Any tips for love spells?


Wow bro we both like spicy cultures anyway for a long time I had no answer for ya but I found something be careful though cause I found out if she figures out she can build spiritual immunity which in my girls case i realized too late but fuck that as you gain power your energy will reach further and harder

First build up tension tease her through text or something make an effigy of her any kind will work
Next you’ll need this gate seal

The realm you are tapping into is called eldressa as pronounced El DRESS UH
To open the seal focus on passion sex lust and fire then recite the incantation

Zanish kaltakra invar olo eldressa
Zastera atu Konvogoal rios eldressa
Zanish kaltakra invar olo unste
Zastera atu konvogoal rios dolsek eldressa
You’ll need black string and cloth draw blood and mark her throat minds eye pussy and heart

After that masterbate to Indian porn or something before orgasm picture her submission to you and shout may shan darashayoon comandera esa

Make sure semen gets on the effigy wrap it up tight but not too tight and cover it up

And wait for the effects it works based on passion wait a week and redo the ritual as often as you want but after a week it usually starts to weaken if you wait too long she will build immunity

Little tip keep it hidden and the more you do it the effigy will charge up like a battery


hey zach, i would like 2 perform a love spell on this girl i like at camp, any advice?
Also how can i perform a love spell/ritual?
She only likes me as a friend.


A helpful tip I can give especially if you were friend zoned is have some venom in the cobra if ya catch my meaning write her name on some paper the hold your right hand over the flame of a single candle and focus on the love/lust felt as if she’s in front of you this will cause an erection normally but don’t focus too hard or you’ll cream yourself to get her to have erotic dreams took me 5 times on the same target each ritual is performed once or twice depending on skill level but I recommend 5x total


thanks zach, illl let ya know if it works