New member introduction


In keeping with the protocols of the forum I present a brief description of my work and reason for being here; I’m a student/apprentice of an Old Craft Witchcraft family lineage, not traditional witchcraft or Wicca. I am also a Obeah man (indigenous Witch Doctor) and run a private school in the Caribbean (The Ouroboros Society).

Respecting the choices of all here and your views I’ll contribute this much, 98% of what is published and placed online is filled with blinders and chalantry. The interest in groups like Arddhu will remain closed to many, WHATEVER YOU SEEK, WILL SEEK YOU.

Learn to ask the questions that the flock/sheeple aren’t asking, learn to see or try too the traps laid before you by the insidious for your money feeding upon your ignorance. Remember always that [Power Shared is Power Lost].

-The Higher the Fewer-


I’ll be going to Jamaica soon and have been doing some studying on Caribbean spiritual practices. Obeah came up in my research and would like to meet up with some practitioners to discuss their take on it while down there. Are you located there?

Do you know Arddhu?