Any rituals for destroying relationships?

Hello Anyone. There is a persone (Let us call him David) who is in friendship with a very bad guy. It affects him so much . This guy is very agressive and jealous almost of everything that’s why he does a lot of bad influence on him. Are there any rituals to destroy this communication? I want David to understand that this so called “friendship” is wrong and he should realize it. How can he avoid it? What should i do for him to avoid it?

You might want to try working with the 4th Pentacle of Saturn on a Saturday. Also, there are two rituals in the Angels of Wrath book: Cause Hatred Between People or Confuse Hearts and Minds.


Check out the Love, Sex and Relationships magick category. Its full of breakup spells. Sour jars, cord cutting, entity help, all that stuff.

Popping this thread in there with the rest…

I petitioned to King Belial and all the person’s friendships and relationships ended within weeks. Might not be the same for everyone, though but may be worth looking into.


Thanks so much… I know that King Asmodeous can also break up and destroy relationships of any kind, especially romantic ones.


I would really like to petition Belial also to do the same.

there’s also one specific for it in Magical attack book… it’s called "Ritual to end relationship ". Can’t get any better than that wording. lol

Tricky slope if your not involve as the two party’s business is their business. Could backfire and you lose a friend if you didn’t discuss with him. Sometimes magicks isn’t the route to get best conclusion. Communicate with the person you trying to help. These spells are meant for other people to break up. If it’s for self you don’t need magick. U break up by communication.

Olympic spirit Arathron. Be careful though, it might end pretty badly, Saturn is a destructive planet.

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Hi Becca! May i ask you, how many weeks/months it took to destroy the relationship for Belial?

Hard to say because I cut the person off soon after, but from what I could gather when they came back to apologise, the relationship ended within days, and a friendship within 1-2 months.

One friendship didn’t end but became strained, which said person knew what they were about and still chose


Belial is possible to ask for help in relationships. he do deal with status and reputation in dealing with people. Really not much difference in love relationship and business relationship. So he can handle such.

Thank you @Becca for the details :blush:
So you just wrote your petition and why you wanted that to happen, the sigil of King Belial, and his enn or without evocation?
I wish it would be so simple… I haven’t worked with Belial yet :slightly_smiling_face:

I just wrote the petition and what I wanted. I’ll refer to DarkestKnight’s petition tutorial since that helped me a lot.


Oh i have already saved that thread, and used it for another work.
Thank you again dear @Becca :kissing_heart: