Anyone know anything about King Paimon's legions?

I was just wondering if anyone had any knowledge or knew of any resources to learn about about the legions of King Paimon. I know E.A. did a break down of azazels legions and it was very interesting so it made me wonder about King Paimons legions. I’ve been drawn to King Paimon since I was a little kid but I’ve never done a “textbook evocation or invocation” to him or anything, I do wear his sigil though. I really need help with opening my third eye. Developing my Clair senses and astral senses to start with, also looking for physical and spiritual protection. I know King Paimon specifically doesnt usual deal with those sort of things, but wasnt sure about some of the spirits in his legions.




King Paimon is said to have 200 legions, however, there many more than that! According to him, there are thousands of legions under him. Also, I should note that most of these legions (if not all) follow him because they believe he’s the best leader for them. It’s out of their free will.

There are some really strong legions when it comes to combat and some legions that are great healers (and there are legions that do both). King Paimon has actually the largest army.


I Had pathworked with the legions of the demonic king i came into the understanding that he has mainly three types of spirits but it has subcategories too.


these are the demon dukes,demon kings,demon lords this house simply has the demonic spirits there.


this is the house of the angels,celestial angels and angel lords named “Heru” are there it has the most sub categories there like the angels of adnalda the infernal light.


this are the djinn legions and spirits which are most focused on ascend in my expirence and are more than willing to help humanity and happy to do that.

the two djinn kings that are the second more high ranking spirits of alztarazramx which is the name of kingdom of king paimon the two kings are labal and abalim,those two control and make sure that the legions are on order as king paimon is demanding for that.

the spirits are indeed very very helpful i witness and worked with some and even shared some.

all these and a lot more are found in the work that i will publish someday.


accurate,same thing was said by ant’harratu when asked if he is so powerful, why did he called azazel his master and king.


That’s is part of why I’m so drawn to him

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