Any help would be appreciated

hello, im Austin, Im a little new, bout 2 weeks, and i need help making my desires come true, ive tried summoning paimon for various basketball skills, mammon for wealth, marbas to get my body the way i want, and i need a demon maybe to help with me controlling my future. I want to make my dream life a reality, ive studied alot on here but im far from complete, i still need to open my third eye so i can come in contact with a demon. if anyone could help me by teaching me black magick or grant me these things with white magick itd be greatly appreciated




How are your astral senses? Can you communicate with your guides?

If you don’t have a meditation habit, then develop it. It’s fundamental.

Try manifestations. Small ones then move on to bigger ones. No one can grant you clair senses or open your 3rd eye for you. As you progress they start to develop and strengthen :muscle:


i got pretty far into meditation the other day when trying to summon marbas, i didn’t successfully come in contact but i could definitely say that i felt my aura and different sensations. Imma start meditation and attempt at summoning daily, is there any particular summoning methods that work best

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Thank you, i´m in love with this community

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Glad. Youre Welcome and Welcome :slight_smile:


In addition to the great advice given, try petition spells as well. Here’s a thread where they’re talked about in detail along with a step by step:


thank you so much, im going to start this today so i can work on strengthening my third eye, youve been a great help!


Thank you, this forum has really helped me and people like you have been a great help

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Guten tag, Austin. What kind of black magick are you trying to achieve? Like is there a specific type you want to practice?


:thinking: Not sure tbh. The others have posted awesome tutorials on it though.

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spells definitely, I would like to see how some of those love spells and money spells work, it’s amazing that I found this in one of the lowest points in my life, I’m very grateful

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If love and money spells are what you’re trying to achieve, I would suggest invoking deities associated with those things such as Aphrodite and Mammon.

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isnt aphrodite greek mythology, this is about actual beings like the elemntals, angels, demons/daemons, and stuff in ars of goetia, i dont think something made up by greeks is gonna help, sorry if that sounds mean or im saying their not real, it your choice if thats part of your pantheon, but i dont think greeks even talked about actual demons like marbas, beezlebub, lucifer, etc.

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You should start practicing daily meditation and exercises to open your astral senses, then
find a spirit that is good for newbies, to develop a relationship
and work with him to enhance your magical and spiritual abilities.
Try to open up and empower your chakras, practice exercises to develop
astral sight and hearing, and learn a method of going into a trance that works well for you!
There are many methods of doing these things,

You must find the right one for you for each of these things I mentioned to find the right one for you through practice, then implement it on a daily basis.
You should be obsessed with your goal of improving yourself in order to get powerful and tangible results !!!

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Sorry, you never specified on types of spirits so I just went with whatever first came to mind.

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Thank you, im gonna do that, ive been practicing opening my third eye everyday and ive even been working on my goals, i tried a spell that should take effect in about a week, i followed the spell guide where i wrote on a peice of paper in detail what i wanted from paimon, i followed the guide precisely to make sure i didnt mess anything up, i read it aloud for 9 times then flushed it, so hopefully that method works well, if not i got a plan b with summoning the demons and opening my third eye with LSD. My goals consist of 4 things and i figured out how to affect 3 of them, i want marbas: athletic, jump higher, stronger; Paimon: Various basketball skills; Mammon: Money and fame; and i want a way to secure a spot on the basketball team, go to UCLA, then be 1st round pick by clippers, thats my entire life goals and i need a demon that can secure my future in those places, but i don´t think any of them do that, if not the other goals should get me there.

This is great, but make sure you’re contacting entities for the things that they specialize in. King Paimon (you’ll find he’s rather unappreciative of the “King” being left off) for example might not be the best choice for this. Make sure you’re pairing magick with concrete reality as this can really improve your results.

That’s great! Magick is a wonderful way to make your life into the life you most want. Make sure you’re looking at other sources though too.

No matter where your “third eye opening” is, if you call they’re most likely going to show up. The difference is in your perception, nothing to do with whether they come or not.

The only person who’s gonna get you what you want is you. Also, I’m curious about why you’re against being “granted” these things with “black magick”? You’ve specified “white magick”.

This is a really interesting perspective of yours. The entities you choose to believe exist is completely up to you, but I would get used to people suggesting non-“demon” beings. In my personal opinion, you’re not gonna get too far only considering Goetic entities as “real.”


I’d like to drop some of my cents here to help you out!

I read the comments here and there, the first thing I want to say is,

No god or deity or spirit is “non-existent”.
Yes, since you’re new, you may think Aphrodite or any Greek deity, or any other type of deity do not exist,
But they all do, and any can help you.
For any spells, either call the Ars Goetia spirits, or the Greeks, they are gonna help you. Afterall, they are gonna help you Know more and be able to Do more.

Another thing,
No demon is going to “secure” your future for you. Life is dynamic, some people call this “sphere of infinite possibilities”. So you can’t just simply ask to “lock on” a reality for you, and expect it to happen so easily. You have to do the work here, you have you train yourself to be there, and etc. Spirits are willing to help, but you are the Core here.

You can call Paimon or Asmodeus for helping you get your skills better. No, they won’t “grant” you a superhigh jump ability after which you’d expect to jump so high without doing anything on your part. But as I said, its a skill to learn, and the spirits are going to push you further, and higher, as you ask, and as you work for it.

For helping get your body the way you want, I assume you asked Marbas did you?
To add to it, you can call Leraje to help you with workouts, and the like.

Also, you dont necessarily need to See or Hear the spirits. You call them, then trust they’re with you, standing right inside your “arena of sorcery”. You tell them what you want their help with, and depending on your request (ofc not Too fancy things like “make me able to jump my-height high”. But can be something like “help me better my skills in basketball” or etc etc. Afterall, they are not robots or AI. They see you and they understand what you’re asking.


Also, after a spell or a request/petition, you should “let go of the magic itself”. When you let go of the spell you just did, you’re allowing the Universe to bring what you asked to you. Its simple as that :wink: But ofc, not let go of the work you gotta put


ik that they woudnt just grant it and youd have to work for that, i prepard to put in the work with the help of mammon, marbas and king paimon, im ready to get to work and by let go of the spell yu mean set it on fire right i can do that. i wrote out the three sigils today and imma write a petition on the back, im gonna summon them individually using their enn and then read the petitions 9 times each, then ill light them on fire in the wind so the universe gets my petitions, im ready and ik today or tomorrow is a full moon so thats perfect!