Any tips on how to improve my psychic abilities?

I contacted lucifer for the second time yesterday by chanting his enn and meditated for 50 min and i did not hear or see or anything and i felt no energy either.
I did some research and i have to improve my pshycic abilities. Does anyone have any tips on how i can improve my pshycic abilities the most important thing to me is to be able to hear lucifer so we can communicate. And i would also like to feel his energy .
Any tips other then meditation Would be highly appreciated.


Try the Blue Ray technique for building energy in your third eye to make it stronger. It’s like a work out for your clairvoyance.

There’s no magic pill to build muscles you have to actually work the muscles.

There is no point chanting / visualization or anything else unless you have clear intent. You need to build a burning desire to hear the spirit. I would suggest surrounding yourself with stuff the spirit resonates with, closing your eyes and speaking from the heart. Generally, to improve psychic energy I would perform the QBX / GRP every day, keep hydrated and avoid fatigue.

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Avoiding fatigue might be a little difficult for me because i have narcolepsy and insomnia. So i have to take ritalin and adderal. And i dont know what QBX/GRP is

Are the 50 minutes really necessary some can just think about you and boom he’s there

I kept on meditating on him cause im very new to this.
And I thought maybe if i got into a deeper meditative state maybe i would hear him

Try this: Say to a family member or strong bond with partner, “Learn Spirit Voice 100%” and to yourself and click or snap fingers and get them to. Secondly try shouting with your pure astral voice against a wall or inside your head until you can hear it. Thirdly practice everyday shouting in your mind or against the wall until you project it properly. You can use the loudest voice you heard in a dream and also try to remember it and copy it also. Please anyone with this working ever respond to my post with results.

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