Any idea to banish my unhappiness at least for some time?

You can know from the title what I want… Anxiety and sadness builds in me constantly to the point of not being able to do what I want to do, I am full of worries, I feel lost. I resolved that problem somehow in the past, but it was temporarily; I created a sigil especially for that and I gave the sigil this task, it gave constant results for some weeks, after some time I destroyed the sigil because I thought it doesn’t work anymore. The funny thing is that the next day I started to cry and I was feeling guilty for no reasons and I wanted to be killed in cruel ways, I wanted to suffer. Not after too much time I took a knife and made some cuts, it relieved in a way my suffering, after 2-3 minutes I was thinking about Azazel and I decided to offer some blood on His sigil, so I did it. It’s interesting the thing that as I was thinking about Azazel I was completely relieved of my sadness and I even think that I started to smile. :)) (If I’m not wrong I was remembering my fantasies with Azazel in which I am almost sure He was present) After 2-3 days I realized that the sigil was still working… (facepalm) That experience happened some weeks ago, but still I don’t want to go through such states again. (that with cutting myself, blah blah blah ) Hmmmm, writing that topic/post made me more happy. Any ritual to get rid of my unhapiness/anxiety ? Or any entity that would like to help me with this? I think Lucifer or Azazel would definitely like to help me, in addition to this I really like them and their presence. What do you think?
Whish you all a nice day!


_ sigh_
just go outside in nature…

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You mean “get a life”?

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As I am listening to this I am filled with emptiness…

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Am I crazy to say that those states of sadness and emptiness helped me to know myself better?

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That is okay, you are the witness of life… you are life… life is you. The aspects of you come together but seem empty. ideally you should go outside and experience the peace… not merely video of this. Emptiness makes you feel peaceful or anxious? No feelings? As long as no anxiety is happening… this is GOOD. Don’t fret about it. You are fighting yourself then.

Better … is always good, preferable. Not crazy at all. Normal… so normal. You are feeling your true self as you step out of your mental space into the me space. There is a difference. I correct to say heart space. That space which only you own. Place your hands over your heart and feel… describe that feeling if you want, no force, no evocation, nothing. Just Be.

Glad it is helping to know yourself better. All good. :wink:

What do you when saying “me space”?

No no negative intended to mock you… nothing just trying to help with your statement of feelings anxiety and unhappiness. No insult about your life… sheesh take it easy.

reconnecting you to your heart… that space.

I think I should meditate and see what my mind wants to say or if it happens to decode a message from something/someone.


If I may say, the mind can trick you into not being yourself… so be careful what you meditate on. My words are not a message but if you seek outside yourself you will mostly be … disappointed. You only need your heart to feel free… of feelings… they come and they go… let them pass, they always will.

Hmmm… I don’t know what to say(I know it sounds a little stupid). I’ll be careful. Thank you for your help!!

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You’re welcome. There are many ways to be happy. Do only what makes you happiest. If all else fails Dance!! Dance till you drop if ya need to let loose. Be happy. <3

Any Solar being can also help with this, such as the Archangel Michael, or the god Apollo. Or the planetary force of Sol itself.

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Try calling this Angel to recover lost Joy


After my last divorce it really messed me up for a good while. What pulled me out of it was that I made a list of everything that I always wanted to have and everything that always wanted to do but couldn’t. I then started acquiring those things and doing those activities. Really helped.


After I talked to you yesterday I meditated and as I was meditating I remembered the feeling of emptiness that filled me, I evoked that state of mind in me without wanting to do as I was meditating. It was very pleasent. After I finished I was able to see different silhouettes, different forms, different geometric symbols forming. I think I saw a bright white light that was glowing in the darkness like a ghost/phantasm thing. It looked very real, I don’t know if others were able to see it. Weird.

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I have His sigil in my phone for some days, I was thinking about asking his help. ( but for other things) I’d really like to be how I was in the past… Sometimes from what I saw change is needed, but I don’t know… I may need some time to contemplate about my situation.

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So, you are saying that this divorce became a “gateway” for other beneficial things to manifest in your life. It’s logical, in order for something new to rise, something must be destroyed. (yeah, I know now you are asking why the fuck I made this topic if I know this)