Anyone ever heard of the Order of the Aset Ka?

They are supposed to be a group of highly advanced vampires with strong egyptian heritage… I have the Asetian Bible, and the Book of Orion… Have you guys ever checked these out? If so, what’s your opinion on them?


I was hanging about their forums some days ago, they seem very much like roleplayers paying a weird cult to their supposed master.

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Bumping for more information.

Is this Aset as in the name of the goddess usually called Isis?

~ Eva

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Yes that is who the order references.

Apparently She was actually the first vampire or something to them, and their path is one of “predatory spirituality”.

Its actually quite bizarre.

Found some general info on them here: [url=][/url]

Having read a little about them now, I have a very difficult time believing the actual Aset has anything to do with this group.


Yes, I’m like Fox Mulder reading their page - “I want to believe” - but having words like otherkin used to describe themselves, a purple book cover, and a manifesto that’s a cludge of cultural references:

"An Asetian is a fierce warrior, a faithful lover and an eternal concubine. Having the power of the Pharaoh, the discipline of the Samurai, the knowledge of the Wizard and the commitment of the Geisha.

Kemet is our Holy Land. The genesis of our immortal Ba.

The Tao is Knowledge. Power is through Blood."

That looks to me like the words of someone who smudges their prayer mat with sagebrush to improve the feng-shui karma… if you get what I’m saying. Not based heavily in tradition, anyway, which is odd given the claims of age here.


“Our essence is the storm raindrops in the ocean of mankind, the winds that blow on their faces and the quakes that shake the very foundations of their ground.”

Curious imagery for people whose Holy Land isn’t noted for its rainfall or abundance of oceanic coastline? I’m calling bullshit unless it’s a clever plan to lead people off the track with an atrocious newage salad of words - and that’s so bad, it could actually be true!


Lol, I love how thats one of your lines in the sand =p

Purple book cover? THAT sir, is going TO FAR!! Good day to you!

Some things are just an affront to man and god alike, I tell you!


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I have done quite a bit of reading of their material and judging from what I have read they are basically riffing on the whole “House Kheperu” thing with a different Egyptian deity. I can categorically state that their claim of Aset (Isis) having three vampire children appears nowhere else in Egyptian myth, papyrus or tomb inscription to which we have access (Horus is the only child she is known to have borne). There is a tradition of “Dark Isis” Magick that mainly stems from the fact that Isis is traditionally cunning in her Magick and can sometimes have a temper, but this has absolutely nothing to do with Vampirism at all.

Additionally, the fact that Aset Ka uses these imagined “offspring of Isis” to designate the same “Caste” system that Luis Marques and Michelle Belanger both took from the 1998 Vampyre Almanac that Aaron Todd Hoyt (AKA Father Sebastiaan van Houten) flooded every Hot Topic in the United States with, which I facetiously refer to as the Tank, Healer, and DPS classification of Vampyre “types,” smacks more of plagiarism and fantasy than any significant contribution to the path of the Predator.

It breaks down like this by system:
Strigoi Vii (Father Todd) Mradu, Ramkht, Kitra
Kheprian (Belanger) Warrior, Priest, Counselors
Asetian (Marques) Guardians, Viperines, Concubines
In each system there is grounded and defensive type (Mradu, Warrior, Guardian), a free flowing and relating/bonding type (Kitra, Counselors, Concubines), and a “MORE VAMPIRIC THAN YOU” close-to-death type (Ramkht, Priest, Viperines). They are clearly all pulling from the same source material.

The energy work in this system is no more advanced than that of the average Reiki practitioner. Selling books to people who want to become vampires is easy, there is always a market. Setting yourself up as some kind of Vampire lord is a bit more difficult but hey, if you set yourself up as a the lord of a Vampire cult and take other people’s money, time and energy they can’t really say they weren’t warned up front.


Well, I have no experience with the order, but I will say that after working a bit with Isis she did say to me that the part of her called Aset, not only has ties to vampirism, but that she wanted to show me and instruct me in those ways as well.

After taking her up on her offer a bit, I found that she does indeed have different aspects from her Isis name, and they are indeed vampiric in her aspect of Aset. Even just calling her as Aset and invoking her energy gave me vampiric thoughts, feelings, dark sexual dreams, etc,.

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Isn’t that a rpg order based on the vampire diaries?
If your going to rpg it has to vampire dark ages, vampire the masquerade and d&d or pathfinder lol.


This post caught my attention when I needed to search information about things going through my head to see if I could information on colors. I work directly with Aset. I can clearly and formally tell you Aset (or Isis) does not have any vampiric energies.

She comes across as a crone Goddesses (even though she is not a crone) to most people she works with.

I second this.

Interesting claim here. I’ve never had these feelings when invokations with Aset. I’ve only ever had this feeling working with Lillith, and this has only been to heal. But who I am to judge ones pathworking when I’m all over the place!

Most likely so!

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Aset only has to do with her Asetians vampires, the asetianist however are horrid a bunch of pricks. However I have found Aset does have two daughters. Just as Set Serbians stem from three of his children not including Anubis.

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Do you have sources? :slightly_smiling_face: I’ve never found anything on this and an now curious. :thinking::face_with_monocle:

And Egyptian vampiric energies is not my thing…so, :sweat_smile: not going to judge anyone. I’ve learned my lesson.

I’m just staying in my own lane.

Sources on what? the race? Other than my experiences no because there’s no source on them as well as another member here who had a past life as an Asetian that’s all. As for Aset’s daughters no as they as far as I know aren’t within mythology. They consider themselves children of Aset or Set first and vampires second. Their energy isn’t like normal vampires their energy reflects their creators.

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This is what I was referring to!

I have tomorrow off, so, I’m trying not to go down a rabbit hole here and get sleep.

I know what vampiric energies are, there in another forum I found years ago just dedicated to this. People assume vampire energies is about blood (most of the time). It’s so much more - again, not going down a rabbit hole at the moment. And half of what they have on BALG does not even cut the surface.

Half of my friends in RL think I’m bananas at the moment. I’m losing friends due to my pathworkings, it happens though.

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This helps, thank you! :slightly_smiling_face::trident:

The two daughters no, from meeting them they don’t seem to have any mention in mythology but they are Goddesses, the race of Asetians are modeled after them and Horus. They themselves aren’t vampiric. Their divine spark goes into each Asetian “bloodline” the scarab, the concubine, and the serpent, same with Set’s. Sobek, Anubis sister, and Wepwawet are the ones of his Sethians.

I have the Asetian Bible might post some points from it

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Bumping bc I’m very curious, can’t find too much on this order and have ordered the Asetian bible for a read but it won’t be delivered for a while (few weeks I think)

Had a read on various websites but find little really

Who is this Luis Marques?? (I get the author- but what’s the background??)

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I’ve only had experience with them in the spiritual/etheric.

Luis Marquis is a man who in his self discovery found himself to be a reincarnated Asetian. Though he more or less state so, however, the Asetianist kind of ruin the AsetKa half way through in my opinion.