Anyone have prayer beads? I have!

I have one!
This is my prayer beads to the Allfather, it is used in meditation and prayer. And what’s so special about it is that I made it. XD
Composition? Nine beads of (possible) Cat’s Eye, another nine Indian Agate, with a blue Aventurine. And of course the most important ingredient, in this, is my mind.
If you guys have one too, then you can boast yours on this thread!


I like your prayer beads!

I have a smooth Selenite crystal I hold while I meditate. :slight_smile:


Oh thank you! I googled about Selenite, and came to know that it’s very beautiful.

My Hecate prayer bead necklace with obsidian chips. Needs some work. Jump rings I got are garbage, and I want to replace the little plastic skull bead with the howlite ones that came in recently.


I love selenite!!! Got a small hoard of it lol

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Wow, it would be more beautiful if you replace the skull bead with howlite! But I think it’s still elegant and fashionable.


I think so too!


I like polished hematite or just granite esp from rivers or some sanded wood for a finger/thumb worry stone. You just rub it.


Thank you :slight_smile:

you are right, a little howlite goes a long way lol.


Good life tip!
I think, when it comes to granite stones, Korean ones are the best. They are very solid.


It became more beautiful! I hope your goddess also like it.


Thank you so much! <3 I hope so too


What’s the difference between Korean granite and others?

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Well it’s my opinion, but I think Korean granite is very solid and durable.
And here’s the reason why: I have seen Korean cultural assets(buddha statues, pagodas, etc…) made of granades, and I was surprised 'cause they looked like new ones (in spite of the fact that they were made at least 1000 years ago)!

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As a follower of the way,we do not subjugate ourselves or bow down. We give to the gods and in Blot…that is a gift… Not for anything in return… We are honoring and feasting with the gods and goddesses. They will prove their friendship by giving gifts in return. But that’s not the reason you blot.

In the Havamal Stanza 42 it says.
To his friend a man | a friend shall prove, And gifts with gifts requite; But men shall mocking | with mockery answer, And fraud with falsehood meet.

Okay The Blot(sacrifice) is the gift to the gods/goddesses and if you are a righteous person and live your nine and others, the gods will befriend you… and "a friend shal prove, and gifts, with gifts requite. requite means “appropriate return.” Prayer beads might not be bad if you are into runes, maybe? but runes would be so much better…preferably ones hand made with a bit of the Ond(breath,soul,spirit, etc)

Many have in the past would hold blot and beg for things in return in our past…but that is not the true path.

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