Arabic and Sufi Magic Pt1: Jinns, Shams Al Maarif, and working with Jinn King Shahurash

Thanks to @Exil for helping me with research, we both made this thread together as we are quite experienced in Sufi matters and believe this knowledge will be beneficial to the entire forum.
Because as far as I know, there is no thread on this powerful jinn king, and little jinn content in general.

This post will contain some information about jinns, shams al maarif information, and finally instructions to work with a great jinn king.

To begin, I’ll give you a basic rundown about jinns and why working with them is a good idea:
Jinns are creatures that are said to be made of a smokeless flame, there are many tribes which have different superiorities over us, some are bigger and stronger, some are faster, and so on.
One thing they have in common, however, is that they have the ability to manipulate energy and matter.
To put it simply, they can convert them back and forth.
This means you could, for example, provide them water which they could turn into gold (There is even a spell for this in shams al maarif).

One important thing to note is that this would probably not happen for a novice magician, you would need quite a bit of experience and a good relationship with the jinn.
And furthermore, once you are able to do such a thing, you would obviously do your best not to publicize it due to the obvious issues that would come with it.
However I can agree that the spell in shams al maarif is legit as is the entire book, some arabian family claims that it’s what the elite in dubai use, however this is just folklore and unconfirmed to be true or false.

Besides that, jinns are everywhere. There is likely multiple in your house currently, though they are nothing to be scared of. Unless harmed or invoked for a ritual, our worlds do not cross over much.
There are many types of jinns too; religious, athiest, even occultist. Much like humans, they lead normal lives and follow different beliefs and have different sects.

Now back to topic of shams al maarif, also known as the sun of knowledge.
If you are arabic, or taken an interest in arabic magic you’d definitely be aware of this book.
There are many versions afloat the internet, however most if not all translations are heavily inaccurate and therefore invalidate the work. Many also suppress the “good parts”.
The book is a grimoire about esoteric spirituality by a famous Sufi.
It includes things such as magic squares, sacred geometry, Abjad (arabic gematria), invocations, astrological knowledge, and a lot more.
The book has a reputation for being haunted and there is many stories about it involving brutal scenarios.
However, I see it as pointless to tell you what happens to people who don’t educate themselves on rituals and read for fun, and I know everyone on this forum has common sense and this mainly consists of experienced occultists.
I plan to post more information about jinns and shams al maarif soon, and do not want to prolong this thread too much, so I’ll continue.

Now onto the jinn king, King Shamhurash also known as Samhures and Shamhurish. He is ruled by Jupiter and linked to the angel Sarfya’il who is also ruled by Jupiter.
Unfortunately, I can’t provide much information on the angel. However that isn’t the focus of the thread anyway.

You are probably wondering, what can Shamhurash do for me?
To put it simply: Protection, justice, Abundance, and he can create deals with jinns who do whatever else you want.
Shamhurish is one of the best jinns to work with, due to his love for humans and justice.
He is also merciful to those who work with him badly, and will allow you the chance to make amends.
He is described as a powerful king with a massive palace, however he visits humans often due to his interest in us. He is a firm believer in justice and fairness.

As such he can provide justice applicable to your situation, however much is considered “fair”.
He is also a great protector, infact many Arabs say that if one of your ancestors enters a protection pact with him, he would protect the entire bloodline until it finishes.
When you saw that he is ruled by Jupiter, I’m sure you some of you already assumed he would be related to abundance, and you would have assumed correctly. Ask not for a specific amount, rather explain your financial situation to him and ask for a resolution.
Finally, he has a vast network of jinns similar to how demons have vast legions. His network is so large that a command would be passed down the ranks many times, but his command would be done very quickly too.

He is always ready to hear your call and offer, ask respectfully and you will be given what you desire with the same respect.

I am unaware of any sigil, as many Arab mages do not use these. However his invocation rite from shams al maarif can be found below:


Repeat this as many times as it feels right to do so.

Some notes whilst working with him:
Offer food, but do not offer water or liquid (from my knowledge, jinns dislike being offered water)
Treat him respectfully
Many arab mages will do a long fast before invocation. I would say a long fast is not necessary and is rather symbolic instead, so as such do something great to show your devotion to him whilst invoking.

Finally, be sure to comment your experiences or additional info if you have any. And make sure to let me know if you found this info useful and would like to see further posts like this.


Is there any “Sanad” or lineage to invoke first before using this system?

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I’m interested :slight_smile: I am currently working with an academic translation from parts of the book - from 1930 :smiling_face_with_tear: I will watch this thread with interest (esp. if something about the application of the seven seals comes up, ha)

@Exil if my memory serves me right you’re from Germany? I am currently working with this copy to understand certain basics about the Shams al Ma’arif (arabic is not my native tongue, I can find my way around a grocery store but not in an occult-ish tome).

Do you have any input about the copy, because


Yes i am from Germany and that book your reading is it really about the shams al mareif? If so you might have solved a big problem of mine😂


It makes heavy use of al-Bunis Grimoire. Its focus lies on al-Bunis Gadwal and the explanation of the seven seals. It has a small section about jinn kings and how to call on them according to Dr. Winklers translation. Its written from a very scholarly point of view, though. So I am not sure if it really solves your problem but I will send you a link via PM if you wish :slight_smile:

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Could you send me the link as well please? A huge issue that I have with the whole jinn thing it that most of the beings that are labelled as “jinn” are called spirit intelligences in Kabbalah and often times share the same name.

My question is how can we distinguish that they are different beings if even jinn magicians like Nineveh shadrach call those intelligences “jinn”? @Exil


Yes please !

No need, however you can invoke his daughter for help with boosting magic skills and powers, I’m unsure of much info on her or a name currently though.


If it contains information about the seals, etc it should be legitimate at least for that part.
Does it contain the information about abjad, squares, etc?
From what I can gather it is a modified version but hopefully, it would still be effective and good enough to work with.
I do have an arabic version saved somewhere for comparison possibly, however I’m only able to read and speak arabic without actually understanding it.

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I have purchased an arabic copy; it came with translations in turkish and urdu but I don’t know how legit they are, tbh. I have also a shortened version of the manuscript with spanish translations and explanations (not complete). If you need comparision texts in turkish or urdu let me know. (the turkish translation looks rather similar to the german publication I am currently reading)

Yes. The abjads are only briefly summarized, I think that the author presumed that his readers are familiar with the writing system.

According to my sources (which are sparse, at best) Shamhuris/Samhuris died at some point and left a child which now rules as a judge over the Jinns in his stead (the book that mentions this is “Aberglaube und Volksmedizin im Lande der Bibel” from 1914, the author is Tawfiq Canaan). Other sources claim that he didn’t die but retreated into “the mountains” (it always makes me think about Mount Qaf for whatever reason). In some parts of Morroco he is intertwined with the local folklore about being the source of all rivers and streams (he probably merged with some older pagan deity). So maybe there is a connection to making stuff fertile as well :thinking:


I do have a turkish copy however I’d be interested in hearing more about the german copy, I guess Exil can update me once he finishes it. I’ll be sure to let you know if I’m interested in those.

Since it has Abjads, though briefly summarized, I would say it’s legit but missing some basic information. However, it should still be usable then so that’s quite good.

I did also hear the rumor that he died, however let his son take the throne and his daughter who teaches occult knowledge. Though, quite a few I’ve asked say that it’s an Algerian myth. As he is still invokable, I would say that he most likely retreted as you said. Quite a few people I spoke with mentioned that some mages work with him to this day (he can be hard to invoke if devotion isn’t shown, as mentioned in the fasting part, so I understand why people may believe he’s died).

I’ve also heard stories about many jinn relating to a mount qaf though never bothered to learn more nor do I know its location, I definitely will look into it further.
And yeah many people do call upon him when having trouble giving birth, to have children. So you’re completely correct about his ability to make things fertile.
He also does have a daughter who can teach occult knowledge, unfortunately I know very little about her.


Great info , I really want to work with the Jinns but being from Muslim culture I’m so scared , we hear many horror stories growing up :disappointed: apparently the book is available in English on Amazon (not sure how well it’s translated) with some horror warnings in the feedback aswell :confounded:


The English translated version hasn’t got any of the good info, also only the first 13 chapters.
I’m still a practicing Sufi muslim and I think it’s completely fine working with them (Many times someone is possessed is because a human has accidentally killed a jinn from the posseser’s family, they don’t usually possess for no reason), treat them with respect as you would treat any other being.
Shamhurish specifically is quite fond of humans so he’d be the best to start with.

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Why do you say it is symbolic instead?

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It’s a sign of devotion to show the lengths you go to for the being, many Arabic books have something similar with large sacrifices or rituals to show the devotion you have.

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But traditionally it is a way to let the body become more spiritualized, becoming less bound by the material, and better able to recieve spiritual knowledge and perform great works of magick. This fasting is usually gradual in intensity, however.

I definitely agree it is not necessary, but personally I wouldn’t say it is symbolic in that sense, even though certainly it can be used as a way to show devotion.

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Repeat as much as we can

Just to make sure this is how we invoke the King Shamhurits, right?



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I born as a muslim and have little understanding of middle east magick. In my country its often called Al Hikmah and have a hardcore roots of master who practice it. They called it, Sanad.

Before do the working some praise incantation recite to this master, as they are the one who mastered the spell before us.

I dont approch this kind of teaching cuz it lead to monopolize the system by their own group. IMHO.

I will try this next thursday for abundance and protection

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I understand very little about this, but I’m definitely following this thread. Great work bro :metal:t4: