Anyone have experience working with glasya labolas?

Few failed attempted evokations- but press on I will. Wondered if anyone has worked with him. Now if you of your reading this especially in this cartagory your probably familiar with said goetic demon and his attributes. No need to go into the specifics- given said attributes- just what was the experience like? And has anyone worked with him and had success using his “darkest” of attributes


Yes, and i have found he excels at mass killing. Glasya Labolas is one of those guys you have to be very specific with when sending after someone, If you don’t tell him not to harm or kill anyone else but the intended victim it ends in a bloodbath. I’m not even joking about that, i was really taken aback at the amount of carnage he can unleash. Something you may want to keep in mind when you summon him.

Now if you’re feeling especially wicked and rather psychopathic you can play eeny, meeny, miny, moe with a map call Glasya Labolas up and about three days later many will die there, always murdered by other people.
Not that i ever did anything like that, of course :flushed:…Just saying…:sweat_smile:


I think we all benefit from being a little wicked once in a while.

You know, by the pricking of my fingers something wicked this way comes :wink:


That seems a rather interesting experiment to do xD



Some British chaos magicians unleashed him in their city where wife-beating was becoming endemic. If I find the link I’ll post it.


I’d love to hear the details of this working and result…no names mentioned of course :blush:

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i may have tp ask for their assistance.

me in ritual: ennie meenie miny mo which of these hos gonna go??


$hits no joke man.

Glasya Labolas is bad ass first horticulture demon I worked with!!


At a young age- (for the record) I had G forcefully attached to me, spiritually. I was 9. I was drugged, tied and gagged with my mouth packed with rosemary. I had several strange handmade gold rings on my marriage finger. Now, I am not going into details about the rest of the summoning as I am the only one still alive, 27yrs later, do not summon unless you know what your doing with my friend. At first it was a curse. Then it was amazing. If you are unfortunate enough to have him bound to your soul- be VERY VERY VERY careful of your thoughts and emotions. He will not tolerate someone to upset you. I am married, have a kid. I may not get angry. Those in my way perish, or loose sanity. G also found my wife for me. She had an incomplete summoning of Agares- whom sought me out. Her incomplete practice had issues. Rules, and phrases were not followed by her(8) and she had lost her mind by the time i met her(15). I found her as a runaway. She came TO me directly. It appears she had summoned a legion. G took care of her. She is mine, my love, my servant, my slave. Her enemies fall as i wish. Just be really careful. Make sure you are complete in the following areas of your mind- your resolve. Be prepared for people you know to die should you get “a lil upset” with them. G does not suffer fools well. I had no choice. I had to accept or die. The day we met, four people died, i only remember standing and watching. He and I live in my flesh together, share blood. It took me many years to gain his trust. It took combat in 02-03 to show i was worthy of his trust and love. I do not use my gifts naively, many have fall and many more will fall. Be careful. And be very respectful if you would like to make it to then end of your summons. With him, you must a GOOD reason for his actions, and he will decide YOUR personal sacrifice to him- IT WILL BE THAT WHICH YOU LOVE THE MOST. Be careful.


Right - part of joining this community is to introduce yourself properly - so please find the introduction thread and introduce yourself there :mag: - do it on the correct thread. If you write fiction please use the correct categories.


I hear the rules of introduction and no disrespect my freind but I would certainly consider it an adequate response to the topic at hand. As far as “fiction”? Why you say that?

I have always been very specific that “NO HARM SHALL COME TO…”


I know this is an old thread,but I am 3 months into my Glasya Labolas ritual and petition and Wow, I know what you mean. I find he is preferring car collisions and pile ups of the target group, one fire that I know of and people going nuts. I love him.


Ohhhhhhhhh yes. My what we can learn in two years. I feel compelled as if given permission so here goes- yes vehicles indeed. Let’s just say he knew my hearts true desire- and it most certainly WAS NOT quick and painless. I get to enjoy every day knowing that a certain individual is suffering permanently and will for the rest of his days. Fuck Yes I enjoy that- far more than six feet under. Suffer bitch!! I really hate this fucker! Just funny you mentioned car collisions.


The type of car collisions and sheer quantity make it impossible to not know something is going on… Just yesterday, one target lost control of his car at 30mph and ended up driving through a shop window completely where drugs were found on him.

One Woman had a huge truck break through a Motorway barrier at 60mph as she was travelling at 60mph in the opposite direction.

I evoked him on a group of bad people doing stuff I cannot mention on here properly.

Each day new pile ups happen , one fire and chaos around them.

I love Glasya Labelos, Glad you had results too! He works quickly, I saw results starting at 2 weeks after ritual. I know this will carry on for a year too.


You found these happened too? what happened along with car collisions with your ritual? I am 3 months in and does this spread to direct violence or other things with the targets?

Every day there is something new


They are the author of bloodshed after all. However, I go to him for philosophy really. He does get annoyed because he knows in my heart I got pissed at people and asked me “Do you want me to deal with them?” and I said “No, I don’t wish them death” and I’ve just gone to him simply for liberal arts really. Just look at this lovable face


Yes, I also use him for other things and just don’t put every detail on here.

He is very intelligent and efficient. :heart:


He does ask me for offerings of coffee and blood or blood related things for well, bloodshed activities whenever I feel like it’s a necessary thing