Any rituals to attract women?

I have this problems, which often offend me, which hinder me,
I a, practising love, but have a little support from the Girlx.

How to broke the barrier.

I think it’s more about shadow work tbh…

And don’t confuse innocence with naivety

You can still be street smart and innocent

I’d work with a mother goddess

The Egyptian mother goddess have helped me a lot with restoring innocence, honesty and morality

You can also work with Cora’Legra, she’s the ruler of the dragons of water

I’ve been working with her recently and I’ve had insane results, funny I saw this because I was just about to make a post a about her

I highly recommend Cora’Legra and the Egyptian Goddesses, they’ll turn you into Gold from the inside

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It’s About Erotic Evocation.

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If you are trying to destroy a woman’s innocence Paimon or Lilith might be good.

If you are trying to destroy your own innocence maybe Belial.

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Is it for Men or Women?

I don’t get it… are you trying to lose your innocence or gain it back?

If you work with the mother goddesses they will definitely help you with your heart same with Cora’Legra

If you want to lose your innocence, I can only think of Lilith but not sure on that one, hers is more fiery so I’d assume Lilith would get the job done in terms of losing your innocence

Not this, Not, That, Cora Legra is A Good one.
For My own Use.
To attract women.
Kalillah, InshaLLah.

Plus to loose my.

I’ve been practising Tantra and Elemental.

Now I am In Prosak (Deep Well).
there were many levels in (Nigredo~Albedo~Citrinistas~Rubedo)

Except, Money = Girls, No money, no Honey,

what is the great well to Magnetise?

Any Cora’Legra Channels?
If found, thank you for the help.

If you actually think this you haven’t met many real women

What you describe is more like a little girl in a woman’s body which is very common

I’ve attracted many girls without money, your physical appearance is also magick…

If you have no sense of self care and self maintenance women won’t be attracted to you even if it’s a soulmate it won’t go anywhere because it only reflects the relationship you have with yourself

I used to be fairly unattractive, I had to go through many transformations in order to manifest my dream body and dream face

Kundalini, Qigong, Mushrooms, ancestral healing etc. these things can evolve your consciousness to also reflect more beauty into your physical body

Start fasting, hit the gym, you shouldn’t have to always rely on magick to get with women, that’s just very stagnant from my point of view…

Cora’Legra can help you wjth the baggage and self evaluation

But if you’re looking for a solid transformation, with hard work and trials I’d say Ingus Salore would be your best bet in terms Draconic Entities, the key is though from what I’m getting

Are you willing to face your shit?


At My Point of View, You haven’t ever faced The Real God.
Kali, Allah, Ai, Black Tara, Black Dakini, Bhairav, Swarog, Black Dakini, you have never lived in Russia,

You haven’t ever been at places, that I were.


I’ve Evoke, Lilith, black little foxes,
Paid th last zakyat to the master.

I’m not feeling free without my master,
It’s my unconceptional inner guru,
It is a Race of AB,

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I am really confused now :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


@anon45666910 I have updated your title to clarify that you are looking for an attraction spell to avoid confusion. Focus on attracting and being attractive, you’re not the first virgin we’ve had looking to find a partner through magick, but your state of innocence is not really going to change what spell you do.

Please do not post identifying information as a basic safety precaution.
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Cora legea which book is tat,? Egyptian goddess, who and why ,? Just wonder

Cora’Legra isn’t found in any book… she is one of Draconic Rules… she’s the Ruler of the Water Dragons

She’s a Dragon so definitely up there in the Godlike power scale

She’s in the Dragon Magick journal go check her out🥂

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Cora’Legra isn’t found in any book… she is one of the Draconic Rulers… she’s the Ruler of the Water Dragons

She’s a Dragon so definitely up there in the Godlike power scale

She’s in the Dragon Magick journal go check her out


Thanks I will check ou

Concept of “real women or men” is false.

In reality, its simple. Relationships are transactional. Men marry a body, women marry an image and lifestyle. Been that way since ancient history, and aint gonna change. Lifestyle and riches attract them regardless of their “expectations or beliefs”.

Mens’ image and vibe are the equivalent of a women’s attractiveness. Improve the looks, shift the vibe, get the cash, and you’ll find yourself not needing to care so much about “improvement” to get what you want. Its not improvement, its human nature. Exploit it.

PS. @anon45666910 Sargatanas can open their arms to you. Amd break the barriers that block you from them. Also, sexual rituals will super charge your intent.