Anyone had kundalini experience?

kundalini energy makes you literally feel like a LIVING GOD


True. I actually started a thread titled “On becoming a god” with that very theme.


I know that feeling. Lucifer and Lilith came into my life shortly after my awakening which lead me to stop being a Christian and now I have a full on alter set up to them. The Kundalini experience combined with Lord Lucifer and Lady Lilith helping me saved my life.

I believe I still may be going through it. It feels great once you know what’s going on.

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I think I got this awakening as you called it. In a way the experience changed me forever, and I am not a practitioner; situations kinda created a key that opened this lock; I guess some people manage to open the lock by themselves; in my case, just the situation. If you were talking about me, I really got nothing to tell you except that I may be able to answer any questions. Do you have one?

You are wrong! Hehe.
Kundalini reminds you, that you are a Living God


I got the rising over a time period of 33 days silent Sadhana with the Kriyas from a Swami Saraswati back in 2016. if you have ever seen Dolphins at night swimming in dence illuminecence algies like a torpedo. it was kind of like that, except its a snake ;D
not a constant effect.
But for at least a year, I could kind of direct the energy around, transmuting to different effects, and towards other people.
though I had to keep it up, to keep it going. eventually went almost gone as I were too busy, with other things.

But actually I wanted to ask you a question, Belphegor.
what techniques did you use on the 10 day course, how many hours a day? I want to let my snakes loose again and all that :wink: but 33 days is abit too much these days. (I`m aware it can be desturbing for some people to rise the kundalini too fast)

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I am glad that you had someone to work with for this.

So myself I started looking into magic and wanting to awaken my 3rd eye I did a spell that takes for days and had kundalini awakening I litterally felt so fucking happy all the time even though I was homeless but the few times I got sad I cried over lmost nothing, I started being able o levitate and stuff like that we all can you just gotta try and yes I know jumping over andover hoping it’ll happen feels weird but when it finally does your in awe, about 3 or so months later it started to lessen and I didn’t do the needed meditations to maintain the awakening I ended up being tramatized shortly after and go all kinds of blocked I’ve orked on re opening my chakras and like 5 months ago after doing a 5 hour meditation session mainly all focused on visualization to stimulate the chakras I ended up seeing the Kundalini serpent his presence in my sight his movement was just so beyond what other spirits have shown me.

So what exactly did you do for your cleanse? I might be interested in trying it to get back to the me I was back then I miss how I felt I’ve only had one day like that Ina long long time and I did phychic scans then visualization and energy meditation then affirmations all day slash night the next day I was just wow but I did keep noticeing someone who’s energy doesn’t normally bother me was bothering me alot I said sonthing to him like twice about needing to cleanse his aura.

Yes. I have tons of energy and am super focused. I can have fun, and find enjoyment in a lot of things. I can talk to people and pick up on their emotions easily.

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Kundalini awakening is a transformation that lasts for life.

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U didn’t ask me, but who cares?

I can drive much, much better and do everything better and faster. I can quickly think of easier ways to do things. I am more relaxed and focused when doing any task.

That is inspiring. If this post is deleted, it will be a great shame. Thanks for your contribution. My name is Cameron and I am not well received here, but I think this place has great potential and I just want to help.

I am the kundalini of the One and it is great. Tough awakening, but it was great. It hopefully lasts!!


Cheers mate

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Hi mate that’s quality.
I had a venom serpent of dark vicious energy as guardian of the 8th density or something like that.
Pretty cool.
How’s it flowing buddy?

Hows it flowing, you mean the serpent?
it have been kind of dull for awhile. but gonna work more on to get it flowing good again.
I can direct it around a bit, but.
A venom serpent?! waw!, how do you feel it like that?
I learned that it was just a serpent, not a cobra or something venomous like that. though that might be interesting to work on.
Question: anyone knows if the serpent of kundalini is somehow connected to the many Cobra headed snake following many deities in Hinduism seen in various depictions?


Wow, that is a really great question. I am interested to know the answer.

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What drug if you don’t mind me asking?
I have heard of this happening from people using meth but I have never experienced it
Not that I am going to go out and do it lol

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Dextromathorphan, aka cough syrup. It sounds like a drug for teenagers but it’s actually incredibly powerful as a mild psychedelic and strong disassociative. When I took it I partially left my body which caused the kundalini experience.
Even though it’s not as “fun” as traditional psychedelics such as mushrooms or LSD I personally think it’s more powerful in terms of opening up psychic abilities.

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I’m at work but yes dxm definitely seems to enhance psychic stuff as a main effect almost. Too many crazy experiences from electronics going on the fritz to encountering some sort of fae while hiking with a friend

I have been sticking to the plateau per week rule roughly. I know this is probably too often but it is so interesting to experience

Dude, If you want nofap, just take ssri’s
Lol makes it easy but I feel the gains are likely nowhere near the same

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It really does work. Just be careful with it. I wouldn’t recommend using it a lot in large doses.
How often do you dose and how much do you generally dose? I might start taking small amounts daily so I can get back on nofap since it makes it hard to fap.

I fap just as much; it just makes it impossible to get off, which is extremely frustrating.

SSRIs also greatly reduced my psychic abilities. I was on them when I first started magick. Once I stopped taking them, my psychic abilities improved greatly.