I have a friend who is interested in learning magic, but he said he has aphantasia. That means he can’t visualize images in his head.
I usually teach people to control energy and make psi-balls which both require a lot of focus in pictures in your head.
Does anyone have any experience with aphantasia and magic or have any advice for him?

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You find me at a loss of words friend. The only thing I can do is bump this at the top , so it gets more views and hopefully attracts members that can help.

I’ll leave these here , maybe they can help.

I’ll also mention @Lady_Eva .


I have it. Your friend has to learn to feel what she cannot see.

After images and all of those exercises still haven’t opened my minds eye- I actually stopped those exercises after a year of daily attempts and failing . I always figure at least when I see something clearly not physical I know I saw it.

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A.O. Spare’s sigils use letters, and are held in front of you then completely forgotten about, he should be a natural for that because he won’t keep “seeing” the sigil. The “gnostic state” part is an embodied state, felt in the moment, and not visualsied outside the body, or in a different time or space, as well.

Same with the mantric method, which is just letters, then you create a mantra, then chant it, no visualisation as such required.


Yes I experience this also. Your friend needs to learn how to use tactile sensing and meditate with their eyes open. I personally have this problem also but became very skilled at energetic doing this. Robert Bruce has great work on tactile sensing .