A Magicians Guide for trapping Spirits

I write this for anyone that has problems with parasites/wants to trap a spirit. I learned when I first started that you can in fact bind spirits the same way you bind humans they are not that different honestly.

All you need is your will power something to trap the spirit with (a coin and crystals imo work the best)

And a place to keep it in preferably a box that you can draw sigils on. (Sigils aren’t necessarily needed but can help if you aren’t confident in your abilitys)

Now if you have all the that stuff onto the fun, I always call upon King Paimon to help me out he has taught me how to do it.

You need to have your focus on the spirit 100% then you need to start siphoning its energy preferably into the object you wish to keep it in (coin crystal etc)

This part has many ways to do it you can imagine a golden bubble enveloping it trapping it or imagine it’s in a prison cell its up to you (I personally imagine a pokeball catching them, yes I’ve said it before it has influenced me a lot.)

If you did everything correctly you now have a trapped spirit I know it’s pretty simple but hopefully it helps someone

Happy hunting :smiling_imp:


That reminds meeee!! I was having an issue with paracites one day. Idk why but i was getting attacked. Anyway i was pulling them off and i had a bunch to dral with at a time so i grabbed 2 and shoved them into 2 crystals i have on my altar. It was interesting because I’ve never done that before and wondered if it would change the crystal at all or be visible and the crystals did change! So i thought cool beanz. I really did it. Annnd then i killed the rest whuch were attached to me, and promptly forgot about the ones in the crystals.

They are still cloudy as hell instead of clear so am i right to assume they are still chillin in my little tiny crystal palaces?? So my stupid question is this. I must have at LEAST one per day. Its a rule! Anyway, what do i do with them now?? I have not dealt with this before so. Ideas anyone? Thanks!


You can bind them to do your bidding if you want

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Bind them, cleanse the energy and break down the energies to their basic form for absorption, Alot of possible ideas. Just depends on your preferences

Thanks, this will help with becoming leviathan and enchanting objects for cursing.

How would you bind them