Any spirit/entity that can help me become more beautiful?

Hello everyone in this group. Im completely new to magick and I apologise if my question is too dumb or something. Like I said I have no idea, I’m just starting out and was wondering if there is any higher entity/demon/spirit (i dont know how to call it) that could help someone change their physical appearance without negative consequences. When im talking about physical appearance im talking about bone structure and stuff. Answers are higly appreciated, thanks.
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You’d be amazed by how much attractiveness is based on how the person feels about themself. If you feel that you’re attractive, your posture, voice, expressions will be totally different. You’ll exude more confidence, people can see and feel that. If you find an entity to make you feel more beautiful the way you are by accepting yourself, like Venus/Aphrodite, that’ll help a lot. It’d pretty much be a physical change anyway. You can tell when someone’s in their power and working it.


The first step would be having to learn to feel attractive. And after that you might realise you don’t need another step.


This is what happens in my experience.

My perception of myself changed, but not my actual physical body, just the way I saw it. They will make you comfortable in your own skin, everyone else’s is already taken anyway.

I suggest Azazel, he has affiliations with cosmetics and can thus probably help you in this area.

If you want to double down and enhance your lust-appeal, lust and Beauty being connected but not the same thing, give Sitri, Lilith,anyone with that affiliation a call as well.

But most importantly, take care of yourself. Take care of your general health, not just physical but otherwise. It’s all linked together. Nothing is independent, ever, at all.

Good luck in your endeavors


Aphrodite would be great to help you out with that. P.s. She loves roses, but I heard she especially loves red roses, and when I worked with her once, I’m pretty sure she wanted me to make rose water.

Rose water will help irritated skin and acne is what I was told after drinking rose water. So, if you ask Aphrodite to enhance that someway, so it’ll benefit you 2x much, and you’ll be all set.


i suggest hagith,and lililth these two demons i heard that can change your physical appearance i also i have some shape shift experience with ipos.and a tip:always feel good and always feel beautiful about yourself even if you think that you aren’t beautiful.


Aengus, Balder, Lucifer

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I bet you are beautiful just the way you are and you just don’t realize it. Your unique bone structure and everything about your appearance is unique to you and makes you beautiful in your own unique way. Society and the media in particular commodifies people’s looks so much and sets this impossible to meet beauty standard that is found only only in 1-3% of people an even then they have to starve themselves to achieve it. Even Britney Spears at her thinnest (unbeknownst to her) had media organizations air brush and photo shop her image because her “bones were to big.”

My guess is that you are fabulously beautiful the way you are.


I found this very helpful. He talks about money magick but at one point he talks about looking like he had money.
This is what I wanted to bring up. For example I saw this and looked at myself in the mirror and thought about it. What did I want to see?
I have curly hair that frizzes constantly so I used to just put it up but I decided to just get an antifrizz gel. I looked in the mirror again and felt better. I then started styling it as well and now get comments on how nice it looks.
I know it’s not always that easy but the start is wining yourself over first.

I’m not saying a spirit couldn’t help you either, I’m working with one to strengthen my weaknesses now.


An interesting quick read which may possibly help you find some relevant information is “Glamour Magic-The witchcraft revolution to get what you want by Deborah Castellano”. Its less than $20 new, and shouldn’t be hard to find. The author lays out her strategic framework to recreate oneself. Its always a good idea to have a well thought out plan in place prior to beginning your great work, whatever that means to you…by which I mean success as You define it. Once you’ve put pen to paper you will more clearly see the potential road blocks that could be smoothed out or removed altogether by employing strategic alliances. That way your intent of what your want, exactly, out of any partnerships is crystal clear. Plan the dive, then dive the plan.
Here is the ISBN 978-0-7387-5038-5 for the referenced book.


Saw that book yesterday at my local B&N :wink:



Beelzebub is perfect for that. When Theodore Rose said Beelzebub will increase your personal beauty starting with a noticeable glow, man he isn’t lying.

I think President Marbas is preferable because he focuses on physical changes and emphasizes the importance of health. Beauty is mostly health and good health maintains and sustains beauty

Angels, demons, gods/goddesses with attributes of Venus (planet of beauty) could also help with styling, makeup, fashion

You could even listen to subliminals for beauty (lol). Make sure they are made by good channels and not 13 year old girls.

Stay off of looksmaxxing. That will only make you feel worse.

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