Anyone spoke with Jesus

Is he anything different than in the Bible and the way his followers use him?

Have you tried a search? I know there is a thread about a member’s evocation of Jesus:

Vassago may explain you a few things on the subject that you may take for your practice or not

My mother does in her own way. It’s the usual biblical way and his responses are how you would imagine Jesus would respond or encourage one to act. She called on him to stop my spell casting even🤣 much like what we do, it takes time and effort to really get in touch with god for a lot of people. The ones who do usually connect with him through the scriptures, or emotions Etc. and it’s always going to lead you farrrrrr away from stuff like this lol


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Yeah that’s why lucifer told me to stop “studying” the Bible so much


No, but Yehoshua is his name and yes it is different than the Bible, I know this from others that have worked with him

I’ve been watching the third season of Black Jesus on Hulu. That shit’s funny, but they made the Jesus character even more of an ass hole than in season one. lol

Love to see Odin show up.

Thanks for sharing. lots of great information :+1:

Yea I had to get away from the Bible and Christianity to really get a grasp of Satanism and what I needed to do to go forth my own journey. Everyone is different but the real hardcore Christianity forbids even being on forums such as this, let alone dabbling in Satanism. Me and my mother are at a bit of odds because I chose to leave Christianity. She still loves me and we talk normally but it bothers her when she sees mysterious cuts on my hand(offering blood) or sees candles in my room.

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I wasn’t Christian at the time…I was stoned on K2, and I had scratch marks all over my skin…but i never scratched myself because i was burning…Well sure enough I figured I’d sleep throught the closed eye visuals enduring the most uncomfortable high ever…and what do I see staring back at me?

It was the widely used depiction of Jesus…His skin was ashen grey , and the sensation I got was he was a zomboie of some sort…Needless, before the kaliedoscopic morphing madness of what was a consistent green background of amorphous blobs behind him…I decided to watch tv until zombie Jesus stopped trying to scratch me to death…I dunno what he wanted to tell me, but I really didn’t get the impression he was more than a crazed beast, and I was already to compromised by K2 to do battle with the creature…so i watched tv and went out to enjoy staring at what was a blood moon that night…

yes. i get alot of customers with name jesus since it’s mexican neighborhood in the city. =o) does that count? lol most of them are racist and rude… haha. They look down on other races.

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Jesus was middle eastern. I don’t see how so many people miss that. Hell black Jesus was probably more of an accurate portrayal


There was no Jesus, until Mexico was established post colonialism???Maybe historical fact, maybe not (on how Jesus got to the region as a name) …Tend never to think the Biblical Jesus is real…Technically, were I a Satanist, would that make me a Jewish Satanist???Are Satanists who believe in Jesus Christian Satanists???How does this work?

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