Any ideas on what this could be?

So my best friend, his house is filled with spirits. Lots of times we will be there and doors will open and close in the room or cabinets will be pulled open, all while we are in the room, very obviously. I remember once we just stated how one of the doors was open and we wanted to close it and then the door closes on its own, obviously by spirits that were around us. A few weeks ago they actually tried talking to me over the phone during me and my friends phone call. They have hidden stuff and then when we tell it to give it back it’ll reappear somewhere it wasn’t.
So there is a bunch of stuff in his house but he was saying how today was particularly bad, and downright terrifying, I’ll show you the screenshots as I was asking him about what he sees

Any ideas on what this could be and what he should do about it? It’s downright terrifying for sure


Here’s my go to but someone else might have a better solution A Magicians Guide for trapping Spirits


Alright thanks!

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Call on a higher spirit to eat it as a form of giving
an offering, it’s a win win.


Oooh good idea!!!

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^that I trapped a shadow person that attacked me once he was starting to break out so I gave him to Lucifer as an offering never heard from it again

Moloch keeps coming to mind, I haven’t worked with him yet, but i get the sense he’d love to savour it, he’s an amazing ally to have in general, Moloch offers great protection and can excersise spirits within seconds when called.

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Alright thanks! I’ll text him and see what he thinks

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I’m getting a youkai vibe from it. Maybe they can have a look at this site? I can think of several from the description but I’m not 100% sure.

Yokai Database

Do banishing ritual , it should do the job.

- YouTube here is the link. Trying to trap the spirit by inexperienced magicians can seriously backfire in a pretty bad way.

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Okay thanks

Few months back I had to face situation worse that your friend’s. Luckily banishing ritual did the trick. Though now I do it almost daily as any mage should do.

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Yoko Ono?

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What do you mean?

She kind of looks like John Lennon’s wife Yoko Ono. Yoko is still alive though, but stranger things have happened.

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Just tell the spirits , " Go to Clayton Ray Davies". I take them. I Promise.
See if this works

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Okay, so you’re gonna take them?
If you do just be careful, a lot of them aren’t nice. They make him sick a lot and give him gorey nightmares

I am open right NOW. “Come into me. Take possession of me.”
Send them to me. I am ready.

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Well I texted him but it might be a bit till he sees it so I’m sorry you might have to wait