Aphantasia cure help?

I have aphantasia, this means I think completely in words only, I can’t imagine or visualize using any of the 5 senses such as sight, sound, taste, touch or smell. One of my biggest desires in life is to be able to have hyperphantasia which means someone who can visualize extremely vividly to where it feels like what they are visualizing is real even. They can rotate images in there mind and solve hard puzzles this way. Anyway how do I get this ability? Also I want to stop thinking in words and think mainly in senses like images and sounds and smells and such…

Thanks for any advice you give.


I would reccommend Raphael, but he can be iffy as a motherfucker sometimes with his healing abilities.

Get the sigils for…

Marbas (Healing your Minds Eye)

Satan (All kinds of Excess. Will hyper accelerate your minds eye)

Belial (Excess once again)

Open them and put forth your request.
Then begin practicing vizualizing after giving it some time.

This is one of the many things you can do for this.


For Chaning Modes of Thought and Creativity

Get the Sigils of:

King Paimon (Influences Thoughts and Behaviors both mental and otherwise. Can change how you process information)
State your request
Its the same for any mind control entity.

Any Demon that rules the functioning of the Brain and Neuroplasticity would be good :thinking:

Ill come back and load you up with more info later :metal:


uphir can do too

@Micah a1 post dude

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I won’t do anything with demons

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Sorry bruuuuuuuuuu
Cant help ya

Your choice, but…whatever, nevermind.

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If demons aren’t your thing, then here are angelic versions of what the always helpful @Micah posted:

Acheron, the Angel of Influence, from Kingdoms of Flame - can do all that King Paimon can do except teach the arts and sciences. Manipulating the mind is his wheelhouse.

The Archangel Raphael, or the Angel Rantka from Kingdoms of Flames. Both are excellent healers if Marbas isn’t to your liking.

Instead of Satan, try the archangel Raziel. He doesn’t represent “excess” but Ascent and can give guidance on what to do to improve yourself and become closer to your innate godliness.

Paltator, the Angel of Vison, also from Kingdoms of Flame, who can help open your Greater Sight in the way best suited to you.

Then follow @Micah 's instructions.


He said to get the sigils? What does that mean? What do I do with the sigils after I get them? Do I draw it or something or just look at it? Also I heard sigils only work if you believe it will and I don’t know if I have strong enough belief

All magick works this way so first step is to back up and work on your sharpening your will like a arrow head, and building trust in yourself and magick so you have evidence for your subconscious to fall back on. This is a tricky case since you cannot visualise the way most people can. Let me think about this for a minute and get back to you.

First thing that pops to mind is using words of affirmation. Start building your magickal evidence by saying some words or a phrase that you want to come true. Say it in the present tense like “I am happy and trust my will. Everything works out for my best interest”
When I was very depressed and at the end of a 2 year long curse I used to say “I am lucky and deserve good things” because I truly deep down thought I was unlucky and that I must deserve it, hence perpetuating terrible things happening constantly.
You could do some practices like this until you see evidence of it working and then move on to bigger things.

Also meditate, meditate, meditate. Meditating on words could be a good idea too.
Remember, you cannot run before you walk. building a solid foundation is essential.

I cannot even comprehend what it must be like to not be able to visualise other than words, especially as a magician. I kind of think that instead of changing how your mind works you could almost use this as a sort of super power. Your other senses cause no distraction. You can use the power of words to exact your will. Could be quite incredible.

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I’ve done affirmations for 7 years. I’ve actually studied and tried almost everything out there for 7 years(hypnosis, faster eft, eft, nlp, night audio programs, subliminals, yoga, meditation, detaching, astral travel, lucid dreaming, reality shifting, dimensional jumping, magick, white magick, Black magick. Law of attraction, neville Goddard, affirmations, affomations, changing diet, paying for spells for magicians, paying for one on one sessions with hypnotists, sessions with law of attraction coaches.)

Literally absolutely nothing works! That’s why it’s getting so annoying and frustrating like I feel like either I’m gonna be 89 years old when I finally get the stuff I want or even worse I’ll die of old age before I ever get the chance.

I’ve even tried just taking a break for a few months and not doing anything. I’ve tried smoking week. I’ve tried just going on with the day not thinking about any of it and just thinking about what I’m doing right now…but nothing changes

I even paid a guy recently again who does magick and he said he could help me but he didn’t…he said somethings blocking me and he can’t help.

Aside from affirmations what do you mean by power of words?

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Oh wow, I’m sorry to hear you have had such a struggle with this.

By the power of words I mean that actual words/sounds/vibrations have power. Like neural pathways, or divots on an ancient road, these vibrations have some sacred links to power.
Let me link examples:

The one of I was really looking for was by @Lady_Eva but I can’t find it anywhere! (@Lady_Eva do you know the one I am referring to? It was one of yours about vibrating sacred sounds… I think JHVH hijacked them, something to that extent, and I think I’ve asked you to post it before. going to bookmark it for sure this time!!)

Also, OP, just based on my search in the search tool for “Words” I came up with a lot of great posts by people. I think you could go down a rabbit hole :wink:

Was this the one you were looking for?

Dann that sucks my visualization is great enough to the point of it being lucid dreaming and even astral spirit travel don’t know if this helps but try meditation…

my visualization or imagination gets so real intense to the point where I think reality is a false projection… don’t know about op grass isn’t always greener on the other side…

I had a weird ass dream recently and i have no clue if it was like a real thing or my imagination but damn i’m shook as well

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hell I’ve had weird vivid color and even HD lucid dreams that are either just fucked or weird… swear I actually astral projected into this bizzaro fantasy realm I could tell the dream but idk it was weird

No, that wasn’t the one but it still relates. I tried it once on the day I created my first servitor and I enjoyed it. Seems like something that is more useful the more second nature it becomes, to just makes the sounds needed from memory and not have to read a page. I guess that’s how most things are though.

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I could post a dream thread so I don’t ruin side track ops thread