu? I have been searching for them for years.

Hello Witchborn,

May I ask what forum this was? I have been searching for Arddhu for years, and would really appreicate any help.

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Through my contacts down in London, I have managed to gain more information. I am not at liberty to say anything more. There is a strong sense that this group is much more secretive than it was when it had an active online presence and does not wish to be contacted. However, I can direct you to some very useful websites. (the pdf file on this site is especially useful).