Anyone working with Abaddon's initial name Muriel?

Hey guys, did anyone in the forum work with Abaddon’s initial name Muriel? As usual in magick the magickal names evolve during time so Muriel might give very important informations ??? Anyone sharing experiences they had?

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Abaddon - Wikipedia . Muriel (angel) - Wikipedia . Abaddon - RationalWiki . This might help

About: Muriel (angel) . and maybe this

Did you notice this…? Just type “Muriel” in the search…


To be fair, I didn’t have any idea Abaddon was related to Muriel till you tagged me here :rofl::rofl:.

I think someone was asking about female entities in that thread (not sure now) and it not always matching what you expect and that is my biggest experiences with it.

I don’t get very feminine energy from Abaddon, but that doesn’t mean he won’t take a females form if it’s there and easy when I am in a dream.

Later when I dreamed of Muriel it was boyish/femalish energy not quite the same as Abaddon in a dress. But boy does that actually explain some stuff lol.

I was always trying to figure out how real entities, with real names and reputations knew who I was, why did they come to me? So maybe it makes sense, she came cuz I was working with him. Got it.

I had been asking Abaddon for complete and total removal of an abusive person. He came to my dreams as a woman, we discussed and life goes on.

But shortly after I made the move across the country that led to getting results, I dreamed about Muriel.

She was in my room but telling me I could contact her via pm in a game played, the spelling of her name was pretty clear and idk. There wasn’t a player with the name irl- I did happen check lol.

At that point in time my senses were not real good still, so I don’t think I utilized the contact as well as I coulda.

But wow. Didn’t know or realize the two spirits were associated. :rofl:. You know I take this as confirmation that yes I was onto something even during my newbie repeat days, right…:rofl:

I’m joking because I already can’t not see that instance in life as magically influenced so more proof is not needed! Funny though.

I don’t know how I feel about the two being one. I would claim very distinct energy differences, it’s been about three and half years and remember both dreams vividly still.

That doesn’t mean much, I can take on some energy qualities that I don’t at all feel and things like that, but I haven’t looked at it all, asked or anything so idk.

Could be the same entity? Sure I called on Abaddon. and what I really needed after the initial destruction might have been Muriel. I remember crying and lots of research so idk. :woman_shrugging:

Definitely work together if they aren’t the same entity, that I can say and feel fairly confident in its truth.


Wonderful input!!! Totally awesome :star_struck: :star_struck:

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